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  1. Tough start for Preston PNE vs Sheffield WednesdayLeeds vs PNEDerby vs PNEPNE vs ReadingMiddlesbrough vs PNE
  2. We've been a bogey side for them for years. Had them last day a few times, can't remember not winning either.
  3. How do you know? Leeds, Sunderland and Hull might be near the bottom by then.
  4. Looks like it will be 18 points in September UTO
  5. no way was that a guess
  6. Preston, QPR, Sunderland up first
  7. 1 hour to go!
  8. Yeah they did all come before he joined us. I agree about the 90's thing, I hope we don't see it too dominated by any era. I fully expect there will be at least one player from the current era, Semedo or Bullen. Are they worthy? I don't think so but if we want a spread of time it's hard not to really. Walker only takes us up to 2001 so disregarding the last 16 years is a large part of our history really even though it's been a disappointing time. I think it will be Bullen.
  9. I think he's a worthy choice, this isn't supposed to be a Wednesday 11. Over 300 games played for us, and almost all of them in the Premier League. How many other centre backs have we had that played for England 59 times during their career with or without us. Don't forget the idea of these Dream Scenes is to place players from different eras in a dressing room scenario together, it would be less effective if all of them were from 100 years ago.
  10. In fairness to the op Chansiri has repeatedly said that our best players aren't for sale. That doesn't mean that players on the edges of the squad or that no longer feature in Carlos' plans won't go. The only way I can see the likes of Forestieri going is if the player expresses a desire to leave and we receive a huge offer. I think he's referring to the "I can't see us being able to hold on to Westwood" type post.
  11. If we're doing lookalikes
  12. That's just a handful of wallys on the Internet though, none of the Blades I know would want that. Even if they did I wouldn't care, if they went out of business I'd be gutted because I enjoy the rivalry I have with friends and family.
  13. I'd love that, both Sheffield teams together in the Premier League together again would be fantastic. Hate all this "scrubber" talk, it's pathetic.