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  1. Rowett looking like next Derby manager - think we've missed the boat with that one
  2. That's kinda what I'm getting at in the OP. A change of manager can have a real boost. Not sure why really. But, like you say, no obvious replacement
  3. Uncle Roy anyone?
  4. ...and there was a really decent manager out there, I'd be sorely tempted to pull the trigger on Carlos. A change just might kick start a run to gaurantee a play off place at least (with a decent chance of going through) or even top two. The way things are looking, we'll sneak in the play offs at best, with zero form Can see it happening!!!
  5. Probably give motm to Fox. Looked solid
  6. Tried hard but toothless. Can't think of a chance or shot on target. Perhaps Winnall first half. Three key decisions - red card - correct pen - deffo 2nd goal - onside
  7. First time I saw Wednesday was actually Sincil Bank. Born in Sheff as a Wednesdayite but was in Lincoln for a few years as lad. One one I think. Circa 77
  8. Apologies to anyone who thought this was my first ever away match. Thought the text of the post was fairly clear!
  9. I was going to say that but decided to just explain!
  10. First away match this year with the boy. Been loads myself with my mate. He wasn't bothered so I used his points to get my son's ticket
  11. First away match with my lad this season. Not found a suitable one this year yet. Highlight last year was getting Pudl's shirt at the end of Preston ladt year. Hopefully another shirt and three points this time!!
  12. don't forget the apostrophe! Sam, Loovs, Semedo, Wallace, Kieran Lee
  13. One of the best captains we've had for years as well