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  1. Wonder if this makes Connor Hourrahan (sp) surplus to requirements ?
  2. Perfect excuse now for the deluded Pigs (who are terrified to turn up , just like last time) to gather in numbers and chant and point aggressively at a big screen in Kevin Gages pub in Dronfield!
  3. But enlighten me on the relevance to the Brexit leave vote ? Are you saying that a pre season friendly between our 2 clubs which took place 4 years ago influenced 52 millions of our fellow Brts to democratically vote leave ? Wow, we really are massive !
  4. So so hope you never need them .................. beyond contempt !
  5. As a small thank you for selflessly putting their lives on the line for the likes of you and me ???
  6. Great reply pal.
  7. Judging by your avatar you would have preferred their neighbours and a rousing rendition of "You're not drumming anymore" ?
  8. Marlene !
  9. We may as well throw the towel in now then............... That's the spirit !
  10. Best thread of the close season without a doubt. Watched Wednesday at 147 different grounds including friendlies. Only ever watched one game that didn't involve us ......... a good mate , Cov lad , insisted I go to the 87 cup final with them .... hated it. Often said we should have produced a book of our exploits following the Owls on the "Gate Coaches" of the 80's and 90's but unlike our neighbours, make it a factual account. Too many true stories to be told without slipping into the realms of fantasy.
  11. Massive upgrade on Palmer
  12. Last years launch of the kit at approximately the same time as this years launch resulted in record sales for both volume and income. SWFC really need to get a finger on the pulse and launch WHEN CUSTOMERS WANT IT. How dare they make record sales and profits with this business model ? ......... They're clearly failing as a business.
  13. "NO" is a particularly underused word when dealing with the precocious "want it now" generation.