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  1. Wouldn't the fullback at Fullham have this in the bag?
  2. Personally I'm pleased with our season so far, our position in the league considering injuries, suspensions, hissy fits and player transitions. Could we play better - yes! Could we win more - yes! Could it have been worse - yes! I'm very hopeful that we will finish strong and have a fighting chance via playoffs. That's what I expected pre season and what I expect now. Next season I think we'll be stronger and more consolidated!
  3. You can't keep being lucky to be sixth though. Every game that passes that becomes less true. By the end of the season you are where you deserve to be.
  4. The table doesn't lie. 6th place is hardly Sh*t - if it is I dread to think what 7th and below is. can you do us all a favor? Have a rant like this before every game our opposition for 6th spot play, declare them to have already won and insist it's all over! Its uncanny how wrong you were - hoping you can double down after international break.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if he has been in an intensive training plan since Lee or Abdi were ruled out. So he may well have been back in the fray as you put it.
  6. I'm still fairly confident of playoffs and hopeful that we dodge Fullham in semis. Anyone other than that I think be a fair chance then the final as usual, is a coin throw. I think our mistake in last few weeks was to not rotate for Burton. Burton were always going to come to defend and play for a draw. Why we thought a hard working gritty game needed our flare players is beyond me. Villa on the other hand let us play. Never mind, that's over with now and we move on. Reading is a key game and if we can beat them I think the pressure may tell on them. Flip side is I think the reverse too could happen.
  7. Expect what they want, the managers not judged by flair but results. Thats why Mourinho and LVG win more than Wenger.
  8. No dig at you at all unless you were in the band calling for us to play prettier. Aimed at the masses that were. I know a few that weren't and more in middle!
  9. Really weird how people disliked gritty 1-0 wins so much until we start losing but playing well. Personally I was all for lucky, scrappy, dull wins. I know they are not mutually exclusive but I'd rather we were hard to beat first and expansive second.
  10. Just got back from golf a bit late, reading comments from last page backwards to find team line up and comment after comment about how average it was had me fearing for the worst. Then I get to the team just to see it's only FF missing from what I was expecting. My shock and surprise of the overly dramatic on here! C'mon let's get behind them. Winnal and Rhodes up top... most people's chosen two without Hooper. Two wide players rather than Bannan or Abdi pushed out there. Dont see the massive problems. Assume Fessi not fit, shouldn't have played Tuesday really but hindsights wonderful, hutch, Lees, Lee, Abdi and Hooper all out at the moment so what were we meant to do?
  11. I've never been prouder than watching us vs Brighton and vs Hull last season to see our support in all its glory. That said ive never felt embarrassed either, until this season where we have boo'd the team off at half time when only drawing with an in form wolves team (laughable on their current form I know, but this was just before they out played Liverpool). Our players can play better! I agree!! Our supporters can support better too! Weve always had great supporters, despite the on field antics we've always been great. Through dire dire times, still great. This season doesn't rank in bottom ten of last 15 so can't understand some of the negative sentiment.
  12. That's very deep after a long day. I was more in reply to a comment earlier that said don't forget Huddersfield- we unlikely to best them over two legs. Which is odd based on results so far this season.
  13. I didn't but I wasn't disappointed either. Felt it had had the quality to get a good result as would it had done with Reach, pudil, Fletch and McM when I thought he was fit. Not a disaster though, onto villa!
  14. The comment about us not being able to beat Hudds over two legs - that you had quoted, I'm fairly certain it's tongue in cheek. Rather than a genuine disbelief that we could beat them over two legs. I could be wtong though. I did ask the same thing as they are only team up there we've beaten twice.