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  1. Sure we said the same for Melo last summer
  2. Hutch wouldn't be playing if it wasn't for Grey more I believe.
  3. Love/hate watching wednesday but I generally don't watch any other football. The PL and sky money has ruined it for me like previous posters have mentioned. I've always believed that player salaries should be capped and still do.
  4. This^^^ as much as I love him, he goes to far back and then midfield is short a man.
  5. Good luck in final you lot deserve to be there. Outplayed us over both legs.
  6. Precisely. Do a victory lap and give the players a good send off but let's not go nuts. If we get past Huddersfield we still have another job to do.
  7. I was struggling to sleep but mine was to do with bloody woman troubles rather than Wednesday. Kept myself busy watching a movie and then shooting people in the face on battlefield 1. Getting giddy now. Off to gym to burn some time down now.
  8. Kieran Lee or JR for me.
  9. Hahaha nice i see what you did there.
  10. Got a beautiful 93-95 shirt that I'll be sporting tomorrow. roger that silly Ipswich shirt.
  11. I'm not at work which is probably worse I've gotta find summet to keep me busy and my mind off the game all day. Watching a late night movie tonight so I lay in. Then gym, PS4 and another movie or TV show to keep me outta trouble.
  12. I don't want a pitch invasion and I don't want the team celebrating like they did last year at Brighton. That was cringe as roger. Celebrating like we'd been promoted. Jobs not done until we're in premier league
  13. Agreed I do love Jean luc Picard. Plus he plays professor x as well. Sir Patrick is a legend to me even if he is a Huddersfield fan.
  14. Yeah this won't count today as it's not a league game really.