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  1. Yea we wouldnt tho if they required a player we would just like with ogrady but when it comes to us local teams get like this with us and even then they sold him to brighton for 500k because they had no choice dont see them getting funny with them
  2. Will barnsley be that petty? We bid on a player it happens all the time thats football for you if they have they need to get a grip .
  3. He will not join until this thread reaches 100 pages
  4. I'd almost feel sorry for forest if they didnt give it the big one after their takeover
  5. They slapped a 15 mil price tag on wood so they must be expecting interest for him
  6. So he scored 6 last season for boro even tho he was in the blackburn squd match fit and ready to go now hes not been playing and will take time to get upto scratch so could be banging them in by april
  7. Everyone saying we offered 9mil the only person(idiot) reporting this is jto on twitter
  8. Exactly whats not to like 6th place with a 5 point gap, signed your mate recently , reported to be after rhodes or a team that are 13th with no hope of getting promoted this year its bot a hard choice if tou take wage out of it
  9. True us and rhodes favor the move but wednesday cant be held to ransom by boro At least finally we have been reported to have bid by a journo we trust more than the rest, Dirst bid always low negotiations on going now hope we get him
  10. They are going to end up a mid table championship side with all the changes they are doing i wouldnt be shockednif the also signed ch anf guediora(spelling)? From watford just so they have plan a b c d ... x y z incase some fail
  11. If they are paying lansbury 40k i bet cissokho was on about 50-60k
  12. Whats with derby loaning their strikers out to championship teams ?
  13. Brighton and toon for automatics and maybe leeds if 1 of them drops out . Thing with villa is they are changing the team to much , buying championship quality players they will end up like blackburn if they keep it up
  14. More like they are trying to get rid of the big time charlies in the team but the wages are high and no one wants them
  15. Boro just signed bamford so thats 3-4 strikers they have brought in now this window . Rhodes needs to open his mouth and say something if hes just happy training and collecting his money then we dont want him