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  1. In particular Stuart Gray who acquired them all except Loovens. Gray and MM left great foundations for Carlos and Mr C to build on which they are doing. I wonder what the combined market value would be for those quality freebies?
  2. Dc

    Mr C and Milan before him have singularly done as much for our club as any other individuals in my lifetime. V v v lucky to have/had them.
  3. He was an absolute disgrace the other night. As bitter as pork can get but then again he is a pig and sounds like this.....
  4. Nationally we aren't generally disliked at all. Coventry, Cardiff, Man City, Middlesbrough fans to name a few all complimentary to us in recent seasons. It's only the South Yorks clubs with the little brother syndrome. Pigs and Mini Pigs the worst affected!
  5. Different players with different attributes so it's difficult to answer. In terms of technical ability and importance to side (as stats show when he's missing) it's FF. I always think a good indicator is how we perform when a certain player ISN'T playing. In that respect again it's FF but Lee runs him a close second. After that you looking at Hutch, Lees and then Westwood although the keeper position has capable cover.
  6. They really are quite a pathetic bunch. Their hatred and bitterness towards us is quite staggering. Obviously we get it with the pigs but the mini pigs take it to a new level. Like a 3rd sibling screaming and shouting in the corner while the middle one (pigs) goes and comforts them while the older one (us) looks on in bewilderment. Reaction from Barnsley fans was dignified and honest while theirs was bitter and angry. Reaffirms my general view on both sets of fans. Numbers wise despite pricing, despite being week before Xmas and fact they are bottom of league 800 odd is still poor. They also showed their stupidity to add to the bitterness with singing Sheffields a s*** hole and then later.....don't take me home!!! Idiots. Hope that's the last time we ever play them at Hillsborough. UTMO!
  7. Showing the rest of the country, this time Coventry in particular, what an above average amount of complete morons they really have! My friends at West Ham love em though! :-) I particularly like the comment regarding having an intelligence test to determine if you support us or them!
  8. Much as been debated about Sam Hutchinson's best position for us whether it's centre half or defensive midfielder in a 4-4-2. Not so much debate about who our best player was last night although Reach was a contender. The system Carlos set up of 4-1-2-2-1 or 4-1-2-3 depending how you view and when we are in and out possession was perfect for Sam. Only one performance last night but on that showing the screening back four position in that system or similar should put the debate to bed. I think Carlos deserves credit for seemingly finding Sam's best position and a system that is best suited to the players we have. Could also potentially accommodate Abdi in the position Bannan occupied last night. Some fans are quick to criticise Carlos so I'm going to give him some credit that hasn't been highlighted on here today.
  9. Let's not write him off (not suggesting anyone here is) and keep supporting him. In the meantime I think he needs dropping for his own good as well as the teams. I've said since last season I thought he was a tad over rated with some of our fans. Cracking little player and overall he's been a big positive for us but for me he's never been our best/most important player. FF, Lee, Lees to name three are. Give him a break and hope he comes back firing and playing his best.
  10. Lee is the lungs of the side, leading goal scorer from midfield and one of the first names on the team sheet. Top end Championship midfielder at what he does. End of.
  11. Decent. 25k us and just over 2k Barnsley. Not going to go on about prices, I think they are too high and part of me thinks that under cirics we should get 30k for games like last night. However, 20k season ticket holders means that 7k bought tickets specifically for that game. In that respect if tickets were half price on last night would we have got over 34k? Probably not. Decent turn out by both sets of fans. Keeps season average comfortably over 26k and with Rotherham and the cheaper Wolves game to come that should be improved on.
  12. Bearing in mind we are playing Barnsley tonight I mis-read the title as “fixation with fingers”. :-)
  13. I know there is genuine concern at the club over Hooper and his hamstrings. Apparently he didn't train as much as most of the squad in pre season and supplemented that with a good deal of resistance work/weights. Hence why he "looked" a bit over weight. Real pity about him because he just seems to find form and gets amongst the goals and then an injury/hamstrings strike. Hopefully he'll be back soon.
  14. I had to reply to the classless porker. @billysharp10 Well done on congratulating who was Wednesday's 8th choice forward finally scoring for the pigs! MInd the Gap! 11:07 AM - 10 Dec 2016 1 Retweet 15 Likes
  15. Thanks. I thought they would be too but even so the stats indicate FFs importance to us.