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  1. Hunt is one of the main players that needs improving on in our team and you have him as one of the few that keeps his place over the likes of Forestieri!? For a team that is so reliant on our fullbacks going forward he is no where near good enough, can't take a man on and has two assists for the season? People seem to be blinded by the fact he is quite fast and can run all day (similar with Reach) but he is just not good enough for automatic at all.
  2. Didn't score one goal until Rhodes came off the bench in every one of those games (or started away at QPR). Has to be Rhodes and Hooper up front with nando on the left next season. That will scared the life out of most opposition.
  3. My point is they had a lot more of the ball yes but their only chances came from our mistakes. Mooy was good at keeping the ball moving without really ever creating anything. I personally think people were wearing tinted glasses with their views on him in the games because of his reputation.
  4. But they didn't really do much at all? And their goal didn't involve him it was brown that player a good pass through if I remember rightly.
  5. Can I just ask how you came to this conclusion? To me he just dropped quite deep to get hold of the ball more and played it simple. Like I previously said he did nothing of significance against us in 4 games and Bannan bossed the home leg if anyone did. Whilst I don't deny he's obviously a decent footballer, I personally don't think he is what we need at all.
  6. Also think he's a very hyped player. What did he do of significance against us in 4 games? Personally think Abdi, Lee, Bannan, Hutchinson are definitely good enough options for top two. It's other positions/tactics we need to alter.
  7. We need a new right back.
  8. To me you only have to look as far as the best performance of the season by far against Norwich. Wallace right, Bannan and Hutchinson (but Jones half way through because hutch got injured) middle, Nando left. Rhodes and Winnall up top. With both wide men scoring and Rhodes getting two. I think this attacking line up (swap Hooper for Rhodes and Lee for Jones/Hutch when fit) could see us score so many more goals if played in the right way. We need a better right back and to me Reach only gets in the team if it's at left back as he's not good enough going forward to play left wing.
  9. People say he didn't do much but he played about 300 mins in 5 months. My memory of what he did: First game started against wolves and looked a threat but came off just after half time because he was lacking match fitness. Middleborough- came on at half time and was our biggest threat. Huddersfield- came on with about 5 mins to go and caused them problems and got an assist. Brentford- came on after about an hour and was a threat and got an assist. Leeds- granted didn't get involved at all. Reading- chasing the game thought he looked a threat but probably could have scored. Other matches either got bit parts or I didn't see them so can't comment by overall I'd say for the time he got on the pitch he showed a fair bit.
  10. I'd take him 100% but actually use him. Much rather have him on the pitch than Reach personally.
  11. If Reach plays left mid anywhere near the amount of times he has this season we will be well off the top two I think. Not good enough going forward. The frustrating thing is I think even this season if we would have utilised Mcmanaman or even Buckley more and played a front two of Hooper and Rhodes and Forestieri left, Wallace or Mcmanaman right I think we'd have seen a shed load more goals.
  12. I very much doubt it was a refusal. If he didn't have the confidence and others did then what does it matter who takes them. Any professional footballer can take a pen so it comes down to confidence in that situation.
  13. Agree with you mostly, although for me it is Wallace every single time as Reach just isn't enough of a threat going forward. Wallace and Forestieri on the wings can easily work. Just look at the Norwich game, with winnall and Rhodes up top. But if not I'd have had Mcmanaman in on either wing, absolutely wasted him this year.
  14. The thing is we have actually had a few of them CC just doesn't like playing any of them. Mcmanaman, Mcgeady last year and Buckley all got good pace but Carlos prefers work horses like reach.
  15. Forgot about abdi. But for me any two of Lee, bannan, abdi and hutch are more than good enough. People will go on about that not having much physical presence but we don't need that if we press and get at teams because for example Lee and bannan will cover twice as much ground as most cms.