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  1. On the other hand I understand Tommy Elphick was left at home. He was thought of highly when he went to villa but didn't do well there at all. Type of signing we were making a few seasons back in terms of not done well and not wanted but hungry to prove people wrong.
  2. It's impossible to have 25-30 superstars or even first teamers in a squad; keeping them happy and ballencing the books. Having low expenditure reliable backups that can fill voids when needed and battle for a spot is key. For that reason I really value: Palmer, Sasso (no better 4th choice centerback in league for me), Semedo and Winall (bit harsh on him but he's likely on a lot less than the other three strikers). Add to that hes he's one of our own, why would anyone dump on him?
  3. Just make sure not to miss spell Harlee when searching for clips of him... Harley Dean very different!
  4. I would argue the goal is to win enough games/score enough points to finish in top two. Failing that to finish 3-6 and win playoffs. If we look at progress towards top 2 we are certainly improving. 2 seasons ago we scraped into top 6, last season we were there the better part of the season. Neither resulted in what we want but we are certainly getting better.
  5. Until we do we have none. We require 2, as per CC. One who is tall, left sided, versatile and inexpensive sounds fantastic to me. Unsure to your comment on us having plenty of anything when it comes to a centerback. Whilst I hope we have other targets, I hope we sign others. That's all we have, hope. Plenty of hope. Not plenty of experience or players.
  6. Name our experienced center backs Guru
  7. If you have competition it drives both parties to improve. The trouble we have is that we have little to no competition in defensive areas. Who was or is Loovens competition - no one. So we need anyone that can compete. Inform and fit Mulgrew is better than an injured Loovens or out of form Loovens.
  8. Anyone read anything :)
  9. He'll be ready for Preston I'd have thought. More likely he he will be than Loovens. Any idea how long he's out for or what he's out with?
  10. I know he was under the knife, my query more that if he's recovering he probably shouldn't be on the bench.
  11. At least it has (pudil/cb issues aside) players playing in their correct positions. 2 wide players, 2 center mids and 2 strikers.
  12. It depends on both the Opposition and the players outside of them. Id play away to Preston with Reach, Abdi, Lee and Boyd. Hard working with creativity from Abdi. The home games I may be tempted to put FF out wide and that may bring Hutch/Jones/Bannan into middle with Lee. Cant see how both FF and Abdi fit in a midfield 4.
  13. With that in mind I'd announce the kit stays the same and sell the left over kit. Give something back to the fans. Just launching the new 3rd kit. Then back to stripes :)