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  1. Fulham had fergie time

    Don't they add stoppage time for goals scored too so there's another 30 seconds for you
  2. North Stand Concourses

    I wonder if it's something to do with Rangers fans causing lots of damage in the North Stand on the concourses
  3. EFLC Second round draw.

    Newport away please as been to all other grounds
  4. Try e-mailing I think it's enquiries@swfc.co.uk but you can check that on the official website or match day programmers or tweet SWFC TICKETS
  5. Season ticket found in Preston

    Probably one of the very few blunts that pay for an adult season ticket
  6. New kit in the shop window

    EXCLUSIVE - Is that our new Centre back back right of the photo and will he be playing tomorrow night?
  7. Ticket office contact - help required

    It's on Twitter where they usually respond pretty quickly but make sure you don't tweet the 'Parody account' as you may not like the reply you receive
  8. Rangers

    Don't get me wrong I have nothing against Rangers or their fans and it seemed a good atmosphere last time up West Street as I travelled to Hillsborough on the tram and it was all good natured inside the ground. It was an interesting day for me too as I worked on the away turnstiles that match and had several people offering me money to gain entry without a ticket which of course I declined.
  9. Rangers

    Why are they being treat like criminals? They've been given more tickets than before and even housed in a home end stand when before the Police insisted they be in the West Stand as per a usual match day as they use the pre-season friendly as a warm up for the season and like things to be similar in circumstances. Also, did Bristol or Derby give Rangers this amount of tickets, I doubt it!!! Another factor would be what happened in Manchester a few years ago where a lot of your fans did act like criminals
  10. SAG and SYP own goal?

    We've not had more than 5,500 in the West Stand (not including North West Corner) for years so where do you get the 7,500 figure from? Rangers if correct have been given 7,000 tickets this year which is an extra 1,500 fans from North of the border if my maths are correct. Maybe the Police feel that they don't want an extra 4000 - 5000 Scottish fans to look after over a weekend as no doubt a lot will come down and have a night out in Sheffield on Saturday too.
  11. Welcome Home

    The burgers in Portugal were as good as any I've had in the U.S though As for the games, has already been said they weren't the best and we are looking like a team that hasn't changed anything from last season.
  12. Youth match updates

    The club really is lacking in many departments which is embarrassing to see as a fan and a great example of this can be seen in our 150th anniversary celebrations. We were lucky Rangers got knocked out of the Europa League otherwise there would've been no pre-season friendly never mind the 'glamorous opponents' we were promised. The in-house produced kits for our 150th year are still nowhere to be seen with only a couple of weeks to go before the new season begins. There are other things I could mention which I know are happening which beggars belief but hey, they've just announced a competition for a fan to design a new mascot. I will give them credit for the competition run several months ago to design this seasons 3rd shirt but many more things should've been planned months ago if not last year. Preparation for our 150th anniversary should've been at tha top of the agenda in every meeting held by each department within the club!!!
  13. Maybe we should just turn the whole ground over to Rangers fans!!!
  14. You're seriously not going because they've given arrangers fans the North Stand, a stand that wouldn't normally be open to home fans anyway for a friendly game and a stand that most Wednesday fans seemed to be complaining last time we played Rangers because they weren't allocated it and were confined to the West Stand?
  15. Flights are only £79 flying out from Doncaster Sunday 16th at 7:35am and returning Sunday 23rd at 11:40am with Thomson Airways. Never saw those flights advertised when we booked ours over a month ago