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  1. Spot on.
  2. Stats show we were clearly the better side. It was a clear penalty and had it been given and we go 1-0 up that completely changes the whole dynamic of the game. It was the pivotal moment of the game. To compound matters a free kick leading to the first goal was dubious at best and the second goal came from a corner that was clearly a goal kick. Give any side a 2-0 lead at any level and they are going to have a chance. Would Brentford have come out more at 1-0 down? Would they have time wasted at 1-0 down? Any shortcomings of our own afterwards were indirectly as a consequence of a v v poor ref. If Brentford were worthy winners last night then we may as not even bother.
  3. They are both decent young-ish Championship right backs. Both have different qualities and hence why CC has opted to choose Hunt at home and Palmer away and rotate the two in the pas. Hunt gets up and down the line more and is the more creative albeit erratic at times whereas Palmer tends to be more disciplined. Good competition and I do think both get some unfair stick at times. To answer the OP I've always preferred Hunt. He has more about his game and just seems to be a question of consistency, that cross other night too! Another question should be who would you prefer to see line up against us? That indicates to me more why I prefer Hunt.
  4. Oh dear an anti Reach OP. First of all he cost £3.8 million not £5 million as I have said on an older thread. He's a young lad, has some obvious attributes like being a decent athlete, one of the most mobile players in our squad, always puts the effort in, a decent crosser of the ball, he got an important goal at PNE, he's versatile and his generally play is OK if not eye catching. He does make mistakes, the odd pass will go astray and not everything he does is always quite at it. Let's remember he's still quite young, perhaps the fee or at least the perceived fee is affecting him too and he's lacking a bit of confidence just now. Shall we as fans try and build that confidence by supporting him or erode it further by being over critical? So far overall he has been average but with the attributes he has there is a player there so lets give him time and have some patience. Talking of Brunt I recall "some" of our fans being the same with him when it was clear he had raw talent and required nurturing. I don't think Reach quite has that talent but lets not make that mistake and support the lad. UTMO!
  5. We take our respective home and away form so far this season into the final 10 home games and 7 away games. We finish on 80 points. 6 more than we acquired last season and 2 more than 5th placed Derby. Time for calm positivity for me. UTMO!
  6. For starters we haven't paid anything for Rhodes yet. Also, when we do pay a fee it won't be as much as £10 million and the Reach fee comes from the same source that I'm not prepared to name in public. Whether you believe it or not it's true.
  7. In light of the investment in the playing side by DC and his superb running of our club so far these are very reasonable. I have a 3 year season ticket but still want to see the yearly ones as affordable as possible.
  8. We haven't paid £10 million pounds for Jordan Rhodes. We also "only" paid £3.8 million in one installment for Adam Reach and not £5 million.
  9. As the old saying goes cometh the hour cometh the man. I'll just leave that there re Woods. No getting over emotional about playing Pigs and Cup Finals, as hard as that is. The early 90's side with Hodge in his prime for us or Pressman is his prime beats any spell Woods had for us regardless of the blunders he made in big games.
  10. This Seasons in top division SWFC 66-50 LUFC Highest Average Attendance SWFC 42,634 – 39,752 LUFC Are Leeds far bigger than us? No, no they aren’t
  11. In particular Stuart Gray who acquired them all except Loovens. Gray and MM left great foundations for Carlos and Mr C to build on which they are doing. I wonder what the combined market value would be for those quality freebies?
  12. Dc

    Mr C and Milan before him have singularly done as much for our club as any other individuals in my lifetime. V v v lucky to have/had them.
  13. He was an absolute disgrace the other night. As bitter as pork can get but then again he is a pig and sounds like this.....
  14. Nationally we aren't generally disliked at all. Coventry, Cardiff, Man City, Middlesbrough fans to name a few all complimentary to us in recent seasons. It's only the South Yorks clubs with the little brother syndrome. Pigs and Mini Pigs the worst affected!
  15. Different players with different attributes so it's difficult to answer. In terms of technical ability and importance to side (as stats show when he's missing) it's FF. I always think a good indicator is how we perform when a certain player ISN'T playing. In that respect again it's FF but Lee runs him a close second. After that you looking at Hutch, Lees and then Westwood although the keeper position has capable cover.