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  1. Been out, Get home, checks score, log out good night
  2. Issue is will bannan help cover reach when hes out of pos? Or is that side not a worry for CC?
  3. Not that big of a shake up atleast palmer and wallace in reach LB and abdi in mid with bannan on left mid
  4. If hutch wants to drop kick chris wood on saturday and serve a 6 game ban for it then i wont be mad
  5. He will probably rest FF and bring him in for leeds he doesnt like using him in a quick turn around westy - Hunt sasso Loovens Pudil - abdi bannan hutch Reach - Winnall Rhodes Probably will see FF come on at half time and maybe hooper if hes ready
  6. Always focused on the next game not the one after - Thats what CC preaches, If he gets one then he fets one but id expect hutch to get subbed off after 60 if he still doesnt have a yellow
  7. Wow did not kno this they are f*cked and they have us in a couple of weeks jeez i really hope wigan and co can get some more points
  8. I hate it when they start talking about teams with extra rest days every time they do results dont go our way maybe to negative but end of the day we had more rest over bristol city and they more than matched us
  9. Yea thats what in thinking forest have it in them and know what it takes to stay up, Villa are garbage
  10. Villa and forest can still get relegated easy, only 6 points and some below them have games in hand
  11. If we dont turn villa over when we go to their place then we deserve to be in the championship next year
  12. For me its not a big suprise knowing mandarics record of consolidating and selling on i knew it would happen it was a matter of when it happen because he always said he would leave us in good hands . I used to talk about it to a barnsley fan at work he used to laugh he aint anymore lol.
  13. Hope im wrong but im going 2-2 rhodes abdi with our goals
  14. Steve howard was class tho
  15. Quality