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  1. Or more likely he's been concentrating on his heavily pregnant wife and now on his young baby.
  2. Promise to do his best. Not a promise on promotion.
  3. Was a very good piece. Good to see Carlos smiling and in good spirits. Spoke a lot of sense too.
  4. Sure it was around the 7-8k mark. Very impressive.
  5. I'll be there. Train down Friday and staying overnight.
  6. There's every chance the Derby game will be on Sky too.
  7. I'll be in Berlin on a stag do. Actually glad it's on Sky for once.
  8. Play him in both and rest him in the cup game.
  9. Me +2. Setting off about 11.
  10. Exactly. He was completely mindless for the red card yesterday and deserved to be sent off. I'm sure he knows that himself. Let's not vilify him.
  11. It's the cost of the damage and the abuse that was given to the young girls behind the counter. Might not look too much for an adult to deal with but may have been pretty scary to them.
  12. On top of this, there were a couple of idiots dishing out abuse to people in cars at the roundabout down the hill from St Andrews as they attempted to cross it. This included racist abuse, and while they were a little 'wild-eyed' let's say, there is absolutely no excuse. it's embarrassing and shameful.
  13. Serious question to those suggesting we replace Carlos with Steve Bruce. Do you really think we have a squad of players that is suited to a Steve Bruce team?