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  1. The two keepers both young enough that if we offer contracts they are obliged almost to stay or go to tribunal. Maybe that's why?
  2. He did say when signing he was a top earner at the club.
  3. Dielna 7k, Urby 20k Lachman 7k Sasso 15k semedo 15k sougo 15k just guess works on salary salary but that's about 80k a week off the wage bill.
  4. It's a sign of how far we've come that some are disappointed with the options of any two of our four strikers. For me I'd be tempted to let Winall go if decent offer on table (2-3m would be very healthy return for 6 months here). Leaving Rhodes, Hooper, Fletcher to take the two striker options. Loan Jaoa out for 6 months and sell to someone desperate in January / bring him back once 6 months regular playing time under belt. Use Dave as he is, disruptive option that can offer a plan Z and good at killing games off.
  5. Watkins from Barnsley? Is he a winger or am mistaking him?
  6. For me: Announce retained/released list ASAP Minimal changes: - CB challenge / cover: I believe 2-3 quality CB available on frees - Strong wide player - jota or the likes - maybe sign midfielder if we lose any - Irvine gives us a strong, mobile, big player who gets goals too! Shift as much dead wood as possible 6-10 (unsure how many leave without contracts. I have faith hat hat the squad that finished second half of season as auto form could do the same next season. Don't want to change too much.
  7. Weren't one of the top six in for Fletcher? I think we have as a collective the best strikers on the league. One for one maybe not but how many go 5 deep and argue about who's number 4/5 Winnal or Fessi?
  8. I some times disagree but this is spot on!! If you change your style / personal to focus on another area, obviously you lose the attribute they were providing. Thats not guaranteed to cost us goals, but it certainly adds more pressure to the midfield/defense. The defense has been good under CC (as it was under Gray) but largely due to playing a defensive set up (last season and Gray) or due to playing an extra defensive midfielder at sacrifice of a wide player. Take that away and who knows!?! At the beginning of last season I seem to remember more free flowing football but for what ever reason or shots not going in and being hit on the counter. Maybe I'm imagining that but we started picking more points and results up after s switch and grinding them out.
  9. A few opinions of mine that contradict a few posts in here: 1) No player should be guaranteed starter! I was fairly pleased to see Rhodes/Fessi/Abdi on bench at times as their fitness or form was below standards of others. We are far removed from having 4 good players who play regardless of fitness or form. 2) Last season if we lost key personal we played some very average back up players. The starting 11 was solid but past that we were very thin, this was addressed. Our bench, squad has drastically improved. Which has allowed us despite injury to many of our better players (Hooper, Abdi, Lee, Hutch, Fessi....) still compete in the "toughest championship ever". Not just compete but over the last 25 games achieve 50 points (51 was the highest over that period and we chucked 3 points away playing our reserves at Fullham with 10 men). 3) In our squad now (minus 1/2 positions) we have at least 2 players who are top 10 championship quality. This is from a period 2 years back where we had a handful of starters who fit that description, meaning we had to improve a quantity of players quickly, job done! I cant understand how people look at our squad transformation from 2/3 years ago and call it a failure.
  10. But the point remains, he can play wide at a decent level and do it well. When he was failing to make an impact against worst opposition in a worse league but the same position you have to ask questions of application. Not just say he's not in his favored position. If it's a case of I played shybo because you're not playing me where I want, get rid. Sometimes you do what the team needs not what you want. If its a case that he played carrying a knock, keep him as his flexibility to cover central, or wide is great. Which other player has played all three roles at prem level??
  11. Loan him for first half of season and hopefully come back in form (if needed) or more valuable to sell in Jan when clubs desperate and need goals.
  12. Maybe that's why he got dropped!! He was either playing injured or lacked desire to do the job (he's more than capable of doing) that was asked of him.
  13. Save some me typing it! Great post. if he cut it at Watford for a season in prem playing out wide then he was more than capable doing it for us. Either injury or desire stopped that, CC will know if it were injury. If so he'll be stopping. If it was his desire or attitude keeping him out I'd expect him to go.
  14. Love the strip addition too!
  15. I haven't followed them or him too much if I'm honest, but a position you can bring youth in is attacking fullback, wingback, wing forward. Everton, Soton, Are prime examples of this with players that seem to appear from nowhere to play in that position. I imagine its due yo energy, pace, stamina etc being key attributes, and hoping he can get a few games and be involved a bit more. From memory he has a great cross / delivery on him which wouldn't go amiss.