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  1. Thank you
  2. As a matter of interest what is the POTG price in there mate?
  3. Yes i can see you're point it just struck me as being very good PR .
  4. Purchased tickets for QPR last night and i noticed that U8's was free entry.Thought it was a great way to get the younger end interested in going to games and obviously better for parents with a couple of kids money wise, think our club could learn a few things from other clubs in this regard and no I'm not having a go at the club it's just an observation.
  5. Didn't realise he was a stoner.
  6. Ay up he's here grice pudding
  7. Hi Carlos
  8. Much adoo about nothing
  9. Bruce i think.
  10. Weve got them mate but thier not allowed to get chalk on thier boots.
  11. Chris Sedgwick