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  1. We've had a bit of discussion about legends in the last few days, following the Dream Scene painting announcement. Who are people's favourite cult heroes? For me a cult hero is a player who gave everything for the club and achieved beyond their talent rather than the most talented. For me Lawrie Madden is it. Gave his best and seemed to see off successive players signed to replace him. Him getting a run out in the Rumbleows final was a highlight of the day. Any others?
  2. Certainly looks good, would look grand in my living room next to McKee's WAWAW.
  3. I like the idea of doing the Reda/Jermaine Johnson thing for Jordan/Andy. You have to hold the word Rhodes a bit as you're a syllable short.
  4. Has anybody got and good recommendations for real ale pubs either near New Street or Villa Park. I normally drive or go on the coach, so am looking forward to a few decent pints at this one as I've booked a train.
  5. Jordan, Jordan Jordan, Jordan Jordan, Jordan Jordan Rhodes, Andy, Andy Andy, Andy Andy, Andy Andy Rhodes. Tune of Reda/Jermaine Johnson.
  6. 8 eyelets.
  7. I'm going to remember that celebration all week. A bloke in DM's landed on my trainer clad foot. Reyt hurts I tell you. My boss is a Forest fan can't wait until he asks why I'm limping.
  8. I seem to remember scraping a win at home against Bolton last season and a dire draw against MK Dons. Be nice to be more convincing, but we are winning games.
  9. Sorry for some reason I thought the 4th was a Thursday. Ignore me.
  10. That means the Newcastle game will be on the Sunday doesn't it?
  11. Good old Vaughan, top bloke, Root has a lot to live up to.
  12. Love the designs. Need to be less slim fit though for me and a few others!
  13. Give them the west, we take responsibility for out singing them.
  14. Derby will win this.
  15. I don't think so haven't they got a game midweek?