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  1. TBF Blunkett knows a lot about crap leaders
  2. If that's right we should be TOTL after 6 games, if not Carlos Out
  3. You will be let out early for poor behavior. Wildly clapping back passes; like a wounded seal, may see an immediate discharge on mental health grounds.
  4. Yep you won 1st prize, a season ticket in the south...2nd prize was 2 season tickets on the kop
  5. I've seen it already, 1st game Midds at home, Sunderland home boxing day
  6. Did anyone watch the extended highlights of the 1967 European Cup. Celtic v Inter Milan. One side reminded me of Wednesday this season
  7. Or if this side went back to the 60's - 90's they would get beat easily
  8. I think most pundits fancied Fulham in the play offs, they were wrong. Most pundits said Wednesday play negative football and weren't fancied in the play offs, they were right. My thoughts were more or less the same as the pundits. Hope that helps.
  9. I like it, clean fast load (waiting for it to be overloaded with crapola ads to spoil it) mobile friendly, just really want info from a website that's easy to navigate and fast loading. Don't want flash, over the top singing and dancing javascript ballloxx.......get enough of that at the ground
  10. Maybe they do but they were right in the fact we were a teeny weeny bit negative and a bit of chore to watch.
  11. Maybe the remaining 10% win summat?
  12. The prob I have is some refuse to believe the football this season has been dull, many times tactics have been very negative. It really is not even debatable it is fact. Now, if the means justified the end it may be easier swallow the BS and polish up me blue & white tinted glasses, but they didn't. Barry Bannan admits Owls are underachieving Wednesday failed to have a single shot on target for the first time in 56 games at the John Smith's Stadium Carvalhal’s plan for steering Wednesday to Wembley soon became obvious here, as his team began digging trenches from the first minute. Huddersfield’s task was to find enough inventiveness to thwart that dull strategy. Wednesday, shamelessly negative in the first game
  13. Every pundit, commentator and neutral football 'expert' in the country thought we underachieved and played dull football. Some Wednesdayites are so easy to please.
  14. Not moaning. Amazing Achievement is pushing it a bit though.
  15. As proven