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  1. We often had FF on the left with Hooper and Fletcher up top. Sometimes Bannan/Lee in the middle. And I'm not sure how playing an attack minded midfielder like Abdi is a defensive move. You just see what you want to see. Everyone knows that.
  2. We tried to play a more expansive open game at the start of last season and it didn't produce results. Only when we reverted to a more compact, pragmatic approach, did we get going.
  3. Yes it really is as simple as that
  4. We're soft as bobbar without Hutchinson though. I know people will point to the odd performance here and there without him, but over a season there's a difference.
  5. Is FF playing on the left all you think about? Genuinely, 99% of your posts are about this. Never known anyone as obsessed with one single aspect of our club.
  6. Plenty of quick tricky wingers knocking about, but we don't seem to be interested in any of them.
  7. Seriously why would he want to stay? Our transfer policy means there's virtually no pathway into the first team
  8. Wouldn't say he's better, it's more the type of player. We lack steel an presence in midfield without Hutch for me.
  9. Hope so but can't see it. Failing that, I wouldn't mind that dirty little idiot from Preston, Pearson.
  10. We need at least 1 CB, but I also think not bringing another Hutch type defensive midfielder will be a mistake. Hes is not going to play all season and we're soft as bobbar in midfield without him.
  11. Love it. He's an absolute joy to watch and should be first name on team sheet every week. We're significantly weaker without him in the side. I can't think of another attacker who pinches the ball from defenders as often.
  12. Several? Most were 2nd half/late sub appearances. Hooper's only scored in 9 his last 40, and he's played far more minutes. Currently an injury prone, 29 year old, 1 in 4 striker.
  13. No. He does have goals in him. Just never gets a proper run of games. When he was playing fairly regularly in the first half of his first season, he was on 7 before the end of November. People seem to forget that.
  14. Not clutching at anything. I've thought for a long time that's our best strike partnership. Great chemistry and always cause defenders problems. Your stats are irrelevant.
  15. You know who I think. Joao from our current batch of strikers. Every time they play together we look dangerous. Just never had a run of games.