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  1. Yea jansson is a leeds player from 1st july but bartley warned if they dont keep monk he wont rejoin so thats him done with weeds, would love bartley here
  2. Probably Mini pigs they love signing all our cast offs
  3. Where is areo? Semedo deserves his stats doing
  4. So hopefully we get our shįt together and make a better signing or he will be back
  5. He does because hes covered for jones when injured and also for loovens/lees in defence this season but what he doesnt offer is better quality football compared to them
  6. I bet the pigs will be making a signing or 2 very soon then now this is out
  7. So no contract for sasso? Looks like we have higher expectations for bext swason
  8. Cabellero leaving man city
  9. Reckon cheeky loan bid for messi will do?
  10. Monk resigned so kyle Bartley wont be going back to them, decent player worth a look at signing
  11. Yea so far the keogh rumour is the only gaining abit of ground for us been seeing reports for a couple of weeks nobody wants him not good at dealing with set pieces and misses to many headers apparently no idea if its true tho
  12. Good old nigel pearson he accepted a bid of 5 million from us for vardy the preseason just before his sacking
  13. You mean the murmurings probably started by some spotty 12 year olds and everyones just going with it?! Isnt that usually how rumours start with every club
  14. We have signed a fair few decent/good players these past 2 seasons with the odd couple quality signings we need need game changers like ff
  15. We were better off without him tho he was to selfish with us and our team achieved a higher position once he was gone