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  1. Agree with all this. Plenty of high profile signings in the last couple of windows. These two are the solid citizens we've been needing
  2. Hoping to have two Wednesday stories in the paper tomorrow!
  3. Went in 79/80. Seem to recall McCullogh chesting the ball in from a corner just in front of me. I was about 9 and stood at the front
  4. Racist
  5. As per Nicko
  6. Deffo got a semi on
  7. Oliver Burke
  8. He's liked a load of swfc replies to that tweet!
  9. Nicko's winger story is us trying for Burke on loan from Leipzig
  10. Signed 2 year deal for OSB
  11. the one and only time when living ten mins walk from the Mansfield ground could be considered a winner!!!
  12. Still can't believe we did that!!
  13. I'm going for 11th June
  14. Sorry! They were just the ones who came to mind this morning. There are probably others such as Matias
  15. As much as we're all frustrated about aspects of last season, and know where we think we should strengthen, if we have better luck with injuries (to key players) we'll have a much better chance full stop. We expect it from Hutch but to lose Lee, Hoops, FF, Lees, Wallace (in the last match). Even BB for a while... Better luck would be most welcome!!!