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  1. Who were the 2 guys we signed from Peterborough in the late 90s? Can't remember their names.
  2. ...and we have beaten last years points total within 3 games to spare. ...and we are still nowhere near confirmed in the playoffs. Wierd, wierd season.
  3. Cant believe the pace of it this season. Won 4 in a row and still nowhere near secure. Just our luck that Nuclear war breaks out at the worst time right before the playoffs
  4. What was with that big dark blue block that was empty in the middle of the South?
  5. Nearly right The guy from Middlesbrough was a different McMahon. Defender I think. Lewis came through youths. Was from Doncaster I think. Seemed to remember a good few performances in promotion season under sturrock in the silver away kit.
  6. Said the same. We seem to regroup over international breaks. Come out of them on much better form.
  7. Injured
  8. Thought leeds have been solid. Not threatening but have set up to keep us quiet. Not a good performance but a penalty miss and defensive howler make the difference
  9. The thing that sticks out there is the last 2 season both automatically promoted teams were all way above the average line. This year it will be even higher. Bit of a false economy that line as even if we matched it we'd still be outside. Love these graphs though.
  10. Was this near back of Kop? Someone was giving him some right abuse. Some knobs up there who haven't got a clue.
  11. Got to stay in the team for me. His place to lose. He's not done a lot wrong.
  12. Can't remember who said it last night (might have been Brian Laws) but apparently Forestieri isn't happy there and doesn't like playing on left wing. Could CC be bending over to keep him happy? or a gentlemans agreement on signing new contract that he has to play up front?
  13. Was gutted at the time and felt like a defeat after being 4-2 up and conceding in 97th min. What a game though looking back.