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  1. Mike Lyon Bar
  2. Saw him play yesterday - I stayed in Hartlepool for a football weekend - he didn't do anything special. Still can't judge a man on one game, his record's impressive.
  3. Fair enough, but I think he's in another category than the others as he does play.
  4. Why is Nuhiu on the list, he features quite regularly?
  5. Aiming to get below 50 billion this time.
  6. Useless team who've won four out of the last five.
  7. They both represent a chance to get three points as far as I'm concerned. No more no less. Sheffield United on the other hand - I love it when the lose.
  8. Thought we did ok today; plenty of possession against a team who'd parked the bus. Got the points, we are going into christmas in the playoffs. Most of our decent creative players are out but due back. Lovely stuff. couple of decent signings in January and it's happy days.
  9. Guess who else didn't read the title properly. Was proper proud of some of those answers. My own fault. Thanks Kivo.
  10. Just sent my answers - thanks for organising it.
  11. He'll be ready for the first team in twenty years when George Hirst retires. Congratulations to the Foresterri family.
  12. November, it's the goal at Fulham.
  13. Foresterri is nominated lets get this won.
  14. I wasn't going to watch Monday night football, but I suppose I'd better do so now.
  15. Boro away. Yawn.