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  1. I'd be tempted to pack midfield and have two attack minded wingers. Getting crosses in and see where we are at half time... westwood hunt lees if fit, Sasso if not Loovens Fox if fit mcm bannan / jones abdi hutch Fessi rhodes plenty of freedom to Abdi, Fessi and Mcm
  2. I don't think it is, look up Brentford away.... we battered them if I remember rightly and escaped with a 1-1. That was back back when we attacked and our played teams.... we didn't score as many points back then but less fans moaned weirdly.
  3. In fairness the lads got loads going for him. That's why he earns more in an hour and half than most of us do in a month. Anyhow, that said why do some of our supporters feel the need to vilify our players. I get that we've just lost and that losing is uncommon for us these days, but surely the last 20 years has taught us how to lose with dignity?
  4. I hadn't thought of him as so poor as you put it. He's been ok, no nonsense, average... I can't recall anything great or anything poor. I cant help but think his presence with Fletcher etc has helped this season. Bringing in faces who have been there and done it. We certainly seem to bounce back quickly, work until the 110th minute and be a positive group which I'd guess having good senior pros around help with.
  5. What frustrates me is every time we praise one player it turns into a debate of him vs another and in turn a slagging of others. Isnt it good enough that we have more than 11 players that are fit to be a starter and that we can pick and choose the right tools for the job? Abdi is an asset, as is Bannan, Hutch, Lee and Jones. All will have to play a role if we are to perform to the levels needed to go up!
  6. Agree but think it may be Fletch instead of FF. Its awesome to think that in 5/6 positions our options are better than most teams first choice players!
  7. Couldn't agree more and I'm delighted that our rotations could include: Fletcher Jones Mcmanaman Wallace Lees the quality in the squad is fantastic and whilst we all have favorites surely it's fool hardy to not utilize that awesome strength in depth.
  8. I imagine it has more to do with his fitness / how he reacts to the run out than tactics at the moment. He's an awesome player that hasn't been able to demonstrate it for us yet. Hopefully he isnt rushed to the point point that he breaks down again. Happy for his goal and happy unlike some others he came off, hopefully he can start again either Tuesday or Saturday,
  9. 13 from 15 so far! Some very very poor predictions in this thread :) I'd posted on another that these 6 plus next 3 could see 7 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss giving us 22 from 27 points and putting us right in the mix. Maybe my 22 points was too cautious! Come on Wednesday prove me wrong and get 25!
  10. Hope it gives him a boost in confidence, some of his early games he did well without trying to do anything special if that makes sense. Having 100% pass ratio and not shooting quite often shows a lack of intent rather than a superstar center mid or number 10. Im hoping this is the spark he needed to ignite, and heres hoping he becomes invaluable in the run in.
  11. I've said to a few people that Monk is great when things are going his way but has never really been able to stop a slide or turn something around that not going for them. Now its a long way from going bad for them, but just lately a few slip ups have crept in and they will certainly be feeling that added pressure come game time! Whilst we have dealt with our losses well and got straight back into swing of things have a feeling that Leeds and Hudds could lose faith and have their bubble burst. Either way, I don't think any result next week will define our season it could potentially define theirs!
  12. It's weird that such a positive thread only gets a page and half of comments where as slight niggle or complaint is red hot!
  13. I personally don't think top two is out of the question. It would take a hell of a run from us but it's far from impossible. We have proved our defense can keep it tight, and although not firing on all cylinders we have the fire power to score. With a a bit of luck and an injection of confidence there's no reason why we couldn't start to worry those above us. Once they are under pressure anything could happen, just hope we start to gain momentum now both on and off the pitch. Need to be cheering through the poor or boring play like at wembly, let the team know we're with them and hopefully scare the death out of half these tin pot clubs we face!
  14. Games are coming thick and fast and I hope our squad is the differentiator! 4/6 points here could be massive and if Derby don't turn their form around they'll be out of contention!
  15. Which better teams.... we've played everyone this season at least once. We have the third best defense in the league, please tell me which teams are taking all these chances we give away. You speak with a disregard for facts with sweeping statements here. So wondering based on these last few posts which strikers in this league are better than Abraham and which teams that we are going to play who will score loads against us that we haven't already played?