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  1. End of the day shane duffy to brighton wasnt seen as a big signing but he played a big part in their promotion these 2 could be the same for us
  2. Everyone has a price pal just like the new rumour fletcher to villa for 5 million thats hard to turn down when you got him for nowt
  3. Apparently they are going to offer us 5million for fletcher. I dont really want him to go but that would be some profit and a large wage bill off the books
  4. Regarding wildsmith he needs to go on loan to a champ/lge1 team if he wants to be taken more seriously internationally he needs regular game time
  5. They are wanting 5 million for a 30 year old defender that non of their fans rate you would think they would be after 4 times that fee for hughes hes like their golden boy
  6. Yea hes 19 thats why i asked ,but if they knew they had enough fire power no suprise and i think they expect big things of him and england in the next couple of years
  7. Ah right niceone , englands future is looks a little better it seems
  8. Why didnt tammy abraham play ? In the under 21 world cup final that is
  9. Where does he get tammy from all of that tho
  10. Brighton trying to beat newcastle to signing Kevin Oghenetega Tamaraebi Bakumo-Abraham
  11. I love these threads now,every year people log in with usernames never seen before stating hes going, bitter pigs got nothing better to do than try and get bites føok off you sad B*stards
  12. Villa chairman already started with the number thing first one , 1%
  13. I would take irvine, he will be on peanuts with burton And he is very good. Williams would be free and wages probably 5x more than irvine tho In any case its win win
  14. If that was the case id be happy to sign him on a season long loan as back up to ayala