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  1. They allus play Wednesday on a Wednesday dontcha know?
  2. Don am not being funny but it int stripes is it??? Howard listen all that fancy talk about garlic bread being the future. Well lad Let me tell thee this design and lots of tuna - that's the future, Mark my words!
  3. 3 cracking goals must show 1st team this video
  4. At this rate players will be queuing at local tattoo shop
  5. Nuhiu the only one to benefit from non stripes eh? My 2 wishes for close season and non bearing fruit - New kit and Nuhiu gone
  6. Should be NAC but hey ho Armenia Bielefeld
  7. Ffs c'mon children wawaw
  8. Subterfuge I tell thee
  9. Rhodes & Hooper
  10. Am not gonna bite...... What's with the stars and split collar at back? It'll do I suppose.........flack incoming!!!
  11. So we are the best/1st at it - get in swfc leaders again(not).....