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  1. That's it! Of course! Keep them on the books doing fk all til their contracts run down. ***** genius.
  2. I wish I could get that work - do ok initially and fk all for the rest of the time, knowing the person who pays my wages is happy.
  3. Remind me what McGugan, Melo, Dielna, Emmanuelson to name but a few have done for us?
  4. It's where the rumours originate from which is the question - is this behind the people representing the kid that are simply pushing to get more money out of the club or because he's genuinely interested in staying at Wednesday and building a career? We as a club don't seem to do enough to bring young players through the ranks, Palmer is the only one of the current 1st team squad that is established in god knows how long. Hirst needs managing better and also keeping grounded, the club for their part should be ensuring he's set up for a good season out on loan at a decent League One/Two club so everyone can see what he's really all about - if he goes to another club at this stage, that is all they will do with him in any case.
  5. If he wants to go then let him go, get a fee and decent sell on clause. The spaffing of our fans is purely based on his surname and a season at youth level football. My concerns from looking at the 1st team would be having 2 strikers in Joao & Nuhiu that aren't knocking on the door of a regular starting spot, so why are we perservering with them? Ship them out and give Hirst his chance, we'll soon find out if he's up to the level or not. Fed up of the club signing passengers that are eithe not up to standard, crocked or couldn't give a fliers about playing as long as they collect a wage.
  6. Sara lee Very tasty
  7. FF

    Would be a real blow if we lose him. #prayforFF2stay
  8. N e 1 got linkz to live streamz plz?
  9. "In the meantime, the club won’t be giving me a new contract.” "Personally, I think I have done enough in the last two years to achieve another contract but you have to respect the manager’s opinion." Nor should the club be giving him a new contract. If everything he says about it feeling right, enjoying playing for the club, manager and appreciated by the fans - then there's no rush. His deal is one he was happy to sign and has 12 months to run.
  10. He was benched towards the back end of the season Boro went up and rarely featured at all in the PL - the match sharpness is one thing, the understanding of how other players operate is another - how does he get that without playing week in, week out? Nobody is coming outright and saying he'll be smashing them in for fun but tell me the one shred of evidence that suggests the guy can no longer cut it at this level? You can't evidence it because it's not proven is it? What is proven is his past record which was the reason he was signed, how about backing the lad to do well and believing in him?
  11. My word some of our 'fans' don't half spout it. Rhodes pretty much had a full season of not playing 1st team football at Boro and we brought him in from the cold. Bound to not be 100% given those circumstances. He will score goals in this division with a run of games, decent supply and fewer ar.sehole fans being on his case expecting him to have a strike rate like Messi or Ronaldo. These threads are foooking embarrassing.
  12. I hope that our play is on the front foot at the start of the season and we go out to achieve a top 2 finish. If we don't, the likelihood of things going pear shaped is massive as the lack of patience amongst the fanbase will rear it's ugly head. What I hope happened at the end of last season is that CC came out and said he wants to stay rather than being talked into another year. I hope CC has a clear plan of how we are going to play and learn from some of his mistakes in player selection.
  13. Still can't believe we picked him up for £1m. What an absolute steal that was even 25 years ago.
  14. Welcome to S6 George Boyd!!!!!!!!!!!