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  1. Why not make it a double with Germany to win WWII?
  2. Worse than racism imo.
  3. Sort of, but it doesn't enshrine free speech anyway; that's part of (hooray!) Human Rights Legislation from the (hooray!) EU. Anyway, I'm sick of old racists who mistake missing their childhood for a restriction of freedom.
  4. Also, in the UK we don't have freedom of speech enshrined by constitution, for a number of reasons, not least that we don't have a constitution.
  5. I love the 'you can't say anything these days' argument, said by people saying exactly what they want to say. Racism is for thick people. As very small children, we notice difference and point it out; with maturity and intelligence we learn first not to fear difference, then not to notice it. To criticise anybody for attempting to eradicate behaviour contrary to this is to accept the behaviour itself. The apparent loss of free speech is absolute bunk; there is simply none. What has happened, and quite rightly, is that there is also a right to respond to it. If you find the response to your intolerance unacceptable then I suggest you stop being such a snowflake and develop an understanding beyond that of an infant. Having said that, I do genuinely hate both gingers and Scottish people, but ironically ginger Scottish people provide a double negative and are fine.
  6. You're quite right. Zoland Nilsson it is then.
  7. Zigor Aranalde, now let's stop.
  8. His name is Wallace and he dances on the sand Next time Wagner'll write the note down on his hand
  9. Mate, he could be on meth for all I care.
  10. Aoland Nilsson Boland Nilsson Coland Nilsson Doland Nilsson Eoland Nilsson Foland Nilsson Goland Nilsson Holand Nilsson Iavid Hirst Joland Nilsson Koland Nilsson loland Nilsson Moland Nilsson Noland Nilsson Ooland Nilsson Poland Nilsson (lol) Qoland Nilsson Ravid Hirst (turns out it's every ninth one) Soland Nilsson Toland Nilsson Uoland Nilsson Voland Nilsson Woland Nilsson Xoland Nilsson Yoland Nilsson Zoland Nilsson
  11. You're wrong, I'm a very bad footballer and I occasionally have a pint with the former Chesterfield, Macclesfield and Swindon striker Colin Heath.
  12. After a piece of uncharacteristically poor distribution, I'm sure our goalkeeper's spirits would be raised hugely by a chorus of 'Westwood's Throw, Massive let down' to the tune of the following
  13. To the tune of Bobby Shaftoe On the wing we've got Ross Wallace We hope this song provides him solace The Greek city state was called the polis Super Rossy Wallace I like it a lot as it deals with the subject matter, offers him comfort, educates, before returning to the original theme.
  14. I love Semedo to bits but he's gone a bit Jonathan Wilkes about ol' CR7.
  15. What's the most qualifiers you've ever seen for somebody being in charge of a football club? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jon-Paul_McGovern