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  1. He just got clipped with a defenders arm and went off. It didn't look very dramatic. I'm sure he's fine.
  2. Looks a good site. I use the site which is also decent. I'm on 67 current grounds with a total of 86. Sunderland will be the only new championship ground for me, but I'll be taking a few trips out on international weekends to tick some more off.
  3. Pavel Srnicek deserves a mention.
  4. Thanks again. Been using this for years, always appreciated.
  5. Where did they go?
  6. Carlisle away for me, only one of those grounds I've not been to.
  7. Do Spora Luxembourg still exist?
  8. Train from Derby; pubs in Nottingham. Sorted.
  9. What's a bob cap?
  10. Good luck Jose. I think worthy of the phrase "one of our own".
  11. We go again.
  12. Don't like American football but this is spot on.
  13. Agreed, but rather like a big birthday we are celebrating when we get there.
  14. We are winning the league and the league cup next year. Stuff the play offs.
  15. Worked incredibly hard last last night despite not being match fit.