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  1. Good news on a bad day.
  2. For a guy who has improved our league standing, whilst dealing with long term injuries to key players, deserves respect and, another season at least.
  3. Stay, we missed Hooper.
  4. Arsenal performance, team and fans.
  5. Ref, man of the match for them.
  6. Bet Stuart Gray at Fulham is not pleased !
  7. Owls v Magpies, feathers will fly !
  8. Where would we be without injuries ? Pushing for automatics ?
  9. Teams are hammering Nando and getting away with it. Took a knock 1st half and looked like he played on slightly injured.
  10. http://If Lees is fit to play, could Sasso do a job in midfield if Hutch is out ?
  11. Rhodes has nothing to prove, but Winnall the understudy, has the incentive to become our main striker.
  12. Large areas of seats have gone "grey" online in P block, and only for last two/three home matches. Fans near where my season ticket seat are pay on the day supporters. most times seats I booked are empty.
  13. I used to purchase 1/2 tickets online for friends in North stand block P. However, recently these are not available. They have been withdrawn for sale at the turnstiles on matchdays. This change of system has resulted in my mates missing game because they are uncertain where they will have to sit. Anyone else had this experience ?