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  1. I bet he wears Tommy Hilfinger aftershave as well.
  2. Ipswich are the typical McCarthy team. Men behind the ball and make themselves hard to beat. He's had nothing to work with at Ipswich and had them punching above their weight for a couple of seasons. Bstards always tend to turn it on at home against team's higher than them in the table though - 3 chances v Newcastle and scored with every one. tbh - I'd take a point now.
  3. The game is not on. If it's on (asispostedeveryfuckinggamewhichpeopleneverpayattentionto) it will be listed here. http://www.livesoccertv.com/schedules/ but go ahead.............. convince yourself its on............ knock yourself out.
  4. Hello WatfordOwl 

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      Hello Kopparberg

  5. I'd be interested to know if club's with older stadia are having the same kind of restrictions placed upon them. Very easy to jump to a conclusion that it's specifically targetting SWFC and I'm not saying that this is a trivial matter given what has gone on within football grounds in yesteryear. We all want to get home safe from a match - let's not forget that but this does seem a little bit of a urine extraction.
  6. I'm not disagreeing with you on that point.............. The suggestion was made about having a tenner a game to fill the stadium - so why not take the chance (based on your figures) of doing so to see if it brings people in?
  7. If the sole concern was losing money on a game by game basis, then explain to me why we have categories in pricing if the club already know we have roughly 5k POTG fans? What's a couple of hundred grand between the potential multi-millions of the PL? and...........what's our record like playing in front of 30k+ crowds at Hillsborough over the course of the last couple of seasons? We are talking about doing it to get the crowds up for the final few home games.
  8. Yes we have roughly 5k that pay on the day which fluctuates owing to various factors. We are talking about filling the stadium for the remaining games - not achieving the same crowd, increasing it. The 5k that currently POTG also benefit from the idea.
  9. Simple economics man........... Those 5k tickets at £30 currently aren't being sold.
  10. The 5k currently aren't being sold............which is how much?
  11. ? I think you've both misread the OP - Tinks is talking about the empty seats for the remaining home games not selling the whole lot for a tenner a pop.
  12. Just explain to me how that works. An empty seat sold for 'x' amount will lose the club money. Intrigued.
  13. Kin ell. Dirty Red and White Barstewards are desperate to share the pitch with us somehow aren't they? It has been 6 years and counting to be fair
  14. Local derby, never going to be pretty but we won and a clean sheet to boot. Fletcher dominated their back line and made a real nuisance of himself - can also see why having Hooper back in the team when we don't have FF's movement aides us big time. I think people are expecting too much from the performances, it's all about winning at this stage of the season and god does it look good to be back in the top 6.
  15. Absolutely stunned to hear this very sad news. I didn't know WMJ personally but he for me was one of the very best posters on OT - told it like it is, didn't suffer fools and never changed his stance based on what other people's opinions were. This site is a poorer place without him. Love to all who knew him.