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  1. Weally?
  2. If he's available at a reasonable fee then any team in this league would take him. He scores, creates and can play more than one position effectively. Seems to have become a more grounded individual at Derby so surprised they'd be looking to sell.
  3. Brilliant news. Bringing in a new manager would be a step backwards after everything that has been done in the last 2 years. It's great that we've got an ambitious chairman that believes in the manager.
  4. For god's sake, someone please make it stop.
  5. If you decide to give them a ring, let me know so I can record it please.
  6. One thing that has struck me about the whole situation with CC is that when he signed the 3 year deal before the playoff final last season he came out and said 'I didn't want to sign for that long - I wanted one year - but the chairman wanted three.' If this is just down to how happy he is with life in the country, then it's the right decision if he moves on. DC giving him a 3 year deal at that point shows he had his full backing and I don't think that is even in question now. For it now to come out that it was only a 1 year deal he signed after publicly coming out and stating that it was 3 years suggests this is solely CC's choice to go, if indeed he does. I for one don't want to see him leave as I still believe that he can finish the job he started and get us up - perhaps the cautious approach this season has been more down to ensuring we were in the mix as opposed to being blown out of the race by being too cavalier.
  7. This is the difference to the 'then and now' about how SWFC is run. Previous regimes would have just rolled season ticket prices out and DC comes out to say he shares in the disappointment but won't be beaten by it. Class.
  8. Played 20 games for us and getting written off as a has-been
  9. It's not levelling the blame solely with him with regards to signings but look at the comparisons. We sign Buckley who's done it at this level, McManaman the same, Abdi and Rhodes - not too mention Sam Winnall who hit double figures for Barnsley at this level. In order to progress you have to create competition within the squad but what is the use of doing that if you just revert back to what you perceive to be a trusted team and are then let down? If CC is consulted on transfers, which you would imagine he is - then as a coach, is he not responsible for advising the scouting teams on the characteristics we need to fit his style of play? My concerns are more of the abandonment of the style of football from last season, it didn't need changing so drastically to regress into a team that would rather try to hang on to a 1-0 win as opposed to try and kill the game off. If the policy is not to let him sign who he wants then in my opinion we should give that to him given the finishes he has achieved.
  10. I think it's a question the chairman has to ask of him and it is a valid one. That stat of other than Hooper, the starting line up was the same as last season's PO final is a difficult one to fathom. We've signed players who virtually haven't been given a look in this term - why? Why would we keep the likes of Buckley on loan and give him virtually no game time? McManaman the same, Abdi - part of a team that won promotion from this division and a striker in Rhodes that has a proven goalscoring record at this level. The truth is we have a midfield that are too comfortable in the knowledge that even a run of average performances doesn't see them dropped. Maybe this is the downfall, not recognising that certain players haven't been as consistent as last season and not wanting to take the risk of giving the players who have been brought in the chance to have a real run of games to establish themselves. The high line pressing game that brought us success last season should be the way we continue but that does take it's toll on players and maybe we've just asked too much from a bunch of players that weren't required to do that for 46 games at other clubs.
  11. Moving back up to the area in the weeks to come and will be back to being a season ticket holder for the first time in 10 years. I can't wait. Yes, last night is a massive disappointment but it's not a relegation, it's us knocking on the door and building more experience. Brighton were 13 years at this level before making it, we've bridged that gap in 2 and will still improve.
  12. I think this is more deflection in the heat of the moment rather than anything else. If the lad did not feel confident taking a penalty then it's the right decision for him not to step up and take one, as the manager having that information 1st hand you'd never force the issue. 5 players wanted the task and did so - fair play to them for that, doesn't mean Rhodes is any less of player for speaking his mind.