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  1. Mine came yesterday, I think they send them in batches so I'd expect the rest in the next couple of days.
  2. I'm going with "oi Barry, what shall I do with this Jonny Russell I've just found in my pocket?"
  3. Are you aware that this is a Sheffield Wednesday discussion forum?
  4. Am I imagining it or does article state that football started in 1992?
  5. If it's blue and white and Wednesday it'll do for me. 150 years! I'm saving up to buy all three. At 41 I should know better but I'm a daft lad when it comes to Wednesday.
  6. I've just started drinking in London before tomorrow. Logged on to Owlstalk and saw this title. I thought blimey that was strong beer I've lost three weeks!
  7. Offers something in the right circumstances. In an era of seven places on the bench he's useful to have around. Well played Adthe.
  8. Is it to allow people with more points a choice of ticket prices?
  9. Isn't Fahrenheit the traditional measure here? I thought Celsius was a European standard?
  10. The fans were brilliant yesterday; got behind the team all the way. But yes we should keep doing that.
  11. Good grief; is this Serious?
  12. Saw the words "2 massive Pukka Pies" got really excited...realised the thread wasn't about massive pies; felt sad.
  13. Yes 40