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  1. Sorry didn't realise it was his last year.
  2. All joking aside that market is one we should be looking at.
  3. Sign him up then
  4. I'm only guessing here but I reckon 7-8 mill mate.
  5. Think a lot on here would baulk at the asking price mate.
  6. Dear actor mate , don't think we need any more muck stars to be honest
  7. We've got about as much chance of signing James Dean
  8. This has been my feeling all summer too , hence why we don't seem to be after the players with the big fees attached to them.
  9. Get you're point mate but I think he's the best player of the three.
  10. IMO Dean would be the more expensive option, probably not wages wise but the initial transfer fee.
  11. We can't afford him.