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  1. Bolton away second round

    Horwich Parkway trains off that week by the looks of it. Replacement bus service.... Just in case anyone on this thread is looking for something else to moan about
  2. Missing ticket priority points

    Looks like the only thing thats missing is any away matches you attended from Aug 2016 onwards (ie, away games in 16/17) Anything from season 15/16 will not be counted now.
  3. Is there a Scottish obsession

    Its him. I look exactly like him - white socks, black slip-ons, the lot. Only difference is I drink the red label Thunderbird. Blue label stuff is buftie territory.
  4. Preston Away Ticket Details

    "Yeah.....Ive probably got more friends and family than youve got cows. How many cows you got?" "Ive got 2,495 cows" "I've got 2,499 friends and family"
  5. Is there a Scottish obsession

    Wouldve loved to have heard "the groom's speech" at your wedding
  6. Is there a Scottish obsession

    No one in Scotland moans about ANYTHING as much as you moan about erm, Scotland
  7. Is there a Scottish obsession

    How do you think I feel - I travel down from Scotland and watch SWFC primarily to get away from Scottish football Recently the journey has been like this.....
  8. Preston Away Ticket Details

    Chances of general??
  9. Preston Away

    They had 12k home average last season in a stadium that holds about double that. So logic says they will maximise income and give us the maximum allocation. However, Huddersfield also had a half full stadium in 2015-16, but cut the away allocation in 2016-17....so who knows.
  10. Saturday 3pm KO

    Theyve announced 3 for the first weekend - Im assuming thats all that will get moved and Preston game will be 3pm saturday? Anyone?
  11. Im from Ayrshire and my grandad also worked at the Killoch colliery. Small world indeed.
  12. Snodgrass

    £10m jeez. There must be better for that price?
  13. Not many hotels rooms left

    Sounds like original poster's missus may beg to differ?
  14. If its 14-0 at half time on Sunday, and the game's won, I hope Carlos takes the opportunity to experiment in second half. Bannan in goals and Tango at centre half for example?
  15. Play off dates

    Whoever finishes 3rd will surely be away to Fulham on Saturday night (assuming 3rd and 4th placed teams are away first leg) Already three games in London that Sunday afternoon, two of them involve Man U and Liverpool, so police probably won't want another big away support in London if they can avoid it. That's my theory anyway