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  1. I'm having a tenner e/w on winning the league at 2000/'s written in the star, stars and our anniversary. The beeb will go into meltdown, fergie will make a comeback. Wait while I get me dosh first, and don't tell anybody...I ain't backing em if the price goes evens
  2. 0-0 next Sunday nailed on, but Hirst may want to impress, plus newhugh may want a wembley place...winall will be looking for a hat trick....kin ell changed me mind, 5-0 us
  3. Bloody ell, it won't be easy beating chelski, man city, spurs...though i think we will do man u and liverpool easy
  4. Look leeds never mentioned fans having half their season ticket mons back if outside the play-offs, gonna cost em...unless the chairman does a runner
  5. SAG say's we can only have 10,000 and anyone under 60 must be accompanied by their parents...
  6. Think there will be a few dodgy results next Sunday, like a mini reserve league. The best junior teams will come out on top
  7. 11 x £100 / 4 + £100 stake back
  8. FooooooooooooKinn bike race is more important than North foookin Korea to them nobheads
  9. Would think it is a formality ....but some at chan 5 / look leeds may think otherwise
  10. I wanna play
  11. The big dosh will go on Fulham cos the soverners have bigger bets, hence the bookies book. But don't forget the luvvies darn south are crap at predictions
  12. Only the 5th team to make the championship play offs 2 yrs on the trot....not sure if that is a good or bad vibes though?....someone will know elswhere
  13. 18 pts from 18 available is very tremendous
  14. I fancy leeds to make it cos they is dead good....any jobs going at chan 5 football thingy?
  15. leeds;The biggest Bottlers since bottling it was invented Now fooook off balders