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  1. Haha true been arranged since before they even looked like getting promoted, Sod's law it would be on derby weekend
  2. Am I the only one this has landed peachy for I am at a die hard Owls wedding in Ireland over that weekend, wedding at 1pm on the Saturday so we thought we would miss it. church will be half owls half pigs however we can now watch it Sunday....brings a whole new meaning to Sunday Bloody Sunday UTO
  3. I said "you can forget about automatic promotion if you don't sign Jordan Rhodes " ....Oh wait hang on a minute
  4. I had one of these calls quite bizzare, was asking me who I would like to sign and who else would be in the top 6, as if my opinion will sway the transfer market decisions
  5. Is this thread on repeat it's definitely a bi-annual topic UTO
  6. Sheffield marathons on on Sunday so I recon that will be a nevative
  7. Haha sat outside medowhall in car frantically googleing whilst our lass is inside dropping off some returns
  8. It's not so much the players we have, more like the players we need that will allow us a plan B or C we have no pace, no one who will run at defenders and a lack of wide players with a the ability to put a killer ball in!! we should be getting rid of the fringe players and adding 2-3 quality additions to alleviate the above points and make us more unpredictable on the pitch, that's how we win promote by adding to our locker not taking away Bannan is part of the solution not the problem
  9. Honestly thought that was us in blue then for about 1 second
  10. I would go for Tom Cairney if we beat Fulham and promote been a revelation for them this season
  11. Dirty pigs
  12. Negged the ops every post in the hope he/she will log off and not return / or have a brain transplant and become a reasoned and thoughtful poster like the rest of us
  13. Op is clearly a troll, what home games have you seen him play? Where they all full 90 mins? what's his pass accuracy for the season? What percentage of that pass accuracy where forward / attacking passes?
  14. flipping IN!!!!!!!