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  1. I think Villa wanted to sign him just so we couldn't sign him
  2. Last time we played United was on a Sunday, and we all know how that turned out, two parts of that day I will never forget, first is obviously the famous COG goal, the place just erupted! And how important that goal turned out to be, second was when a tram full of United fans decided to stop on Hillsborough corner for a couple of minutes causing absolute carnage, never seen anything like it! other than the latter, let's hope we experience a similar Sunday on the 24th WAWAW!
  3. i think the main thing CC has to get right which shouldnt be too difficult is playing players in the correct positions, doesnt really matter too much what formation we play if we dont have players in the there correct positions, Abdi, Bannan, FF & Reach were moved around too much last season, will never get the consistency if they swap positions every week, also we need a good partenship up top, but this will be difficult as CC will change this most weeks making it impossible for players to create a good partnership
  4. FF he's not only our best player, he's one of the best players in the league, if it wasnt for his antics start of last season i think most people would agree, just think too many fans hold grudges
  5. Some strange folk on Owlstalk, most people have been friendly and given you some decent feedback so i wouldnt worry too much about the odd negative comment
  6. he's one of the best goal scorers in the football league, he wasnt given a chance at boro, came to Wednesday unfit, lacking of confidence, so he wasnt going to be banging goals in for fun like he used to, think having pre season with us will help massively, he did show in many games hes more than just a goal scorer, the interstting stat from second half of last season is we didnt score a single goal when Jordan Rhodes was on the bench
  7. i think Sunderland will do ok but wont get promoted, it's all about rebuilding for you and it takes time in the Championship, plus a lot more clubs have rich owners these days so its a more even playing field, i reckon a similar season to what Villa had this season, very tough league
  8. Just seen him in KFC Ordering a wicked Winger meal
  9. we're carrying too many without FF Being a striker Joao Rhodes Fletch Hooper Winnall Big Dave and possibly Hirst
  10. depends how much they have paid for him, he's 32 so personally i think its a bit of a gamble
  11. Carlos out! and FF is clearly unhappy, 100% off to Derby in Summer
  12. Blackburn have done the double over Newcastle this season, i wouldn't get too carried away, tough game Blackburn are fighting for there lives
  13. couldn't agree more, FF getting subbed and Reach making an impact and scoring will only make FF more hungry & determined, and if he doesn't perform well we can afford to take him off/start him on bench