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  1. I stand corrected. I was thinking he was a defensive midfielder at first but come to think about it he was a centre back. Great times they were back then eh
  2. Think back....... the year is 2003 did anyone romanticise their good lady with a love message from our talented midfielder Mr Crane? Maybe you marked the birth of your first born with a greeting to your partner from Trond Soltvedt? Or maybe just when you thought you were in the depths of the flu in the harsh winter of 2003 our flying Finnish goalgetter Shefki Kuqi left a greeting and all was again right with the world? Classic stuff
  3. Gives a whole new meaning to the players having to earn a shirt from Carlos
  4. 1. I thought we were supposed to be talking realistically. 2. I can't see DC going for him with how his son behaved in Thailand and the controversy Pearson brings with with antics. 3. Hahahahahahaha. Say bye bye to any chance of promotion when heshe screaming in Fessi's face and damaging the team spirit built over last few years. 4. Has been out of the Championship too long to realistically feel he'd be a better option than CC. 5. The only realistic choice on this list.
  5. I just look at Derby over the last five years with the expectations they've had and high manager turnover. Changing at this stage after two seasons of progress just doesn't seem logical. Especially as if I try to think of a few alternative head coaches who could realistically do better I'm really struggling. Carlos needs to adapt again but as DC if his plans for next season impressed he'd be my first choice.
  6. I just hope whatever happens we have some unity and sense as a fanbase and give 100% support to the gaffer and squad come the new season.
  7. Best toilets I've been been to at a football ground Wigan, Dyson hand dryers! In the away end!
  8. Maybe people bought a ticket there and then went and stood in a group of mates. I've seen on plenty of occasions an extra 1/2 fans on a row with mates
  9. Carlos Carvalhal Steve Bruce Gary Megson David Wagner JS? SJ? Alan Pardew
  10. I can see where your coming from in one sense mate. However from another viewpoint I'd say this list reflects the multi culturally makeup of Britain in 2017
  11. Just means they won't have to turn the sprinklers on the pitch
  12. Disagree on this one. Re the lights my opinion would be not do it for a standard season game as some attempted to do a few months back. Should be used to mark something special and tonight is very much that.
  13. Hope Wagner forgets his glasses so at least he doesn't have to see in full view all his hard work get obliterated!
  14. Home shirt just put in the washer ready for getting behind the lads tomorrow in full voice
  15. Judging on the game tonight and times we've played Reading is rather have them as I think plenty of chances can be created against them. Plus Al Habsi had a great game at Hillsborough so he owes us shocker shocking performance