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  1. Guy on football heaven was on about one of German giants coming over to play Sheffield F.C pre-season for their 160th Anniversary as Germany seem to admire the football history and Sheffield F.C so maybe it might be a joint venture with them playing us too
  2. Reminds me of when I was in the queue at Wembley at an NFL game 5 or 6 years ago. If I remember right pies were £4.50 and a pint about £3.50, anyway this guy in front of me orders 3 pies and 3 pints handing over £30 he received his food, beverages and £40 change. How the f*** they worked that one out I don't know but as the people they employed seemed to not have much command of the English language it wasn't surprising.
  3. With Wednesday having no game one week I went to Curzon Ashton to tick off a new ground. I arrived and walked up to the ground about 1pm where there was a kids training session on a 5-a-side pitch next to the stadium. We asked this guy where we could get something to eat and drink and he pointed us to this door where all the kids were also going in and out of so we went in and found ourselves in the stadium and onto the terraces. Feeling guilty I spent my admission fee on a programme, raffle ticket, beers and a pie :-/
  4. I've said this before and i'll say it again. We have a new Stadium Safety Officer who took over last September from John Rutherford who had been here for around 20 years. Instead of moaning and bringing up the same arguements week in and week out why don't you try and contact him to find out what's happening?
  5. I have it on good authority the picture of Antonio will be replaced with .......... Another picture of Antonio in this display celebrating 150 years of Sheffield Wednesday
  6. Yes it's shocking isn't it, stairs, seats and a good view of the pitch
  7. Who would you prefer to play in the semi's and who would be your team of choice for the final obviously providing we get there. Realistically j think we could finish 4th playing Leeds in the semi where I'd hope we only give them 2,000 tickets in the top tier of the West Stand with Owls in the bottom. I'd then hope we play Huddersfield in the final but on thier recent form could still see them catching one of the top two and I then think it would be a really tough ask against Newcastle or Brighton at Wembley although our lads would have the experience of being in a playoff final before.
  8. I think you'd have to wait until the final season ticket renewal date has passed which would probably be some time in June. After that, any season tickets not renewed would have thier seats released for people on the waiting list to purchase. You need to contact the ticket office to find out when this is and let them know you want to change seats as if they produce your new season ticket card there would be a fee for them to then change your seat and get a new season ticket card.
  9. R.I.P Stevie. WTID
  10. I can see plenty over the past 20 years I wish I hadn't heard of
  11. *** for tat ay! We might get a response from opposing clubs we don't like if our fans were charged £36+ for away games.
  12. What annoyed me about FF last night was his reaction to not getting the penalty decision and let me just say it's not just FF who does this . . . He stayed down feeling sorry for himself trying to get the game stopped and so Westwood finally put the ball out and FF gets up without treatment trying to make out he's hurt his hand / arm. Like I said it's not just FF that does this, it happens with other players too and it's bloody irritating. To top it off FF gets himself booked protesting about the decision as if it's going to change things.
  13. Couldn't resist . . .
  14. As if The South Stand would be singing
  15. Bloody lightweights!!! I was in Hooters, Oklahoma and ran up a $140 bar tab 7 years ago so with inflation you can probably add another $20 - $30 on top of that and there was ony two of us