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  1. Surely it wouldn't be Grant Hanley, he's spent most of his career in the championship and knows he's not going to play much for Newcastle.
  2. It's 1.7 tackles per game not per season
  3. Some comparison stats here based on last season Hutton Hunt Games Played 31(3) 31(1) Mins Played 2859 2681 Tackles 1.7 1.7 Interceptions 1.5 1.3 Fouls 0.6 1 Offsides 0.3 0.3 Clearences 4.3 2.4 Dribbles Past Per Game 0.6 0.7 Blocks 0.4 0.2 Assists 2 1 Shots Per Game 0.3 0.3 Key Passes 0.6 0.8 Times Fouled 1.7 1 Dispossessed P/G 0.3 0.7 Bad Control P/G 0.8 1 Average Passes P/G 32.8 30.7 Pass Success Percentage 66.4 67.1 Crosses Per Game 0.4 0.8 Long Balls Per Game 1.6 2.4 Aerial Duals Won P/G 2.4 0.9 Yellow Cards 5 4 Red Cards 0 0 MotM 2 0 Average Rating 6.94 6.75
  4. Our best pairing last season was Hooper & Fletcher, however this then leaves out Jordan Rhodes. Rhodes' form so far in pre-season, albeit against lesser teams, has been good and there is no doubt he will score with service. Then there is the problem with Fernando, Carlos seems to have suggested he will be playing out on the left this season, however Reach has also made a very strong case in pre-season so far to be a starter on the left wing, that would maybe leave Fernando on the bench to replace Reach later on in games, which would be good as he can create problems and coming up against a tired RB that has been up and down all game will hopefully give him more chances to create/score. Would Fernando be happy starting on the bench however? No There's also a case for Winnall, I've not seen him have a bad game for us and his goals to games ratio is pretty decent. In summary, I don't have a clue how you keep them all happy, how do you justify leaving Rhodes on the bench if the main 2 are Hooper & Fletcher? Where does Fernando fit in to this, same with Winnall. Nice dilemma to have but glad it's not me having to make the choices and keep the strikers happy.
  5. City Watch‏Verified account @City_Watch Jul 12 City defender Tosin Adarabioyo (19) is attracting loan interest from Newcastle, Sheffield Wednesday, Preston and Fulham. [The Times]
  6. I'm wanting to get this for the away games as I work till 1pm most Saturdays, anyone know how I can do this whilst still living in Sheffield?
  7. FF

    Westwood wasn't in the squad either but then again neither were the likes of Loovens, Wallace, Abdi, Lee, Fletcher and Hutchinson.
  8. They only let us have half the stand closest to the away end, which in the first half was a joke already as the other side had plenty of our fans in there anyway. However at halftime it seemed as if they had changed their mind and a large group of our fans were let through into the other side, they then suddenly changed their minds and stopped letting people through, by this point it was an absolute joke as even more of our fans was in that side and they wasn't kicking any of the ones that had got through back out into our end thus making it a debate as to why half were let through and now the rest aren't, if we're not allowed in that end why do we currently have more of our supporters in there than home fans?
  9. Matias (This is how it's spelt folks) although looking slightly overweight had a very lively first half and put a good shift in.
  10. I will be requiring an ID for my partner, she's and Owls Foundation Member but doesn't get to many matches. We're planning on making a weekend of it and going to Blackpool while we're in that neck of the woods. If any of you wouldn't mind giving me and ID for her that would be great, I'm OK I have my 2yrs worth of TPP Points on my account plus the 4 away games I made last year so I have 500 points roughly, I expect to get a ticket but it's my partner I need help with.
  11. Yes there is a cap of £30 for away fans in the premier league.
  12. I've arranged to work back time in order to leave early on both the Tuesday games and that can't be undone now so I'm going to be working hours back I don't need to and find myself with 4hrs to fill on the 25th too
  13. Doncaster away will now be 24hrs later than originally planned and take place at the keepmoat on Wednesday 26th July
  14. It started last Thursday, it was shut 7pm -7am on both Thursday and Friday night, they have since reopened the road over the weekend but it is not finished, I live just offer Herries Road so use the road daily. The Sheffield Star reported it would be close Thurs & Friday last week and Tues & Wed this week, however the signs on the side of the road now say from the 10th-16th on them meaning they are expecting to finish the work by Tuesday night. The road it's self is being done in large chunks over the evenings and I expect them to finish on time. I think the Tuesday & Wednesday 16th and 17th was the original plan before the playoffs but the signage defo now says it will be done by the 16th
  15. I'd rather sing for our players too as this is also intimidating for the opposition and cheers out players on. Just a suggestion though