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  1. I wouldnt read too much into it - hardly any of the Scotland players done much from what Ive heard. Last time I watched them they didnt look as if they were playing for the manager. They looked a classic example of a team where the manager's lost the dressing room. It doesnt help when the manager slags off his own players, whilst ignoring the fact that Northern Ireland got to a tournament last year with a much weaker squad. A manager who reckoned a guy playing in the top tier of German football doesnt have the neccessary experience to play against Slovakia, but a guy playing in the second tier of Scottish Football does. I used to go to every Scotland home game, including friendlies. Nowadays? I live less than 10 miles from Easter Road and I wouldnt even have went last night if it had been free.
  2. What about Tango??
  3. Youve been unlucky with the fact that there's engineering on that weekend. Normally the last train is a good bit later than 1821. Should say I do agree that Sky do not care one iota for fans, or consider how a kick-off time may affect travel arrangements etc.
  4. Was thinking that myself Im assuming its the same Oxford United who are at their highest league position for about 20 years??
  5. Im Scottish, I'm drunk and I'm hungry. If you do decide to batter it let me know pal.
  6. Me. Go to about 5 or 6 games a season. There's quite a few Wednesday fans in Edinburgh. A group meet up to watch the games that are on Sky.
  7. Whats the best (i.e. latest) time to head for shuttle bus if youre arriving by train??
  8. I really hope not. Would be a shame if Armageddon meant we didn't get to see the thread about Messi "needing a spell on the bench" after a sub par showing at Stoke away.
  9. Im guessing this will make general no probs??
  10. For the OP - this is the most important point in here, amongst all the slightly unfair ridicule youve had
  11. Its £69 a night, in Covent garden, pay on arrival, free cancellation up to day of game.. Absolutely no chance of getting anything as decent as that the morning after the play off semi.
  12. Cheers - got it booked!
  13. Do you have to do it over the phone? Anytime Ive booked a travelodge online you have to pay for it up front. Ive never seen an option for paying on the day.
  14. Can you pay on arrival with travelodge??
  15. Hutch?? Should never have been risked today. Carlos.out