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  1. Awesome. Potter and Coke in CM. Upgrade. Well they are heading into the championship top 6!
  2. Good luck to Cokey but the porkular ones won't be troubling us next season.
  3. It's unbelievable isn't it. Hope they sign Giles Coke too
  4. What goes around............
  5. I was 22. I cried. A lot. How did Bright hit the post fro 8 yds when easier to score. Deflected shot that led to the corner in injury time. And then Woods falling back into the net. That still hurts me today. If ever a team deserved a trophy that season. We were brilliant
  6. and that went well!
  7. I concur
  8. Rhodes record speaks for itself. He's a terrific signing for us and will score plenty in due course. Chillax peoples
  9. Ok then
  10. The very best of luck buddy
  11. Gerrit into the Owls Store. You'd make a killing
  12. Remember it well Horrendous
  13. Great player. Happy birthday tricky
  14. Absolutely. It can still go pear shaped from here. Never take anything for granted. Anyone remember a defeat in the FA cup final in virtually the last moment of the game?