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  1. With the type of players we have in our squad and what we currently lack..................................................................................Carlton Palmer! What type of player do we miss the most (after FF).................Kieran Lee, who has similar qualities to Carlton. A Palmer in his prime would boss most Champ midfields and as some have said, he'd be like 2 or 3 players!
  2. We have a winner!
  3. Some good balanced comments re Sasso. Technically a good footballing defender with a good attitude but sometimes let down by the nitty gritty side of defending. As 4th choice Championship centre halfs go he's more than decent. Great to have Lees back though.
  4. Reading allocated 812 tickets. Be nice to get 27/28k in home ends Friday night. We really need to play our part now especially with injuries/suspensions and save any possible inquest for after the season has ended.
  5. Ultimately whatever your opinion is of Carlos if us all getting behind the team can make that 1%, 4% difference or whatever it may be then surely we should try and play our part. Even Steve Bruce commented on our support at Wembley and said he thought at one point it may have taken us over the line. I know it didn’t but it’s an indictment of how fan support can be valuable. One the back of last season and the fact we are 6th now Carlos has earned our full support for the next 9-12 games for me. Truth usually lies somewhere in the middle. I don’t want Carlos sacked nor do I think he’s a messiah. This season I‘ve questioned Carlos a lot but still fully support him. Let’s give him our full backing and ask questions afterwards if necessary.
  6. This. Milan literally saved our beloved club and that should never be forgotten or go unappreciated. Add to that he was transparent and delivered on every promise he made Chansari has taken on us to another level. One we haven’t been on for way too long as well as working hard and investing in the neglected infrastructure of the club. Financially he’s put in more money than any other chairman in our history. Again, we should be appreciative. After years of bad management we are so lucky both men have done/are doing what they have for the club. Saying one is better than the other is disrespectful and like comparing the battle of Britain to VE day!
  7. We are paying/paid £3.6 million for Reach and £6.8 million for Rhodes. One is a good young, versatile Champ player who has the potential to get better. The other is proven with a great record in the Champ in/approaching his prime. Add to that they both seem to be good blokes with the right attitude then for me they have been very good buys and the best should follow. The fees aren't as high as they are being reported and for what you have to pay these days in the Champ I don't think the fees are an issue. Lets focus on the players we have rather than the fees, ultimately we aren't being ripped off and if they contribute significantly (which they are doing) and we end up in the Prem it's money very well spent. I'm glad they are both our players especially Rhodes. Lets support and enjoy them.
  8. This is football and in particular football in the Champ. Burton came with a game plan and it worked to get them a point. Fair play to them. 4-1-4-1 is a tried and tested system to go away and get a point when a team is fighting for survival away at one fighting for promotion. They even had McFadzean in the holding role who is primarily a centre half. Dyers pace and work rate stopped Hunt getting forward and their goal was always going to be a set piece or wonder strike because apart from one Westwood save they were never going to trouble us too much. Our game plan as spot on too. We were patient and kept passing it to try and draw them out of position and at times we did. Just as shame we couldn’t quite capitalise. Always a temptation to go too long and we didn’t and stuck at it. Disappointing result but a good game of football with contrasting styles and contrasting ambitions. Some good performers last night, Jones being the pick for me. Nothing wrong apart from not getting a 2nd goal last night. We move on….Villa.
  9. :-) What did the Romans ever do for us?
  10. Even though currently being two places above us they are averaging smaller attendances than us!
  11. I'll give you Newcastle and Villa but we are "comparable" to Leeds and we are certainly bigger than Norwich.
  12. Digressing from OP but TF oversaw gradual decline during his tenure. In 4 years he turned a squad with togetherness and quality capable of matching best in the league finishing 3rd to one fragmented and finishing 13th. As for best manager and/or cutting it in the top flight that has to be Big Ron or Wilkinson in the last 50 years. As for Carlos, OP makes a good point. I understand frustration as I feel it myself and I don't think Carlos is helping himself with some decisions he is making. However, we are 6th with a decent cushion. Time patience and support is now. Time for any possible questioning is in the summer.
  13. Spot on.
  14. Stats show we were clearly the better side. It was a clear penalty and had it been given and we go 1-0 up that completely changes the whole dynamic of the game. It was the pivotal moment of the game. To compound matters a free kick leading to the first goal was dubious at best and the second goal came from a corner that was clearly a goal kick. Give any side a 2-0 lead at any level and they are going to have a chance. Would Brentford have come out more at 1-0 down? Would they have time wasted at 1-0 down? Any shortcomings of our own afterwards were indirectly as a consequence of a v v poor ref. If Brentford were worthy winners last night then we may as not even bother.
  15. They are both decent young-ish Championship right backs. Both have different qualities and hence why CC has opted to choose Hunt at home and Palmer away and rotate the two in the pas. Hunt gets up and down the line more and is the more creative albeit erratic at times whereas Palmer tends to be more disciplined. Good competition and I do think both get some unfair stick at times. To answer the OP I've always preferred Hunt. He has more about his game and just seems to be a question of consistency, that cross other night too! Another question should be who would you prefer to see line up against us? That indicates to me more why I prefer Hunt.