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  1. ^^^^^^ Brighton away earlier this season.
  2. When using a VPN the delay is a bit of a problem if you've got the sky sports score centre app set to alert you during a game. App: "90+2 Sam Hutchinson sent off for 2nd bookable offence" Then 30 seconds later as you watch on your iPad, Sam chops their player in half and gets sent off.
  3. I watched the Brighton game in January in the US using Sky Go and Tunnel Bear.
  4. Thanks Saxondale, that worked! Now I just need to get myself ready for the 1pm availability window.
  5. I'm trying to book tickets for the away leg. Ive logged in, I know one of my "friends & family" has enough points but I can't see an option to book on his behalf all I get is a greyed out screen. Any ideas, how I book a ticket for him please?
  6. On the way to Hillsborough for the legendary pre-Christmas hammering of West Ham in the early 90’s when Waddle was supreme, I was parked at the traffic lights outside what is now the new Retail Park at Kilner Way, Wadsley Bridge. As a 3-wheeler (Del Boy car for the young un’s) pulled out of the Retail Park and turned right up-hill, the back door sprung open and all the Christmas food shopping flew out the back. I can still see the Turkey sat in the middle of the road and sprouts rolling downhill towards the railway bridge.
  7. During the pre-Wembley points frenzy I had a list of the points that my mates had, so I knew who could buy tickets and when. I’ve logged on to buy Cambridge tickets this morning and we all seem to have lost 50 points. Was anyone aware of this? I might have missed the notification from the club?