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  1. Possibly a bit controversial but the subject must be addressed by football clubs. Apart from the proposed 5 year residence rule not sure about how other future laws will affect football. If Scotland succeeds with independence then several of our team might require visas or something. I am sure it won't be too much of a problem or the Premier clubs wouldn't be signing all the overseas players that they are doing. Don't get too serious about the subject. Let's have the usual OT posts....Good,Bad and Ugly.
  2. Rhodes and Hooper for me. Fletcher and Winnall as more than capable subs after 75 or 80 minutes to add a significant extra power in the final minutes when the opposition's defence are tireing. What a terryfing sight for any defence to see Fletch and Winnall arriving off the bench. Nuhiu to be sold . Joao and Hirst out on loan with a recall clause if needed.
  3. I meant how does doom qualify to get in the "press" box.
  4. Press box? How does he qualify to get in There? You will be telling us next the executive boxes are full.
  5. Perhaps they need a European sat nav.
  6. Oh no it isn't. Oh no he's not.
  7. Back to the gay channel are We?
  8. Where or what are you watching. Tell us please.
  9. Wow....thats fantastic. Who needs ifollow when we can have bet365.
  10. Are you just doing copy & paste or are you in Portugal with a live Twitter feed?
  11. There is no evidence as far as I know. But....Its a gut feeling that Carlos isn't directly involved in selecting the player/s he wants. Perhaps it's a knock on from players we had last season but rarely played a game . Carlos saying " I didn't want him so I'm Not going to play him" Just my personal opinion. If I'm wrong..then so be it.
  12. When and where did he say that.
  13. Is the area we should be looking the teams who were just outside the Championship playoffs last season. I am sure most teams/players can see that we mean business and are a good bet for Premiership football next season or the one after. Are there any quality CB's playing for these teams who want to see their future progress? The alternative is a season long loan from a Premiership team of a young outstanding player. Not the ideal but if a deal to buy at the end of the season if promoted was to be included it might be a good move. There were some very good loanee's out from Chelski, Arsenal,Man C ,Man u, Liverpool etc last season. Need to be in early to get the best pick. It might be that someone at our club needs to be mates with someone at the lending club. What about Man C now. They have nicked our Academy manager so perhaps he could do us a favour. Just a few ideas.
  14. How do you know that he knows? How do you know anyway?