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  1. Loved it when he mugged McGugan off!
  2. How much will he fetch?
  3. Everyone bangs on about Jota but is he that good? What sort of player is he? A FF type???
  4. Injuries permitting obs, I'd have Rhodes Hooper front two FF left mid New guy (quick) right mid
  5. We need FBs. Left back certainly, and a RB to at least challenge Hunt
  6. Check the replies. Replied to me with the M25 comment, and that he expects CC to go
  7. See above
  8. I think the key word is 'usually'
  9. Thinks Pardew link is odd as he 'usually doesn't venture beyond the M25'
  10. He's right a lot more often than wrong
  11. Dean Smith Jaap Stam Steve Bruce Slav Jokanovic Gary Monk
  12. So, according to the Star, the club will release details of who is being offered a new contract, and who isn't This suggests to me that the manager decision will have already been made, or is going to be resolved pretty quickly
  13. Really looking forward to this guy next season. If he gets properly fit, we ought to be building the midfield around him, in the same we that we build the attack around Jordan
  14. Anyone remember what contract length he signed? Is he going to be a key player for us next season?
  15. I agree with this