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  1. I very much doubt it was a refusal. If he didn't have the confidence and others did then what does it matter who takes them. Any professional footballer can take a pen so it comes down to confidence in that situation.
  2. Agree with you mostly, although for me it is Wallace every single time as Reach just isn't enough of a threat going forward. Wallace and Forestieri on the wings can easily work. Just look at the Norwich game, with winnall and Rhodes up top. But if not I'd have had Mcmanaman in on either wing, absolutely wasted him this year.
  3. The thing is we have actually had a few of them CC just doesn't like playing any of them. Mcmanaman, Mcgeady last year and Buckley all got good pace but Carlos prefers work horses like reach.
  4. Forgot about abdi. But for me any two of Lee, bannan, abdi and hutch are more than good enough. People will go on about that not having much physical presence but we don't need that if we press and get at teams because for example Lee and bannan will cover twice as much ground as most cms.
  5. Westwood New Lees Loovens/Hutchinson New Wallace/Mcmanaman Lee Bannan FF Rhodes Hooper Not a massively overhaul needed for me, some pacey additions with a but of flair is very necessary though and actually use them unlike macca/Buckley/mcgeady last season.
  6. Spine of the team is great. Need to completely change the fullbacks and wide men for me. All new full backs and then keep Wallace and forestieri (but actually play him on the left!!) and add some pace in wide areas. I'd love to have seen mcmanaman given a bit more of a chance.
  7. I agree that we should have beaten them comfortably but personally I blame the team selection and tactics. But bannan was quality, forestieri worked his socks off and Rhodes doesn't stand a chance when there is no one near him but he is quality on the ball, clever and we know he scores goals. But we need to play an attacking game where these players can thrive, not a stupid defensive, try and nick a goal over two legs pathetic tactic!
  8. Hahaha so you'd sell three of our best players. Give over. We've got a squad easily capable of top two. Right tactics and a couple of additions ideally pacey options and we will be there.
  9. Understand the knee jerk reactions but he is our best player and we should build our team with him in it (on the left) not slag him off and get rid blah blah.
  10. If he isn't injured, it's a very poor decision not to have him in the squad in my opinion!
  11. Rhodes holds the ball up brilliantly as well. But we never wanted to score today.
  12. Westwood Palmer Lees Loovens Pudil Wallace Lee Bannan Forestieri Rhodes Hooper (if fit obviously)
  13. Great runner, for me forestieri has to start over him though because he offers sooo much more going forward!
  14. We also do have players with pace such as Mcmanaman and Buckley, its just Carlos prefer work horses like Reach or more technical players like Hooper and Wallace for example. I'd have loved to have seen Mcmanaman given a run on the left and think he could have been class.
  15. My choice would be: Wallace Bannan Hutchinson Forestieri Rhodes Hooper Lee is probably my favourite player but the lack of games he has played this year I think I would leave him on the bench. Hutchinson in as long as he doesn't drop too deep. Rhodes because although fletcher has scored goals he hasn't been great (I know people will say he's a striker and he's done his job but for example in the first half against derby he was awful). Rhodes is class in my opinion and we know if you give him changes he will score. Reach doesn't offer enough attacking threat for me when we play our wingers so narrow so and forestieri is our most talented player so has to start for me. This is all IF we get in the play offs haha.