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  1. I dislike this seasons HomeKit and also the idea of next seasons that much I've been and bought a classic one off tinterweb. 93-95 puma one, thing of beauty. roger these non stripes ones.
  2. exactly don't care if we play reserves I'll just be happy to enjoy the atmosphere and hopefully laugh about Leeds potential collapse.
  3. You both not wrong. That pitch is cracking compared to that awful thing we used to play on.
  4. 38 tickets on Grandstand, 57 on South and probably around 500 on west lower. If you haven't snapped up a ticket yet I'd advise taking the plunge soon because this will be a sellout in next 1-2 days I reckon.
  5. I love this type of bobbar! 7 points better off that same stage last year. if we can win last 2 then that 10 points better off which is a great jump up. If we do miss out this year I'd expect another improvement which should realistically mean a challenge for top 2.
  6. This, the other 3 teams are not firing at all like we are. Fulham are the only real threat so them missing out would be the best result. Don't believe that'll happen though, if we continue our current form though I wouldn't fear any of them. We are better equipped this year to succeed, just need the performances to match.
  7. Nailed it but there are some on here that can't get this in there head trev. I was very concerned a few weeks ago and why not we were on a poor run. Thankfully we've turned it round and are on the cusp of another playoff run.
  8. I always hate the comment "not bothered about league cup" why it's does the same exact thing as the fa cup, it gets you a spot in Europe. Yes it's less prestigious but the end reward is basically the same. Baffling.
  9. Some absolute flipping nob heads support our club, better off without these low life twats.
  10. They'll be fifth soon though.
  11. Good stuff might have to grab one of these as a memento if we get promoted! Really are fantastic! You got anything else planned for the future?
  12. Why would you cover seats with netting because it stops potential H & S issues with crowds of 26,000 and then all of a sudden uncover them for crowds of 30.000+ which would surely be far worse from H & S point of view. My issue is with SAG not SWFC. If this is a decision SWFC are making to make it easier to manage the crowds then they should just say it and people will likely accept it. But if as is assumed it's a random group of muppets telling the club what we can and can't do then roger em.
  13. This is the annoying thing though. If we can do this for the bigger games where there are more fans why can't we do it for the games where not as many fans attend. It's completely flipping backwards to me. Stupid ass flipping SAG.
  14. Martian, he's bringing back Simonsen's ball from that playoff final.