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  1. I bet there aren't many chairmen that visit the club shop before each game to have photos and interact with supporters. Ours does. Top bloke!!
  2. Come on Wednesday. Let's flipping do this !!@@
  3. No just 2. I was stationary. One on the horn one fisting the air. Seemed to go on forever!!
  4. One hand on my horn, the other out the window - fisting the air. I can't believe none of the other motorists joined in.
  5. Don't you ?
  6. No following but if I'd got a ticket for tomorrow I might have.
  7. Yes but I've been laying insulation this morning and it would have made me itch.
  8. He might have, it might have been him driving. The driver looked serious.
  9. If I could have, I might have !!!
  10. 14:34 Yes, that was me. If any of the team are reading owlstalk right now, it was me in my car at the side of you and the team bus at Leppings Lane. I couldn't help myself. It was a spontaneous eruption of excitement and the car horn got it. I know my horn is probably worn out now but I needed to let you know, as soon as I saw you, how much you and this game mean to me. Onwards to victory you might blue and white wizzzzards. Apologies to the bloke in the green Audi in front of me who thought I wanted him to jump the lights. Nervous as flip now.
  11. The North was ridiculous too. Massive hangover didn't help either.
  12. All the ale will spill out if you don't stand it up mate. UTO have a great day.
  13. Well Gel. Have a great day. Hope we get the three points.
  14. Completely agree. This is the type of fixture our history tells us, we have got so wrong so many times. Hopefully we are seeing the benefit of putting these hoodoo's to bed and this will continue tomorrow. It's the Wednesday way didn't derive from nowhere for nothing. C'mon Wednesday lets smash em. I think if we win this, we will go all the way.
  15. With hindsight, I can say I knew we wouldn't lose this. My lad was fretting big time when we went one down. I just knew we would turn it round. It was in my bones today.