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  1. Another forward? Are we going back to basics with the old-fashioned formation 1-1-8 next season?
  2. Jota Carbone
  3. I don't like the guy, can't think why.
  4. We got great value for Jeffers. The laugh a minute comical value now is great. Wasn't so f****** funny at the time tho mind
  5. Jesus, did he jump the queue when you was in Beres or something
  6. One of the saddest and truly horrendous events of our lifetime, don’t really have an opinion on the OPs question tbh, people mourn in different ways.
  7. True but he’s not getting that game time with us, think it was right for everyone he went and I think everyone will understand. Totally agree he could play for another 5.
  8. Think everyone truly knows it's time, he should be playing enjoying the end of his career.
  9. I think he will, equilibrium style now. Third season, third style and I think it will be rayt good.
  10. You wouldn't play Hooper????
  11. If he got us promoted as champions next year would you forgive him?
  12. Non would have a reason not to go for it imo, they would all be rewarded financially, looks good on CV, get another move to another top championship team, chance to play in prem, etc. And losing could mean the management deeming them not good enough and shipping them out. As for the last comment just always wanted an excuse to quote that lol.
  13. Big bid for Yedlin and Lascelles
  14. To be fair we played Huddersfield four times and beat them twice and drew twice. They are not the pinnacle of football. Tho I agree we can improve and they did very well in the playoffs
  15. Probably yea, shares in pink boots and hand bag companies around the Sheffield area would have rocketed.