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  1. Will it make general sale?
  2. I wonder how many is a 'small number'? For example if they consider 200 as a small number, that's 10% of the allocation.
  3. The holy grail has been reached. I only want a key ring. Hopefully they've not sold out.
  4. Been queuing for hours but I'm now 24th. All I want is a new swfc key ring. Will the online shop be as slow as tickets once I finally make it in?
  5. Definitley quick seats in the rush. Choose seats takes forever to load the stadium while the flash player catches up.
  6. Wonder how many sold up to now in total. It would be great to have an update to either calm people's nerves who can't yet buy or throw them into mad panic mode
  7. Completely agree. Only let through the demand that the system can handle. People don't mind mind waiting at the queue screen for however long on the basis that when they do get in it works quickly. The issue is people are waiting in the queue for 2 hours and when they get through it's still a clusterfuck.
  8. You'll get a ticket.
  9. Ticket sorted - Very limited availability left now. Only joking
  10. Congratulations. What's his season ticket ID number?
  11. Do we have? (Someone on here will know) What are the chances that the play off semi tickets make it to the next bracket after tomorrow?
  12. Can I play too? If there's room on the bench for a slow, useless man with a poor goalscoring record then i'll happily take Atdhes place. Let's go again kids
  13. Support your club all season, not just when play offs are guaranteed as fast ticket for a queue jump. Owls foundation should keep selling them but they should start from the start of next season. Buying a membership with one game up go because play offs are now guaranteed lol