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  1. Remind me what the record is. 18?
  2. Think we'll go more 451 with perhaps Jones or Hourihane in midfield. Winall up to. Nando left and Reach LB.
  3. We did it cus Loovens was injured. Better option than Sasso
  4. I've just frozen it at the point mcmanaman shoots and there's one on the line and Nando is level with another. Tight but not offside
  5. That was really decent by a young lad making a film. And SW sounds a grounded and balanced young man. When you see that, you see why he chose to move onwards and upwards
  6. Premier Inn St Pancras. Always stay there when in London. Couple of mins walk from the station and tube lines. Booked The two nights - pay on the day if needed!!!
  7. Best guess is some additional payment after a number of games or something
  8. Nicko says there's a big reason why Sam is moving - will come out shortly
  9. Sam Winnall 'on the brink' - according to the Star. Fee agreed and had a medical last night!!!
  10. There was talk of Dielna going to Dynamo Bucharest the other day. Could do with him shuffling along...
  11. Didn't Paul Aldridge join Bolton in the summer?
  12. The thread police out again! you'll be saying he's clogging up the system next!!!
  13. Looked online but couldn't find anything. Tbf Nixon is usually on the money
  14. Awesome dude!
  15. How is a tread 'clogging up the system'??