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  1. Whats done is done. He made a mistake. He realised it. He apologised. DC,CC accepted it. The majority of the fans accepted it . Did you see his commitment at Forest. Has anybody else shown that much commitment. (Nothing critical in that statement) That was genuine. He is a match winner on his day. He cannot be the best player EVERY week. He wants to play for us and wants the team to do well. He has been our top scorer for the past 2 seasons. What else has the guy to do. He is a Sheffield Wednesday player. If you are a TRUE Sheffield Wednesday supporter you should give him 100% backing. Would you tell him to his face what you think of him? Are you Mr Perfect who has never made a mistake.If you have did you regret it afterwards. Were you thankful that people forgave your mistake? Fernando is one of the most skillful players we have had at the club. He chose Sheffield Wednesday. We should be thankful. I will support him until he no longer wears a Blue and Little White stripes.
  2. Give it a rest.
  3. I wouldnt say they have failed. They just havnt had a chance.
  4. Sorry teacher. I must use paragraphs I must use paragraphs I must use paragraphs Oh rollocks 3 times will have to do.
  5. Is Carlos responsible for spending the money? I am sure DC has the final say. Perhaps DC has a football advisor who recommends players to him. We never hear about or see CC at the signing of new players. I have never been convinced that Carlos is actually involved in signing players. His job title is Head Coach. That usually means what it says. Can anybody name one of our scouts? Recruitment has been a mystery. As has been said umpteen times...why have we brought players into the club and not played them. Carlos has played square pegs in round holes but still achieved success. I do mean SUCCESS. We are not Real Madrid or Barcelona and cannot win everything. As long as we are improving and the stats show that we are then I for one am happy. Its all hypothetical that if CC had done this or that then we WOULD have been promoted. Nobody knows. We are better now than 3,4 and 5 years ago. End of season has been .... can we get promotion and NOT are we going to be relegated. DC and CC are building and its working. Nest season hopefully will see the Topping Out ceremony and promotion.
  6. No it was Barcelona
  7. I have tried to decide but there are too many forwards and too many different formations to choose. That's why Carlos is manager and not me.
  8. Did you realise what acquiescefc was saying in his post. I understood him to be saying that after the events in Manchester last night an announcement that Carlos is staying shades into insignificance. 22 young lives needlessly wasted is far more important to reflect upon than anything else.
  9. Carlos HAS got a proven track record. 2 top 6 finishes in 2 seasons aint that bad is it?
  10. From the "We love the Fiotball Leafue" website. Sheffield Wednesday forward Fernando Forestieri has been voted by you as the 10th best player in the EFL.
  11. AtkinsonsBarmyArmy A challenge for you. "Right! I've got acces to a minibus, who's up for a scouting mission to find the next delle alli??" Can your satnav cope with this in case there is another Gareth Bale lurking in the Welsh Valeys (or Hills) Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.
  12. The set ups seem to be... Manager + Head Coach. Manager arranges signings and is Figure head for the first team.. First team coach does as it says on the tin but with some input from manager as to tactics. ................................ Head coach...is just that..organises training and tactics. Somebody else organises and buys and sells players. Possibly without agreement of head coach . Scenario is then that the Head Coach didnt want whoever was signed and doesnt play them. Sound familiar?
  13. We havnt got ANY young squad players. Thats the point. There needs to be 1 or 2 youngsters in the team on a regular basis with lots of positive energy. Thats what young players have.
  14. Sometimes bargains can be found in the lower leagues. Everybody starts in the lower leagues. Just because we are "minted" iyo doesnt mean you have to spend it frivolously. A lot of clubs have done that and suffered. FFP might come into it as well.