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  1. Dont mock it. You will be there one day.
  2. The Owls will be backed from all four sides of Hillsborough against Newcastle in the upcoming Championship clash as the bottom tier of the West Stand will house home supporters.Wednesday face the Magpies in front of the Sky cameras on Saturday 8 April (5.30pm) in a game that could have a big say on the promotion shake-up. Hillsborough is set to host one of the highest crowds of the season and tickets for the Lower West, set at Kop prices, are now on general sale to Wednesdayites who have a purchase history with the club since 2009. Season Ticket holders can exchange their seats to this area of the stadium if they wish but must do so in person at the Ticket Office or by telephone. Tickets can be purchased at the Ticket Office, the Sheffield Wednesday Online Shop or by calling 03700 201867 (option 1, £2 booking fee per ticket). Read more at http://www.swfc.co.uk/news/article/2016-17/lower-tier-open-for-owls-fans-v-newcastle-3644848.aspx#QoGcG5hhYskkR8a0.99
  3. Biggest throwing of cushions I ever saw was when David "Bronco" Layne was sent off against Villa for "allegedly" removing some of one of the Villa players teeth with his elbow. Cant remember exact year but would guess it was in 60's as I remember being with my Dad on the kop.
  4. This music and video
  5. Here you go . You could have the proper Queen version but this is a better video . Enjoy
  6. Sorry link doesnt work. Will get there in a bit
  7. When we walk out to this I will be over the moon. We Are The Champions
  8. Inspirational.?????????? Not sure what else to say other than where the **** did that come from.
  9. As usual he is giving 100% effort. Would love him to score the equaliser in last minute . Kosovo just got a load more supporters with the owls supporters. We always support our own.
  10. Atdhe still getting penalised every time he goes for a header.
  11. If Kosovo get a penalty will Atdhe take it?
  12. Apparently first ever goal in open play in any competition EVER. What a man.
  13. Some interesting pronunciations of Nuhiu by the commentators . Absolutely delighted for him. Apparently Kosovo havnt scored for a while . So they send for a goalscorer and get a goal.
  14. If people spend their whole waking life playing FM etc then I could agree with anybody who ridicules players. If however, like myself, I play it when there is nowt on TV worth watching in the evening and just need a footie fix like now during the International break , I might spend an hour playing one or two matches. I have plenty of other things to do to keep my retired old mind and body active. At least I can have a drink, shout abuse, go for a pee, sit in a warm comfortable "rocking chair", and not have to queue to get in or any of the aforementioned activities. Dont have to listen to all the doom and gloom mongers sitting alongside me but best of all.......I AM THE MAIN MAN and until Mr Chansiri sacks me I can pick who I want, Play them where I want and play whatever formation I want without having OT in meltdown if it doesnt work. Currently believe it or not I am 6th in the Championship in the year 2019. Still trying to get in the Premiership. One Day!!!
  15. Agreed. Matias plays a full season without injury.