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  1. Zulu Dawn...

    Wanna Bet?
  2. Zulu Dawn...

    Yep painted on, even painted eyes seem to work better than yours
  3. Zulu Dawn...

    Ha, you are needing to see the medic
  4. Zulu Dawn...

    Mm, who's side though?
  5. Pigs talk

    It may come as a surprise to you but some on here don't need help from the piglets, it's fo0okin obvious what the problem is
  6. Zulu Dawn...

    Played OK second half but that's only relative because we have been shitola for the last 10 games. Realistically we were poor again, not no way promotion contenders. A very poor Sunderland side, a very poor QPR side and an average Preston side. But there is plenty of time left to turn things around -;))
  7. Steve Bruce OUT

    We? do you include the spoiled brat who holds the club to ransom for few more quid a week, or paying £40 to get in, then moans cos the brat aint happy? and is 'spoiled'?
  8. Right you JR loving idjuts

    Kin ell, even Messi has a sell by date, whatever. CC doesn't like, Rhodes is foooked...not suited get rid of (one or the other). Doesn't look like being CC until November...
  9. Winnall

    Carlos will hide him under the cabbage/s
  10. Money, FFP, Fernando and Dom Howson

    Cos FF is not good enough, mind you CC ain't either, sell both the fooookers
  11. only 2,000 'part timers' turned up today for the first home game of the season. That is very poor but understandable......
  12. Steve Bruce OUT

    Was it you who got busted for growing £1M of waccy baccy?
  13. Steve Bruce OUT

    Err, you have righted the wrong