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  1. Slow news day for the Telegraph
  2. He saw him yesterday.. Outside Pride Park
  3. Ah, that old chestnut eh 'lets get a hot tub for the pug'
  4. 0-2 Wolves
  5. Fessi on the left with Abdi just behind Rhodes I hope
  6. £5 Rhodes to score in the first 10 mins at 25/1. Cashed in the chips before half time
  7. Good job I had a fiver on it
  8. Rhodes to score in the first 10 mins - 25/1 Rhodes to score each half - 251
  9. A draw or a Leeds win would be ideal for us IMO. Keep Huddersfield in touch.
  10. I knew getting that tattoo was gonna be lucky!
  11. Relax. wattowl says it's done.
  12. Nice, and where's she taking you for dinner?