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  1. Title winning side/formation that is.....
  2. Goughy!! What a pathetic excuse for a professional Yorkshireman you've ever heard! Darren! You are embarrassing yourself, and more importantly Yorkshire by been such a sycophantic Wan**er pandering to this sick stations southern bias!
  3. Exactly! We would just love to beat them! UTO!
  4. CC

    Common sense on here ' l get you nowhere!
  5. Best player in a long long time to sign for Wednesday! Vision, style, composure, everything really! The people on here even remotely criticising Jordan Rhodes are complete nob eds! Or blunts! You chose!
  6. Hull! Premiership money! League 2 support!
  7. Ah well! Whatever happens! LJG will still be weeding out the ginger ones in greno woods!
  8. Do allreight int premier that team!
  9. Problem sleeping?
  10. I wouldn't let SYP out wi a water pistol! The only people they protect are themselves!
  11. Not just decent he was better than waddle class!
  12. darren Gough is an embarrassing plastic Yorkshireman! Cringeworthy listening to him!
  13. Leroy Jethro gibbs is fine mate! Still catching mice in greno woods!
  14. The cult of megson! Oh dear oh dear! I thought they would have kept you lot incarcerated a while longer! But back out of the nut house I see!
  15. Read all of this thread and fully get why I don't post on here very often! Most of you are un educated nob eds who know f*ck all about Carlos, his philosophy on football! Go fill yer nappies and follow the blades!