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  1. With hindsight, I can say I knew we wouldn't lose this. My lad was fretting big time when we went one down. I just knew we would turn it round. It was in my bones today.
  2. Hooper is the fish and I can't get enough.
  3. Not had Kodi for very long but it's definitely listed in first row sports eu. Don't know whether this guarantees it's going to be on. PS can't get orientation right for some reason!!!!
  4. The solid blue bodied shirt with white sleeves is the kit worn when I started going to games. I remember the excitement when we changed to stripes as well and thinking it was a fantastic kit. For next season, I am looking forward to reverting back to my first love though.
  5. I've seen the rice, I've seen the potatoes, however I've not seen much fish!
  6. RIP fellow Owl and Owlstalker.
  7. I'm also never confident we can create a goal from open play anymore. We've even given up on scoring pelanties. We used to look like we worked on our set pieces, they don't give me any confidence any more. Disillusioned at the moment as I can't see any light at the end of the tunnel.
  8. What have we been working on for the last 2 weeks. Where's the high energy ? Where's the creativity? Where's the chances?
  9. Me too. Pooh myself when they go forward due to commontator
  10. Well done Sam lad. Come on now Wednesday. Let's push on.
  11. Get in waaaaaahoooooo winnal
  12. Has Rhodes gone off as well. Haven't heard his name for ages?