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  1. Foresteri

  2. Pigs out in force on here tonight

    The reality is we already know how Burton will set up. They'll be in our face and up for it. Not expecting a great deal from it. Surely Carlos knows this and will put out a team to beat them and counteract their tactics. Do any of us expect this?
  3. Carlos Incident Video

    The worst bit was at the end that was missed. The fitness coach? ran in to help Carlos and ended up scrapping with the other steward. Massive handbags. That's when more stewards ran in and the cops had to come across.
  4. Carlos Tonight

    Was that Carlos? It was rank. No wonder they were fighting in heeps when he sat down. Probably trying to get him moved. He doesn't sit on the Kop from time to time does he or the North stand?
  5. Just got back

    Garbage for 60 odd minutes. No urgency tippy tappy training match tempo. None of our players can cross a ball. We don't win any headers in their area. ( I know Rhodes did). FF showed no interest from the warm up to going off. Tom Lees can't pass to a player in a Wednesday shirt. Carlos's and his training staffs exploits were embarrassing. The actions of a man clearly under pressure. All round crap again until it's too late then the tempo ups, too little too late.
  6. Im here to whinge and im here to stay

    Then surely this is down to Carlos. He's had two close seasons to sort this.
  7. Get Carlos out of this club

    Years? Can see how you got your user name
  8. Why does Carlos hate wingers so much

    Why will Boyd need some time? What did he forget moving from his 30 odd games playing for a premiership team to playing strolling walking football in the second division? If he was bad at Preston and will need time to adjust, what about the other 10?
  9. Boyd

    Why does anyone need to be fit in our set up? The old boys who play the walking football at half time have more go in them than some of our players. Boyd isn't getting a game because he said he likes to play on the wing and attack. Also likes to track back.Carlos thought he was taking the mick. Dropped him for two games. #Discipline.
  10. So, am I the only one...

    Played ok second half. We were certainly the better team and deserved the win.
  11. Adam Reach

  12. Adam Reach

    What was your favourite bit tonight? Was it the adverts on the radio at half time or checking the scores on ceefax? Let's see what he does for the next few games. Everyone can have a good game every now and then. If he keeps it up good, because it's good for the team. But one good game doesn't make him a £5 mill player or are you the clown in charge of recruitment?
  13. 4-3-3

    When Hutch Is fit he'll go straight back in to his sweeper role. The difference with the last couple of games is the fact Hutch had to go off. Jones plays further forward and allows Bannon to get forward and play a more attacking role.
  14. Boyd

    Calm down. Barry's on the wing what more do you want? Although that might be to help defend against McGeady. The one who couldn't get a game for us