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  1. I want the away leg first and we need to finish 3rd or 4th for that to happen and so will Fulham so can't see anyone playing drastically weakened teams next week. Im sure out fans who travel would prefer a weekend journey to Reading or Fulham than a Tuesday or Wednesday night down there.
  2. It won't be a dead rubber though as we will be playing to decide where we finish with the chance of a home game for the second leg. I'd much rather be travelling to an away leg on Saturday or Sunday with our opponents having to travel up to Sheffield for a Tuesday or Wednesday night at Hillsborough
  3. Never been up there for a game personally but don't think it can be too bad, probably just the little steel frame at the bottom of a gangway giving a slight obstruction for a few seats on the first few rows on the aisle but if you move your head slightly you'd be able to see.
  4. Why would Mr Chansiri regret those discounted prices for people who bought 3 year season tickets, the £100 Million + given to Premiership teams each season more than compensates for this and in the grand scheme of things is only a small percentage of the clubs profits. Remember away fans have only been charged £20 for I think most Premiership games this season which would've cost clubs a lot more in revenue but I've heard none of them complaining.
  5. I was there and seem to remember the fan referring to Pressmans weight or something and Pressy not flinching and giving him some verbal back.
  6. I was on back row of bottom tier in section behind goal and right next to stewards checking tickets and they turned back 30-40 fans who had tickets for the end gangways but we're trying to gebqxk into the centre sections and I was stood on a row where there were 12 seats and about 20 people. Is it really that hard for people to read a lett and number on a ticket?
  7. I think you can only buy tickets for this block from the ticket office in person
  8. On a serious note didn't this nearly happen a few years ago in the Premiership and it was said it didn't go on head to head and instead a play off game would take place.
  9. Going into last game I have us 7th and needing to win to get into the playoffs
  10. Did you not notice yesterday that netting had been moved from the lower half of the end block on the North Stand and was completely gone from the end block in the South Stand?
  11. Pub closest to Loftus Road that allows away fans is half a mile away :- The Coningham Arms 191 Uxbridge Road London W12 9RA England
  12. Wasn't it said that Mr Chansiri doesn't like stripes when this seasons home shirt came out?
  13. Yes you can, just let them know at ticket office when booking which way you will be travelling so they aren't waiting for you setting off coming / going
  14. No doubt after the Saturday incident everyone going to Toytown tomorrow can expect to be searched and Police Dogs will be there trying to sniff out any pyrotechnics
  15. A young girl was burnt as I said in my opening post when a pig fan fired a flare into the away end at Wednesday fans so yes there is evidence that these can be dangerous if not handled responsibly.