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  1. No mention of McGugan as yet, great during his loan period when he was star of the team. Not so now. Quite a few mentions for Barkley I remember him scoring a good goal, I think against Ipswich? Other than that I remember fans being a little unfairly critical of him at the time.
  2. Based on the interview I can imagine him coming over for the final at Wembley and saying a few inspiring words to the squad before.
  3. Ridiculous if in September when supposedly the kits won't be available until Owls in the Park.
  4. That's what's missing from modern football ....... fowl on the menu.......... would make for a nice game!
  5. Im basing the Loovens bit on having seen him mid morning on Union Street near Howden House. Ain't like seeing him on West St on a weekend
  6. Forestieri lives in Ecclesfield Kieran Lee is the Manchester side of the pennines as is Westwood. Both originally from them parts Pudil lives the Eccy Rd end of town have seen him with family in Endcliffe Park and sure I've seen from Twitter he sends his son to the private school that end of town. Loovens I'm assuming lives in Sheffield given I've seen him in town a couple of times. No one would go to sheffield city centre unless they lived here. Not a stalker just bits I've read in interviews or seen on twitter
  7. Thanks @Oliver Cromwell I'd seen the authors had previously done one of these events at The New Barrack Tavern. Only saw it after the event then after reading a bit about Fred Spiksley was disappointed to have missed it. So happy to see another talk is on. Booked on now and shall book the day off work. Have a cycle to Rother Valley in the morning and back to Peaks for this at 2pm.
  8. People mentioning high attendances at West Ham. This is mainly down to them having fantastic prices in comparison to most of football ........ less than £300 for Premier League football and under £100 for kids. These are sensational prices and makes it affordable for a bloke to take his family not just himself so attendance figures soon rocket. If we maintained our current pricing structure in the premier league apart from the big games I don't think attendances would increase dramatically especially as every game could be streamed online for free or many in the local pub on sky/bt
  9. Wish I'd known about this in December. Just read your summary of Fred in the mural thread. I imagine this was a very good evening
  10. Looks like a interesting read. Is it sold for less than 19.99 plus p&p anywhere?
  11. Bottom one looks like he's on a stag do etc so I can't see a problem with it. The other guy genuinely in my opinion has probably got a Learning Disability such as autism so I don't think it's fair to take the urine. If SWFC and buses (as per book he's reading) are his interests then good on him.
  12. As the more we play in the away/3rd kit it's more exposure of the kit and more fans buy it from the club shop. Basically a commercial strategy
  13. They'll be in the highlights from last night
  14. Clever move if so, previous comments indicate some would trade in their family for a Wednesday shirt with three stripes or a tick.
  15. Currently around the players entrance and hearing Hutchinson isn't fit to play tonight