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  1. just gonna keep on saying ' SAKO' until we get him
  2. Don't rate them personally wouldnt fancy 6 months (heaven forbid an injury to Westwood happens) with either of them between the sticks thought that's what this was based on?
  3. Westwood Lees Hutch New CB (Dawson/Davies from Hull?) New RwB Lee Bannan New CM Sako (Crystal palace) Hooper Fletch Bench New GK Hunt Loovens Abdi Wallace FF Rhodes need to change our style and add a couple of bruisers into our technical players
  4. As crazy as football is, Mcgugan is only a management appointment away from being a mainstay in our team again, he's good enough undoubtedly, he's just not fancied under the current set up. However I think Carlos will stay and we'll never see him again, I have it on good authority that Mcgugan and Kelvin Wilson would like nothing more than to finish their playing days with Notts county
  5. When did I say about an off season? I said his season was disrupted by that issue and injuries yet still finished as top scorer? Never mentioned an off season? did both disrupt his season?? Yes did he still come out at top scorer? Yes i don't what you getting at?
  6. Which other would I be on about?
  7. Sako at Palace for me, said it in Jan, we need a bulldozer of a player to rip through the heart of teams. New CB New RWB/RW Sako ST with pace and power
  8. YES 2 solid defenders (Lees + 1 new signing) and Hutch as the ball player.
  9. he's had a season disrupted by an off the field issue and constant injuries, yet still finished our top scorer, yet cannot play upfront? I expect a good few weeks rest away from football, followed by a tough pre season and he will be back as good as new next season or if the off the field issues have been put to one side to finish the season, he will be gone as it may have been part of his new deal
  10. Or the fact we have more fans than seats? could also be a factor?
  11. I'm sure the new website and comments about the current one would mainly be in reference to handling of traffic onto the website, surely they will move to better servers
  12. its a right laugh going through the timeline on that twitter account
  13. THIS ^^^ I was in the position last year as my Mum or her fella picked my tickets up for me and although I still got tickets for semi and final, the first thing I did in the new season was get a membership, no stress this year, just get to worry about winning or losing now
  14. you know this is a parody right?
  15. do you not have a S/T? OR a membership bought last summer could have saved you £110 over the 22 home games and a lot of stress in the play offs ticketing fiasco