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  1. 18k a week to eat burgers and drink beer. Wow!
  2. No. We want to go up don't we?
  3. Trust me You really don't want to watch it
  4. 10 million Rowett's avin a giraffe. 4 million tops or do one
  5. That would be even better. Hope so but I do wonder how much cash we can throw at it this time as FFP could loom on the horizon. However real quality costs big bucks
  6. Happy with this. Put Hutchinson back to CB and go all out for a Midfielder with the calibre of Mooy for example
  7. Villa, Derby and Norwich will be key players next season
  8. Maguire is a far superior defender Flint
  9. Flint has the turning circle of an aircraft carrier. Let villa have him
  10. What a cool dude Carlos is
  11. JOTA I think I may have mentioned it elsewhere but JOTA must be signed JOTA