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  1. Losing but playing well. Better team (but we're losing!)
  2. Starting 11 Happy with that!!
  3. Thought he was excellent tonight. Concerned about his shoulder though. Second time he's injured it and gone...
  4. ...we'd have won comfortably 2free headers from set pieces and a lacklustre first half (but at times so much better than of late). Other than that we were very good Christ - how many saves did their keeper make??? Nando was superb, as was Abdi. McManaman looked very useful when he came on. And the ref gave us nowt. Thought Sasso was excellent again, esp with the ball going forward. Not a lot wrong other than missed chances and some of our luck deserting us for a change!!! uto and on to Leeds!!
  5. He did it on Tuesday and made a great save!!!
  6. No way
  7. Defence sort of takes care of itself. Fox and Lees if fit. Poss swap Hunt and Palms Think we should give Sam a rest and play BB and AA in mid. Wallace and reach wide. FF plus Winnal or Rhodes (think JR might need a break)
  8. Where is it?
  9. About this time of last year, Alex Lopez came back into the side and made a real impact right up to the final (should have played imo) It's only one game but is this the time for #aa7 to really make his mark???
  10. Tuesday night
  11. Proper love this lad!
  12. Tuesday night needs a really big atmosphere from everyone. This season has got that feeling. We're starting to really build up some steam and another win on Tuesday will really crank things up for next Saturday come on everyone - give it everything you've got on Tuesday. The lads will respond and we can make it happen !!!!!!
  13. Look close and he's got a semi on!
  14. Yeah true. Get plenty of shots and crosses in. See what he's made of!