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  1. Will Dunk and Stephens return as they missed last week for them.
  2. Does anyone know the prize money per position for the league this season? If they sell him they could well drop 5/7 places.
  3. I'm a little taken aback by the people that took this serious rather than the great acronym. Anyhow tganks for the input, I did like the P.I. G.S. offering.
  4. I was going to say BB seems to be dishing out the bollocking on more occasions than not!
  5. Am I the only one hoping that we sign Frazer Campbell or someone with the same initials so we can pair him upfront with Sam Winall to have a striking combination when written out in initials of: S.W. F.C. Frazer isnt the player Ayer he used to be, is there anyone else that would fit in and make this front pairing work!
  6. Wolves (a) - 3 pts Preston (h) - 3 pts Reading (a) - 0 pts Barnsley (h) - 3 pts Rotherham (h) - 3 pts Newcaslte (a) - 3pts Preston (a) - 1 pt Wolves (h) - 1 pt 17 points - better than 2 per game which is automatic form. How will we fare from the next 8? Huddersfield (h) - 3 pts Brighton (a) Bristol City (a) Wigan (a) Birmingham (h) Blackburn (h) Forrest (a) Leeds (a) 5 away games with of those 2 vs teams above us. Plenty of those games look winnable though... and 3 pts already in the bag. 16-18 points be an incredible haul and actually looks more likely than the previous 8.
  7. Posted this a few times. Winning ugly or losing pretty. I choose to win. Whilst I think we can be more creative whilst keeping our tough to beat qualities, that may require a few of our players that are out to return. Very refreshing thread and nice to know im not the only one.
  8. Is it? If you were the manager and you played nice exciting football that for the sake of arguing won on average 1.6points per game, and then you shut the windows and doors as he says and started winning 2.2points per game would you go back to flair (without key players who are injured) or stick to a system that seams to be scoring more points than ever before. Maybe playing ugly and winning is the whatever it takes that Chansiri spoke of??? Now i I think we can be more creative and hard to beat at the same time. But that may require players form to improve, players to be fit and not injured. Until that happens I'd be baffled if the team went back to playing pretty and losing!
  9. Long term I worry, if they have a well organized league of superstars then the viewing of the premier league over seas may drop. Lets be honest, the reason that the premier league is a league of choice for most players is not for history, legacy but for money! If the TV money disappears, so do the stars and the trickle down effect of the money to the lower leagues. it would be like ITV Sport going bust all over again.
  10. I truly think that Carlos has adapted our free flowing, forward thinking methodology to one that is if you don't concede you don't lose. As as you say that means it's the whole team to thank not just the defenders or keeper. It it certainly seems to be churning out more points than when we were all out attack! It's a shame he / the team get boo'd when there are few chances though. Chansiri said he'd do what it takes, this may be what it takes. I'm sure we can be more creative too, but consider the facts of injuries and suspensions I last 8-10 games the results and point hauls have been sensational.
  11. The Australian lad? A few mentioned him in the summer only to be ridiculed that he wasn't good enough. Then Man City signed him from sister club Melbourne City. Scores, Assists! Top player.
  12. They were without Stephens and Dunk today were they not? Anyone know if they'll be back? if they are still missing I'd start with Fletch. If they are back id go with more mobile striker like Fessi and Wina11. Reach and Pudil / Fox will have hands full with Knockheart but likewise if Fessi / Reach can get down the left he doesn't give Bruno much cover.
  13. I agree, earlier in season when Lee was scoring he was a stand out player, as he slowed down (maybe due to injury and or pain) it's been great to see Hutch really up his anti in the middle! I thought he looked better at center back but since moving forward he's raised it even more! awesome!!
  14. I think it shows just how far we've come that a 0-0 half time score line against a top 5 team is considered pathetic. Credit to the players, manager and chairman for changing us from a team that pathetic was being 0-3 down at half time and dead and buried. Next phase, we boo scruffy goals too rather than cheering. They have no place in our new superior standing!
  15. I also believe that Fletch needs a rest. Not been the same since his awesome performance against Newcastle where he covered every inch of the pitch. Hes not heen been afforded a rest due to Hooper out and the others misfiring. So perfect timing to bring fresh face in to rechatge his batteries! For me Fletch is still quality and a player that can lead the line, score and brings bags of experience!