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  1. The reply that really makes me laugh is when the usual suspects accuse someone with a less than glowing assessment of our manager of being a fan of the S2 lot. Just because we happen to support Wednesday why shouldn't we be able to criticise stuff we don't like/rate? I've been a fan for over 50 years and want the absolute best for my club. The fact that includes wanting a better manager than CC is part of that desire. IMO he isn't good enough for the job in hand and the huge expectation that comes with the massive investment in the playing staff. What re-inforces my belief even more is seeing those Udders fans so delirious after their team that cost 1,3 million celebrating a 200 million win. There, I've said it. Tin helmet on....
  2. He's apparently always seen himself as a right back IIRC. He's really not big enough to be a CB imo.
  3. Man-management failure on an epic scale this season.
  4. But, bizarrely, the man who has shelled out in excess of 30 million on this team, seems happy enough to give the coach who wasted it another year...
  5. So explain why your hero CC brought him on with 10 minutes to play against Udders and desperately needing a goal...and left Winnall warming the bench.
  6. He's a football manager, I think what you meant is he's got a 1 year contract.
  7. He'll be 28 in December. Not old but no Spring chicken either. Anything above 5 million would be good business imo. He cost us nowt, I believe. Our midfield just isn't big/hard enough as it stands at the moment. The earlier post suggesting Huddlestone as a replacement is a good call.
  8. Bugger, if only I hadn't been at my Piggy mate's watching Quitter Brook I swear I'd have posted this before you!
  9. Too right. Ince would be a major upgrade on any winger we have here (including FF if CC aver gets around to playing him there, that is).
  10. Agreed,. He has a chairman who massively indulges him, lets him sign players on high wages then allows him to effectively freeze them out. There really is no other way of explaining what goes on. CC will never ever get a chairman like DC even if he goes on to have another 14 jobs in his career!
  11. He's actually our only ball-playing centre half. Neg all you want but we seem to play a higher tempo when he's in the side due to his excellent passing skills (as opposed to side to side with Lees and Loovens). Let's also not forget his match-winning brace...deffo worth an extension.
  12. What about Villa?? Like him or loathe him, Bruce is a top manager at this level. Given a full pre-season he will sort them out. Norwich won't under achieve like they did this season either imo. This season was a massive opportunity wasted...
  13. Agreed, I believe we could do much better than CC but DC has made his decision and I'm behind him. What really gets me cringing is posts like I replied to regarding CC being a true blue etc. By the very nature of the job football managers can't afford to have too much loyalty to a club given the fact most of them are not far away from the sack then onto the next club, who's more deluded fans then believe he's 'whoever team he is managing' through and through. It's a nonsense.
  14. Wrong, I'm afraid. Neither reading, Brighton or, believe it or not, Newcastle spent as much as us this season (net spend). In fact, the only 2 teams that (net) spent more than us were the basket cases Villa and Wolves. Look it up, the info is freely available...
  15. He's had 14 jobs in 19 years, You need to calm down with this nonsense. Seriously.