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  1. I said it last night. Do we have any intention of getting promotion. If so bringing semi back isn't the way forward
  2. I still think top two will be beyond us. It's difficult to look beyond Boro and Villa.
  3. How many boxes were in use last season
  4. I think we'll regret the Sasso departure. Carlos contacting Semedo with a view to him returning. I'm a little nervous that we due to FFP we are going to struggle to bring in the real quality CB that we clearly need.
  5. Random intoxicated man states that we are about to make an unexpected signing. Get on the F5 button ladies and gentlemen. This must be imminent
  6. Wow, there's mention in that interview about Semedo possibly returning to the club. Do we want promotion or not ffs
  7. I would have loved Whelan here. Very good and experienced premier league standard Midfielder. Great signing for Villa
  8. Yes he does, in between walking his dog, weeding his garden and playing snooker. Not a bad way to earn 18k per week.
  9. We need to get this waster of the books somehow
  10. Indeed it will. George will be listening to his dad who regrets to this day not moving to man utd.
  11. Totally agree. Waddle should be in way before Des