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  1. We shouldn't sign the anagram, no,
  2. Bloody Greengrass nicked your 'r', he's a scamp.
  3. I've managed to get loads done but then again I'm fortunate enough to be employed as a Thinker-About-The-Evening's-Football. It sounds cushy but sometimes I've got eight hours considering a Checkatrade Cup game between Exeter and Exeter.
  4. His touch when clean through in the second leg against Brentford though.
  5. How much do the kids near Anfield charge you to look after your car these days? That's the going rate anyway.
  6. I always thought Lee Peacock was a terrible name for somebody whose main strength was heading the ball.
  7. See, you're completely missing the point; it's that everybody who went to football in the 70s and 80s has memories of this sort of thing; in the other cases, 96 people didn't die.
  8. The medical advisor of the Hillsborough report - Dr Bill Kirkup - is a deeply impressive figure, having set up post-conflict health services in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo, and leading horrific enquiries into the Oxford paediatric cardiac tragedy and Jimmy Saville; to criticise his work is frankly incredible and it demeans anybody as an individual who does so.
  9. Let's not boo when Huddersfield are completing their 7000th consecutive square ball across midfield, that's what they'll be expecting. Let's just make a really eerie noise instead, it'll properly spook them. Or! Let's print out loads of the scary picture below and hold them up, they'll be beside themselves with fear.
  10. I'm taking my trusty inflatable Kevin Gage:
  11. Other than 'Maroon 5 song', I can't think of three words less likely to make me want to listen to something than 'Neil Warnock banter'.
  12. Kevin Gage swapped that shirt with Waddle after the '93 semi-final, but sadly for Kevin before breakfast the next morning, the shirt beat him with a fake back-heel and has been in the public domain ever since.
  13. Alan Quinn was fine; Matt Hamshaw as well but it was the days of narrow formations being unstoppable so you had to give him a new position. Chris Stringer was good as well.
  14. High scoring encounter, that.
  15. Bit unrealistic considering we're playing the greatest team who ever did live; if we can manage to keep the margin to two or three goals I'm going for it, sorry.