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  1. Carlos tried to acquire defenders better than currently at the club but it was extremely difficult within constraints at the time and what was available. I won’t divulge my sources but a deal was agreed with Henley from Blackburn until Newcastle came in just to stop us getting him. I have also heard we are going back in for him as Newcastle have put him on the transfer list since promotion. This does have to be a priority in the summer recruitment. If we had failed or Carlos wasn’t interested in signing players like Rhodes/Winnall etc when available with their goal scoring records even more questions would have been asked. You can analysis the detail forever but facts say we have improved and like any change it has to be one where evidence suggests it will lead to an improvement. In the case of Carlos the evidence is there to show we have improved. How we have improved in terms of style or whatever you want to call it is down to interpretation.
  2. It was more a case of how the team was set up and not some radical new approach. Games last season when we were possibly too attacking/not organised enough we got turned over at the likes of Charlton and MK Dons. This season that hasn’t happened as often and hence partly why the league position and points total were improved upon. Why bring in new attacking players? Do I really have to answer that?
  3. To answer your question re advancement it’s here: 15/16 6th 74 pts 16/17 4th 81 pts It’s about winning/obtaining points over style. Of course we all want to see attacking entertaining football but give me substance over style any day. Carlos has identified this and acted on it. Give me 30 1-0 wins over a season rather than 20 3-2s! Whichever way you look at it we have improved league position and points totals under Carlos, that’s a fact. Points get you promotion not how you acquire them. For all those wanting Carlos to go, what is your criteria for not wanting a manager anymore? It has to be a combination of losing the players, losing the majority of fans, downward turn in results, breakdown of relationship with chairman. Does Carlos really meet this criteria? Clearly not and I sincerely hope he stays to finish the job. Be careful what you wish for.
  4. Regardless of your view on Reach and Rhodes they did not cost £5m and £10m respectively. The fees were £3.6m and £6.8m As for Reach as a player. I seem to recall him been our best player away at Barnsley not so long ago and his versatility is a valuable asset to the squad. He’s young enough to get better too. He’s not always been great granted but he’s nowhere near as bad as some are making out on here.
  5. Peanuts!
  6. Jack 1991 you’ve pretty much nailed my day so far. I was in at 7 and I’m off at 1, I can’t fight it anymore. Viva super flex!
  7. Great OP. As the great Morrissey once wrote.....do the nerves rule the excitement or does the excitement rule the nerves..................I dunno! Either way, I'm feeling both right now and that's only going to get worse/better as the day goes on. A few pre match Erdingers especially required! Come on Wednesday!
  8. Average Attendance 2016/2017 Seasons in Top Division Major Trophies WEDNESDAY 27,129 66 8 HUDDERSFIELD 20,343 30 4 FULHAM 19,199 25 0 READING 17,505 3 0 I know games aren't won on history and fan base but it deserves to be our time! UTMO!
  9. Due to the locality of opponents, pricing and magnitude of both legs I believe we could have took 10k away and had 40k of our own fans at home. Comparable game in recent years v Wycombe when over 37k of our own fans were in the ground and total ticket applications surpassed 40k. Shame it will only be 2k and just over 30k respectively now.
  10. Quality repost! :-)
  11. Away leg, anchored 2 mile off the shore of St Kitts in the Caribbean on my yacht The Saucy Sue. I will be accompanied by my four mates Noel, Alex, Serge and Tom and five Playboy models! Home leg, season ticket seat in North stand.
  12. 28,709 in 1998 19 years ago 27,129 in Champ with match day prices and SAG is more than decent. How many thousands were knocked with SAG today, Wolves and Newcastle games to name but three? Overall 27,129 is progress.
  13. As a few have already said, Barracks at 8 bells! I'll be in as usual. Libations at 10am! :-)
  14. Can only be a good thing to have Hutch fit for the play offs..........another option. Jones has done well, Kieran Lee is Kieran Lee (legend) whose return coincides with Bannans up turn in form and of course last 10/15 Semedo is happy to do his usual. 5 good lads in there.
  15. As many have rightly said already, Big Ron in 1998. I felt sick to the stomach when I heard the news and my first and accurate thought was the diddy man getting spiteful petty revenge. That really was the beginning of the end and the start of a decline we are only really starting to recover from now. To compound that sacking further Big Ron was replaced with Little Danny. Never big enough to manage a big club in the Prem as proved with results and highlighted in how he handled or didn't handle our two talented Italians. Richards and Wilson were a truly awful axis for our great club. Back to the point, the Megson sacking also deserves a mention. Look at our results with and without Marshall/Antonio that season and tell me they weren't the difference.