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  1. It started last Thursday, it was shut 7pm -7am on both Thursday and Friday night, they have since reopened the road over the weekend but it is not finished, I live just offer Herries Road so use the road daily. The Sheffield Star reported it would be close Thurs & Friday last week and Tues & Wed this week, however the signs on the side of the road now say from the 10th-16th on them meaning they are expecting to finish the work by Tuesday night. The road it's self is being done in large chunks over the evenings and I expect them to finish on time. I think the Tuesday & Wednesday 16th and 17th was the original plan before the playoffs but the signage defo now says it will be done by the 16th
  2. I'd rather sing for our players too as this is also intimidating for the opposition and cheers out players on. Just a suggestion though
  3. The Rawsons had it on mute for the entire first half.
  4. I know it's never really been done before at Hillsborough or at any English ground but when you see English teams play in turkey in Europe the ring of boos and whistling when the opposition has the ball has got to be hard for the players to deal with. The fact they are not used to it in English football either will make it even worse.
  5. Kachunga is back in training and if he doesn't make the first leg he'll defo make it for the 2nd leg
  6. Won't be a beam back as it's on Sky
  7. I'm a 3yr season ticket holder and would love it.
  8. Wildsmith Palmer Sasso Lees Fox Semedo Jones McManaman Fessi Matias Winnall/Rhodes/Dave
  9. To be fair they are only asking a question Carlos has brought on himself, a year ago he said he signed a 3 year contract and now he's saying it's 1 year. If we announced Hutchinson had signed for another 3 years, but then suddenly with one game to go it came out he was on a free surely people would ask questions?
  10. Keiren Lee is on this weeks EFL podcast along with Ali Al-Habsi and Tony Mowbray. Here's the link http://www.skysports.com/share/10861838
  11. If only he manages to keep it down about 4ft then he'd have a bag full of goals this season
  12. 38,082 against Wycombe was the last time we hit over 38,000 however we got close against Arsenal in the cup with 35,065 and for those who are wondering we had 34,260 against Brighton in the playoffs last season.
  13. I have no doubt we would have money to spend, how much of it is the question, I got the suggestion from some of the steering groups that DC is getting frustrated with the shackles of FFP, an indicator that we would like to go for the more expensive players but can't because of FFP. I also remember when he first took over, the press conference had the TUF logos on the board behind, although Chansiri has maintained that this is a solo project I do wonder if TUF would get involved should we get to the Prem, with a net income of 5.3 billion Baht we have no need to worry if they fancy getting involved.
  14. apart from the large chunks of last season when they played together?
  15. Kieran Lee and Sam Hutchinson in midfield is my preferred option too and is what we played quite often last season with Bannan on the left, we now have enough quality for the left hand side with either Reach out there or FF. Although I'm not against Bannan I'm with the others that don't see what qualitys he brings that the other two don't but are better at it. Hutch can do the long range passing, often better than bannan and can tackle too, Lee will track back and can also tackle but is also more capable of taking the ball forward. Bannan at times is so frustrating to watch. For me Bannan drops to the bench if Hutch and Lee are fully fit.