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  1. Good Luck Owls, I made a supportive gif of my painting but it wont let me post it, so here's the last part of the painting "Carvalhal and the boys" All the best
  2. good morning sheff wednesday fans,i bet there are some squeaky bums over there
  3. To clever for me that, but very good @oldtawnyowl
  4. oh come on oldtawnyowl i always do both,its ages since i had such good news from sheffield
  5. Morning @General_Grievous the current bid stands at £350.00, not a blind auction, I should probably put the latest bid up now and again to keep everyone up to date. No one from the club involved as yet.
  6. beautiful again in north wales,hope the nerves are not too bad owls
  7. hiya mr tom,maybe i will try that in the future,i prefer an auction because the winner pays their money direct to the cause concerned cheers