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  1. When we are below the Blunts after 3 games and no wins, MUST WIN game tonight
  2. I've always thought the best time to change a manager is end of November or beginning of December, so long as you get someone in straight away, this gives the new manager 4 weeks to review what he has ready for reshaping in January, now would be ok too as you have a couple of weeks to do the same. Really on the fence with CC now, not sure what to think
  3. Full team v Chesterfield

    4-3-1-2 Wildsmith Hunt Lees O'grady Fox Bannan Jones Abdi FF Hooper Winnall
  4. You can only sign one player

    Bakary Sako, i put him on every player thread when asked, pace, power, direct, he's clearly what's missing from this side
  5. Westwood wanted

    Highly doubt there is a release clause but either way a release clause only means we'd have to accept the offer, KW can still laugh his todger off at M'boro and say 'no thanks'
  6. Leon Knight, then Franky Simek put him in the north stand
  7. If anyone has the Sky sports app, you can now vote for SWFC's greatest ever PL match, it's a short list to choose from but some good memories nonetheless, hopefully this link works As an added side note, comment what you voted for and also what you consider the best ever if not included. id plump for The Waddle game http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11703/10915193/vote-what-was-sheffield-wednesdays-greatest-premier-league-game?utm_campaign=playbuzz&pb_traffic_source=copy&utm_source=copy
  8. Sean Morrison

    Warnock will try and screw us on price, nobody in his team good enough anyway imo
  9. O'Neill wants Westwood to leave

    Seems fairly obvious to me that he doesn't mean moving clubs, if you read the article. Clearly means a kick up the backside as stated earlier in thread. Mountains and molehills spring to mind
  10. Grant Hanley

    Exactly this, I remember L**ds fans saying they would drive Lees down here themselves, couldn't wait to get rid, yet he's now considered one of the top CB's in the league
  11. Forestieri

    I know mate, I've said this already, he could retire still at Wednesday and people would say 'told u he'd leave'
  12. Forestieri

    There has never been any proof that he wanted to leave?? Not that I've seen anyway. He refused to play for 'personal reasons' and those reasons were never disclosed. Last may he wanted a 10 year deal, then in Jan this year signed a new contract, where in there would he have wanted to leave? Going over old ground for no reason whatsoever
  13. Wingers/Wide players.... But who?

    True, my best mate is a Forest fan and he was over the moon when he left, couldn't wait to get rid, actually looked one of very few bright sparks for them, minus the reds, one of which was for celebrating a wonder goal at Villa
  14. Wingers/Wide players.... But who?

    Sako from palace please, although it may hit a snag now Allardyce has gone as he didn't fancy him but a new gaffer might. also that Periera from Forest/Benfica got sent off 3 times last season, some of u moan about Hutch being a loose cannon, love to see this place if we get him and he sees red early on in season
  15. Fast wingers

    just gonna keep on saying ' SAKO' until we get him