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  1. Are you producing programmes for the games Richard or just badges? Was thinking of maybe knocking up something myself even though after time and costs to print / photocopy 100-200 copies it would be more to have a programme from the game rather than making money as there can't be much profit in it I guess.
  2. Here you go Richard, a link to a forum with the details you require :- http://www.albufeira.com/forum/preseason-games-in-the-area-july-2017_topic9824.html
  3. Anyone out in Portugal on Tuesday 18th July and at a loose end as we are playing on Wednesday 19th you could go see ex Owl Chris Lines in action and tick off a new ground to boot if you didn't see Wednesday play there I think it was last year :- To be played at Ferrieras FC ground with kickoff at 1830hrs. Tuesday 18th July - Hull City v Bristol Rovers
  4. Nothing was done for the 125th as far as I can remember, only thing we have done in recent times is give badges out to commemorate 100 Years at Hillsborough
  5. 6 of us flying out from Leeds, East Midlands and Luton Sunday 16th and back 23rd staying in a beautiful villa in Vilamoura away from the rabble
  6. I think we should loan out George to maybe Rotherham or something so he can possibly get a run of games somewhere and prove his worth as with what we are aiming to achieve we can't risk this at the beginning of the season.
  7. I know a few collectors that have stopped buying current programmes now even though they have nearly every post war issue home and away as well as pre-war. Programmes these days just aren't worth much apart from the odd one every now and again.
  8. Take them to a charity shop and I'm sure they can at least sell them for a useful cause rather than throwing them in the bin.
  9. Tickets for Portmenense last year could be purchased from what seemed to be their Reception which was on the corner of the ground on the main road. Below is a photo which I took after purchasing my ticket last season and asking if I could have a look inside the stadium before the game. The view is from the home stand with the away end being the open air stand to the right of the photo where as I've said previously there is nowhere to get out of the sun and no refreshments are served so take your caps, sunglasses, sun cream and bottles of water
  10. Didn't Chansiri mention at the last Fan's Forum that the team coming was changing managers this summer?
  11. Don't leave it too late if your drinking in the town and then catching a taxi up to the stadium as that queue can get rather large with over 100 people waiting.
  12. Would make a change from waiting until 1-2 days before season begins and player missing all pre-season I guess.
  13. Here's a link to the times and prices on the train :- https://www.cp.pt/sites/passageiros/pt/consultar-horarios/horarios-resultado As I posted earlier, prices are cheap starting at 3.35 Euros for an adult one way with unfortunately the last train back being at 20:20 and going it seems they have a bit of a siesta with only 1 direct train within a near 5 hour period after midday
  14. http://sportwitness.co.uk/sheffield-wednesday-game-announced-portugal-club-hasnt-confirmed-yet/ The Portuguese press seem to have further information on Carlos Carvalhal’s summer games, as two newspapers are confirming he will take the team to his home land once again. A Bola and O Jogo both confirm that Wednesday will face Portimonense on July 19th. The game will mark the debut of Estádio Municipal de Portimão’s new pitch. Portimonense have already announced their full pre-season schedule, and as Sheffield Wednesday are the only opponent from outside of Portugal, Carvalhal’s side are the club getting most attention from the local press. The Owls faced two Portuguese clubs in their pre-season last year. They first played Benfica in England, winning 1-0, and then went to Portugal where they faced Nacional, also winning, this time with a 4-0 scoreline. We also played the same opposition at their home stadium last season in an 'unofficial match' losing 3-2 after being 3-0 down with about 15 minutes to go but late goals from Fletcher and substitute Forrestieri made the score more respectable and it looks like they went on to win the Portugese 2nd tier league and presume are now promoted to the top league. Portmonense Is around 25 miles away from Albufiera and is linked via their railway network and from memory was very cheap although the game will finish too late for the last train back to Albufiera which means you'd need a taxi back if you've not hired a car or no doubt Alberto's Bar in Albufiera will probably arrange a coach / taxi's like last year although that would mean travelling up to arrive not too long before the game whereas making your own way up you can spend some time and have a drink in the bars / restaurants by the port around 10 minutes walk from the stadium. There was one bar across the road from the stadium which from memory was very cheap but unfortunately no refreshments were available on the open away end which will no doubt again be hot with the evening sun beating sown on us so my advice would be to purchase some water before you enter the stadium.
  15. I saw a post on Facebook saying they were friends with someone who ran a stall last year and they'd been contacted to ask if they wanted to have a stall again. They were told it would be the first weekend in September to coincide with an International break weekend but more importantly the weekend of our formation 150th years ago.