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  1. Team for Sunderland

    Westwood Palmer Lees Pudil Reach Wallace Abdi Bannan Forestieri Winnall Rhodes Full backs getting up and down and delivering plenty of crosses for Rhodes and Winnall. Palmer has better delivery than 1 in 20 Hunt. Jones isn't good enough. Tough choice to leave hooper out but I thought the system we played in the second half was a good one and would be even better with nando just behind two strikers.
  2. #ImWithFessi

    Strange question from Carlos. Was his pre season really that poor? Didn't play that much on the left anyway did he?
  3. Team v QPR (forget Chessie)

    Westwood Palmer Lees Loovens Pudil Wallace Abdi Lee Forestieri Rhodes Hooper
  4. Team for Preston?

    Westwood Palmer Lees Loovens/Hutch/New Pudil Wallace Abdi Bannan Nando Rhodes Hooper I'm convinced nando left and hooper and Rhodes up front will bring goals along with Abdi being a goalscoring midfielder. We need a new centre half yes but I still worry more about the lack of chances we create because of Carlos's tactics.
  5. Our Next Player of The Season

    If Adam Reach wins player of the season I will eat my own hat.. shouldn't be in the starting 11 most games never mind win player of the season imo.
  6. Our wingers this season

    So you think we make use of our squad better and we are better when he is up front?
  7. Our wingers this season

    So Forestieri started 6 games on the left according to many on here. Two of those were Birmingham 3-0 and Norwich 5-1, which were both our most comfortable wins. Coincidence? I think not.
  8. Our wingers this season

    If Carlos plays Reach for anywhere near the amount of games he did last season and doesn't use Forestieri on the left, more he won't last the full season imo. This won't happen but my team next season would be: Westwood New Lees Loovens/New New Wallace Abdi Lee Forestieri Rhodes Hooper Wallace has done enough to keep his place for now I think. Very tough call for centre midfield but that's what I'd go with for now. Also people complain about Bannan on the left but I honestly think he does easily as much and more than Reach does there. Still has the work ethic but has better quality.
  9. Liam Palmer

    I will 100% agree with you that his defending has improved but it is still not great and not better than Palmer's defending. Putting three good crosses in for the season does not make you a good crosser! We rely so much on our fullbacks as we play them high and our 'wingers' narrow and Hunt isn't good enough to do that. As for your last point, it's to do with him not been good enough not the fact that it's been decided or not. And popular opinions on the fact that nuhiu, hunt, reach to an extent not been good enough are popular ones because they are correct imo.
  10. Liam Palmer

    What does Jack Hunt offer that Palmer doesn't? Hunt can't defend, can't take a man on and can't cross. He is a great runner but that's it.
  11. Liam Palmer

    Better than Jack Hunt.
  12. Burnley, Bournemouth, Brighton,

    Hunt is one of the main players that needs improving on in our team and you have him as one of the few that keeps his place over the likes of Forestieri!? For a team that is so reliant on our fullbacks going forward he is no where near good enough, can't take a man on and has two assists for the season? People seem to be blinded by the fact he is quite fast and can run all day (similar with Reach) but he is just not good enough for automatic at all.
  13. 2 up front

    Didn't score one goal until Rhodes came off the bench in every one of those games (or started away at QPR). Has to be Rhodes and Hooper up front with nando on the left next season. That will scared the life out of most opposition.
  14. Aaron Mooy

    My point is they had a lot more of the ball yes but their only chances came from our mistakes. Mooy was good at keeping the ball moving without really ever creating anything. I personally think people were wearing tinted glasses with their views on him in the games because of his reputation.
  15. Aaron Mooy

    But they didn't really do much at all? And their goal didn't involve him it was brown that player a good pass through if I remember rightly.