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  1. What a lovely smile it is
  2. Just going to put this out there. I have a man crush on him
  3. Feet: Roland Nilsson Legs: Roland Nilsson Body/Height: Roland Nilsson Arms: Roland Nilsson Head: Roland Nilsson Face: Roland Nilsson Mind: Roland Nilsson Heart: Roland Nilsson Chest: David Hirst Hair: Roland Nilsson Everything else: Roland Nilsson
  4. so much choice for the hair. Hutch, prutton, Boyd, loovens. Such lovely locks
  5. What was that filmed on? A potato?
  6. Win two directors seats for the clash against rangers on 30th July text: WAWAW to: 65200 texts clar £1.50 plus standard network rate. Sorry don't know how to copy a picture so I've just done it the hard way and typed it out.
  7. I'd love that an a Tuesday night in February
  8. Not seen loovens or lee though. Like you say that's not to say they aren't there. Just not seen them.
  9. Yes there is just checked it's on Facebook don't know how to put a picture on though.
  10. I'm sure there was a picture on one of eh social media platforms of Westwood getting off the coach.
  11. Any pay on the gate?
  12. Should be 150p a ticket 150p a programme 150p a pint 150p a pie and 150-0
  13. I think we're very fortunate as there is so many to choose from. I honestly don't think I could pick one.. westwood hutch FF bannan lee too hard long may it continue
  14. Afternoon ladies and gents i haven't read all of this thread so do we know when tickets are on sale? Price? And which stands? thanks in advance all
  15. Watching this makes me even more excited for the season to start. Beyond bored now