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  1. I love him to bits but he's not very good.
  2. The reason friendlies are played behind closed doors is that the ball keeps going through the doors if they're open and there's nobody there to throw it back,
  3. Can't believe we're playing the Monty Python Philosophers XI, could be quite the contest.
  4. Colin West was known for failing to bury sitters.
  5. Tony Hadley has left Spandau Ballet. Urby Emanuelson has left Sheffield Wednesday. I find both of these very upsetting. (I don't)
  6. 1. Dead-Shot Keen 2. One Billion Games 3. One Billion Goals
  7. First Tony Hadley leaves Spandau Ballet and now this, worst day ever.
  8. There was an Observer end-of-season review about us one year which said 'Watching Sheffield Wednesday this year has been like watching soft-core porrnography: lots of impressive build-up work but absolutely no penetration'.
  9. Neal Bishop of Notts County got a massive earful, and then got sent off for diving which is embarrassing for two reasons: one, because diving is sh*t and two, because diving when you're Notts County midfielder Neal Bishop is the absolute worst.
  10. The Honey Monster.
  11. Get in.
  12. There'd definitely be an argument about The Wednesdayite involving great-great-great-great-Grandad.
  13. I reckon he's going to join Team Rocket.
  14. The 1970 Brazil team.
  15. We'll need a Marqueesmith to put it up.