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  1. Europe in 5 years. I remember it well but even now that sounds even more ridiculous. Even the chairman laughed at the time.
  2. I think this thread could be summed up as nobody knows and nobody has a clue until everything gets going.
  3. I was actually thinking about this a few weeks ago. I remember the match as remember reid getting some abuse from the kop. I was a similar age to you. I think it was against man city in 92ish. When hirst scored off both posts.
  4. I missed what happened due to a caffufal with people in front in the wrong seats? What happened?
  5. Wasn't it Sibon who scored that night? Yorath's first game?
  6. Jesus 12 years. Doesn't feel that long ago.
  7. People talk about Semedo as though he's in his mid to late 30s. He's only 22 you know? Plenty more career in him yet.
  8. All morning just getting web server unavailable on the club shop. Nobody else get this?
  9. Who were the 2 guys we signed from Peterborough in the late 90s? Can't remember their names.
  10. ...and we have beaten last years points total within 3 games to spare. ...and we are still nowhere near confirmed in the playoffs. Wierd, wierd season.
  11. Cant believe the pace of it this season. Won 4 in a row and still nowhere near secure. Just our luck that Nuclear war breaks out at the worst time right before the playoffs
  12. What was with that big dark blue block that was empty in the middle of the South?