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  1. I had already heard what happend to the last bloke that did Nah duno why I didn't wish I had, but at the time don't think he was the only one that acted like that. Always thought that if these lads knuckled down a few of them could have been very good players. Just look at Vardy. Then again look at what the blunts star striker was up to
  2. It's comical looking back now isn't it, with the strike force we have, to think that was the attitude of our best striker a few years back. Now we loan out Portuguese internationals and have two of the top scorers I'm the division over the last 5 years. In all seriousness I did see him a few times about town when he played for us and he was always trollied, it's a shame really. Felt like telling him aswell.
  3. Things like this have to happen to give us old buggers something to moan about, it's all about nostalgia. They will remove the eyebrows when the current crop are grown up to give them something to moan about too. Also I heard Bazz snapped his banjo string so had to take the week off.
  4. Yep and it was my arse not eye that was killing if I'm honest
  5. Once I met Gary Madine. Can't remember any specifics, just everything went black and when I woke up my eye was killing me.
  6. I get that at roughly 60/1 on an accy if my sums are right, it is late. (1/2 + 1) * 1 = 1.5 (3/1 + 1) * 1.5 = 6 (9/1 + 1) * 6 = 60
  7. I can believe this, they are definitely stupid enough to blow their entire seasons budget on one centre back. He's undoubtedly a great player still, but they need a lot more.
  8. Carlton Palmer
  9. Our average tackle size must be atrocious. Carlos (get it) out!
  10. Sometimes a player just fits in a certain club and not in others, he must have something about him to have played for Bayern and Germany u21s. Not saying go all out and offer him mad wages, but I'd defo have a second look at him personally. He's in theory exactly what we need, but might not be in reality. The only name on the list that stood out as a decent possiblity for me if wages are right.
  11. That's the name that stood out for me, think he may be worth a closer look.
  12. Don't fancy villa to get autos, think they will be seeing league 1 in next few years personally.
  13. Jesus you got over two million likes for that one
  14. How in god's name are Leeds bigger than villa? Villa have a bigger fan base, more money, more domestic success than Leeds and more European success than Leeds.