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  1. I wouldn't be that confident if we were playing em any time soon, all bobbar sides have managed to give us a game this season
  2. I thinks some on here needs a wake up call, Rotherham gave us a scare, Barnsley did, Bristol C did...need I go on?
  3. Is it any wonder some of dem bluntiies call us delusional
  4. I didn't pick any out, you did. I quoted your post? Sorry, you said bile, my mistake. Just wondered why you quoted the milder ones, instead of the bile ones? Not hundreds are calling for him to be sacked, however, there are plenty asking to change tactics.
  5. Maybe I got mixed up with 1990..
  6. The original post made sense to me, you have just quoted the bits to suit. Can't see anything vile at all. You say there are hundreds of posts calling for him to be sacked, I can't find hundreds, maybe a few from the same poster but no way hundreds from different posters
  7. Ok
  8. Wasn't Carlos a novice in the English Championship. I'm not knocking him but his CV is not convincing, everyone's a novice at some time. I mean the people on here who say it's a very tough league, seem to forget Barnsley were in the pub league last year and would go straight back down...cos this is the big boys league (fingers down throat)...anyhow their manager left em on a whim, the new guy is doing ok, they have a knack of finding decent players, they sold their best 2....and yet still are doing ok. All from novice managers with no money...don't knock novices for the sake of it.
  9. While I would agree in principal, I doubt if practical. Of course, I have no idea what goes on behind the scenes now but whom would be able to change things around at this stage, players we have sometimes look ..err a bit confused already, changes now would / may make things worst. Not worth risk at this stage I would think, but hey who knows really.
  10. Bang on right, though I'm surprised you have so many pluses. It's against the rules to criticise king Carlos init?
  11. This team, or maybe the style of play is no way no how anything like the side of 1989. The team of 89 was exciting to watch, and nearly every game..the results may have wandered slightly but you just knew they would click most times, you knew they would go for it every game
  12. Rather have Newcastle, think they will blow up if they fail autos. Be Massive pressure on em, wouldn't be too fussed if Brighton fact any foookers
  13. Yep you're right, he went to forest from arsenal.
  14. Yep, my dad would agree...didn't he leave cos the chairman wouldn't fund Joe Baker transfer....think Baker ended u at forest
  15. And that was just the away support!...Did you go to Southend, mid early 70's. Must have been 15,000 Wednesdayites there