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  1. Theyve announced 3 for the first weekend - Im assuming thats all that will get moved and Preston game will be 3pm saturday? Anyone?
  2. Im from Ayrshire and my grandad also worked at the Killoch colliery. Small world indeed.
  3. £10m jeez. There must be better for that price?
  4. Sounds like original poster's missus may beg to differ?
  5. If its 14-0 at half time on Sunday, and the game's won, I hope Carlos takes the opportunity to experiment in second half. Bannan in goals and Tango at centre half for example?
  6. Whoever finishes 3rd will surely be away to Fulham on Saturday night (assuming 3rd and 4th placed teams are away first leg) Already three games in London that Sunday afternoon, two of them involve Man U and Liverpool, so police probably won't want another big away support in London if they can avoid it. That's my theory anyway
  7. Mega mega mega going back to Romford....
  8. If by 5pm on saturday this game IS confirmed as a "dead rubber", will lots of folk not just get their ticket refunded and use the cash for the play off home leg??
  9. If its advance tickets, no you cant get a refund. For non-advance tickets, youll get a refund less a £10 admin charge
  10. Didnt Jeff Stelling have an infamous rant about this before?? About foreign players preferring smaller London/southern clubs to the likes of Newcastle/Sunderland? Edited to say - just checked and it his rant was after Middlesborough was voted worst place to live in UK. So totally irrelevant to this thread
  11. Football Factory?? ID?? The best football hooligan film is surely "The Firm" (the Gary Oldman version, not that god awful remake).
  12. If we did get Leeds Id definitely stay in London the night before game. Get one final proper look at the place, before its razed to the ground 24 hours later.
  13. I wouldnt read too much into it - hardly any of the Scotland players done much from what Ive heard. Last time I watched them they didnt look as if they were playing for the manager. They looked a classic example of a team where the manager's lost the dressing room. It doesnt help when the manager slags off his own players, whilst ignoring the fact that Northern Ireland got to a tournament last year with a much weaker squad. A manager who reckoned a guy playing in the top tier of German football doesnt have the neccessary experience to play against Slovakia, but a guy playing in the second tier of Scottish Football does. I used to go to every Scotland home game, including friendlies. Nowadays? I live less than 10 miles from Easter Road and I wouldnt even have went last night if it had been free.
  14. What about Tango??
  15. Youve been unlucky with the fact that there's engineering on that weekend. Normally the last train is a good bit later than 1821. Should say I do agree that Sky do not care one iota for fans, or consider how a kick-off time may affect travel arrangements etc.