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  1. That's kin superb
  2. He'd fit right in then
  3. Plenty off this happening on the north. So much so that the gangways were flooded with fans from about 75 minutes told my mate if we scored a winner there would have been some serious injuries
  4. We'd beat em with Kieran Lee and 10 scarecrows
  5. Started at 745 got served at 950 ticket office is the way to go if you're fortunate enough to get there.
  6. Pmd you
  7. I'll take either id mate if possible working nights so save me going down to ticket office in morning 

  8. If fit Hutch needs to play against Fulham in playoffs should we face them. Absolutely bossed midfield at craven cottage before he went off injured. When Jones came on Fulham looked like scoring every time they came forward
  9. Suppose that happens. What about when us and Huddersfield throw over it's as you were.
  10. Us and Fulham need to get together and get some let's all laugh at Leeds flags
  11. Forum full of guesses. If ya know what I mean
  12. Wrong. I know who it is
  13. Yes someone on here will know
  14. It's unbelievable how sad so many of our fans have become no mention of us this no mention of us that. Yet last season it was the best show on earth when the same fans believed channel 5 loved us. Deary me get a grip who gives a monkey's what pundits think.
  15. I think they'll roll over. Predicting a comfy win 2 or 3-0