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  1. wee wees me off, it's all people do nowadays. Same with click bait sites.
  2. signed in just to plus that
  3. and Hooper. He links our midfield and forward line so well. Bring on the new season.
  4. This^^^ Gonna have to put that price up a lot more. Why would we sell to a rival. Especially considering he is arguably the best keeper in the division. They can fooooking do one.
  5. both flaps
  6. roger my life. What a idiot
  7. I don't know maybe people are discussing it in the George Boyd thread for flips sake
  8. same here, I was on Crawford street (I think) which was 1 minutes walk to bumhole lane. Thank God we moved.
  9. how much is it for an Ipswich shirt at the moment?
  10. What a crock of bobbar
  11. Yep really wee wees me off that we've gone with this block version.
  12. Sure we said the same for Melo last summer
  13. Hutch wouldn't be playing if it wasn't for Grey more I believe.
  14. Love/hate watching wednesday but I generally don't watch any other football. The PL and sky money has ruined it for me like previous posters have mentioned. I've always believed that player salaries should be capped and still do.
  15. This^^^ as much as I love him, he goes to far back and then midfield is short a man.