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  1. Joao has pace? You've been watching s different lad to me...he's all on coordinating his legs to get going!!
  2. Accept's a professional standard
  3. Bet the blunts couldn't!!!
  4. Totally agree. It will be s cracking day. some would sooner have had a PL club who would bring 1,000 fans n only have 2 stands open!!
  5. Do your research before you reply!!!
  6. Rangers are the most successful club in Europe (FACT) and out of any club we could have expected/realistically attracted they will bring the most fans and if you have the capacity to work it out....this means they will bring the most amount of revenue to the club as well!! Brilliant by DC really!!
  7. To many do gooders once again...sectarian this, racist that!! The only people who view it this way is YOU!!!!!! You don't have to join in with their songs nor do you have to agree with who they are or what they do, that is their prerogative but as a SWFC fan why don't you just shut your mouths and stop trying to be a politician and just turn up to watch your team and fund the club??? I will never really understand nor do i want to understand what their beef is and what their religious or sectarian beliefs are but that wont stop me from going to the game to support my club in what will be a brilliant day and fantastic atmosphere!! Lets face it we are hosting the most successful club in Europe (whether you like that or not is another debate)...who will bring 10,000 fans who will want to enjoy their day!! UTO....WAWAW....roger off if you don't like it!!!
  8. Behind the door owl
  9. Classic....the lad as scored a goal every 2 games for the last 7/8 seasons!! Play to his strengths and he will at least 20 goals a season.
  10. Shows just how light we are at CB.
  11. Absolutely spot on!! We could announce Man U...and lots would still be unhappy!! Rangers at either ground would be a great day all round.
  12. Oh good god, give it rest!! Its the first of 5 or 6 signings not our one an only!! give CC and Boyd a break. He's a quality signing on a free transfer...The fact Mcmanaman and Buckley have both left Boyd is a considerable upgrade and will have an impact with us next season. To many Football Manager 17 players to quick to judge who and what we need!!!!!
  13. Some Wednesday fans going off like Boyd will be out one and only signing... Get a grip FFS!!! A player who is 31 on a free transfer with plenty of quality and can play in a few positions going forward. Good solid squad signing. Can't see his wages been stupid either!
  14. 272 posts and 975's a fair record lad !! to be honest with you It's easy to see why!!