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  1. The new game is free on steam all weekend
  2. Best thing about this is we seem to use our 3rd kit alot so it will get used, usually teams do this and never wear the shirt
  3. And thats been the problem all season we are always close to it but never take it
  4. He is the reports are true but it cant be helped if a manager goes to negative and seems to lose interest
  5. We cant be sacking at this stage of the season but we need to get someone in that has the quality to make us top 2 but there is no one out there i can think of karanka? No pearson? Hell no
  6. We need a manager that can get the best out of these players, Can cc do that? My opinion is no
  7. Feels all to similar to when dave jones lost interest and we played like sh*te until he got the sack
  8. so brighton,leeds and reading all done the double over us this year
  9. What a f*cking joke this is be out of the play offs tomorrow night wont get back into them with the form we are in
  10. Cant say im suprised we always bottle these sortnof games , come on sortnit out ffs
  11. Nuhiu looks ready judging by this photo
  12. We used to be that team who had to gamble on other teams apparently 'crap' players oh how times have changed
  13. I was hoping he'd signed for them again
  14. Cc said he will be back training this week