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  1. sunny tuesday here in north wales
  2. Just a heads up , the first lot of prints have been posted this afternoon, 2nd class signed for ,so should be with you in a few days. Hope you're happy with them. Cheers for your support
  3. Have done so many clubs over the years and have done some of England a few years back now but they didn't really do very well to be honest, I will attach a link to my website where you can see all the clubs and lots of other work I have done if its ok to put here that is? Have a look asteener1867,
  4. Thank you so much my friend
  5. Posted today bud in the first batch so you should receive in the next couple of days, 2nd class signed for and thanks for the order it really is appreciated
  6. cheers for that musnt grumble
  7. rainining here in north wales
  8. great result yesterday owls
  9. Does todays result guarantee the playoffs?