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  1. On the way to Hillsborough for the legendary pre-Christmas hammering of West Ham in the early 90’s when Waddle was supreme, I was parked at the traffic lights outside what is now the new Retail Park at Kilner Way, Wadsley Bridge. As a 3-wheeler (Del Boy car for the young un’s) pulled out of the Retail Park and turned right up-hill, the back door sprung open and all the Christmas food shopping flew out the back. I can still see the Turkey sat in the middle of the road and sprouts rolling downhill towards the railway bridge.
  2. During the pre-Wembley points frenzy I had a list of the points that my mates had, so I knew who could buy tickets and when. I’ve logged on to buy Cambridge tickets this morning and we all seem to have lost 50 points. Was anyone aware of this? I might have missed the notification from the club?
  3. I booked tickets on Tuesday at 2pm. Had email this morning to say been dispatched......which has taken longer than I would have liked.....but still plenty of time for the post to arrive.
  4. The frustrating thing for me is the lack of communication from the club. It would be good if they could give an indication of sales to date and an indication of the number of tickets they expect will go on General Sale and also regularly publish the stadium plan with available seats. I've got mates frantically waiting for 9am on Tuesday and nobody knows a great deal more than we did on Monday night when the ticket info was published.
  5. Like a lot of people I've got mates who just pay on the day at Hillsborough and so haven't got a Client ID. What happens if/when tickets go on General Sale and you haven't got a Client ID? No Client ID, no ticket? This could exclude a lot of Wednesdayites from getting a ticket........and might lead to empty seats!!!???!!!??? Or do you think a "free-for-all" will be announced nearer the time? Is there a way to get a Client ID from SWFC in advance of General Sale? I reading the availability "rules" wrong?