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  1. Carlos Incident Video

    Disappointed. I thought Carlos had knocked out all the stewards in the stadium and then Bully weighed in and knocked out a few Bolton fans. That's what I heard anyway.
  2. Sam Winnall

    FF and Winnall both got training ground reds. Two matches ban each. FF did his first. Winnal is now doing his.
  3. Why are OT's most knowledgeable fans viewed as...

    It is amazing how short some peoples memories are.
  4. FF to Brighton

    Reaction of some folk is ridiculous. Two blokes have a bit of afters after a nasty tackle and all of a sudden one of them is attacked by the lynch mob. Happens all time. It's nowt. CC has said it's dealt with and FF will be back in team. If FF was playing at the front of the diamond formation we have been playing we would be hammering sides. Can't wait for him to be back in team. Has done nowt wrong other than throw himself in to a full blooded tackle and then apologised.
  5. Ross Wallace

    He was far from terrible, works his socks off
  6. All this Forestieri rubbish from Carlos

    Imagine FF in that team last night playing in the role Abdi had. We would have smashed 'em.
  7. Forestieri Transfer Value

    It's a none story. Not for sale. Move along.

    No. Neil had it right in the first place. "They're" as in the abbreviated "They are" is used correctly in this context. There endeth the lesson. Now lets all get back to moaning.
  9. Everyone chill the roger out

    It were total football. Totally bobbar football!
  10. iFollow

    I'm in Sydney. I am signed up. Often get up to watch games so really looking forward to seeing more of our games this season. Have a decnt HD 34 inch monitor so planning to watch it on the computer although if the iphone app works may stream it to Apple TV. Hope quality and streaming is good and relaible. We shall soon know. UTO!
  11. Black Sam?

    New Reda innit. 82 Beast points on FIFA.
  12. Great start to the OMDT season. But only 5-0? Fek it, am going to moan about that all day.
  13. Johan Djourou signed

    Has a Beast rating of 82 on FIFA. Never played the game myself. Just googled the stats. We have our Beast.