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  1. Yes and he wore bright green boots.
  2. Has he been to the training ground to meet the lads yet Kev? UTO
  3. £50 for a kids kit tho
  4. Yeah because Bannan really gets stuck in doesn't he?
  5. Are you saying all these names aren't made up
  6. It did mate
  7. Club plants
  8. Why would we want to sign baking soda
  9. Yeah because they played every week and were terrible.
  10. And this is why he gets a lot of stick from a section of fans, CC has been given the tools to do a job and he refuses to either not use them or not use them in the correct way. Always goes to his default team of favourites and if this doesn't change we'll be having the same debate on here next may.
  11. Gerrem on moors wi Tony Toms
  12. Unless Carlos has a total change of mentality this will never happen.
  13. What's needed is CC to change his philosophy and go for it a bit more.
  14. Got to get off to a flyer next season,if it's the same old same old after 10 games god help us.