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  1. How did you find out you'd won? Did they contact you and tell you that you'd made the short list or anything?
  2. And you have no place on the radio, but sadly we still have to listen to you.
  3. "The selection process was incredibly difficult given the quality of entries but we can reveal that the winning design is that of 27-year-old Owls fan Karl Nuttall." Also, don't let uncle Paul take the credit for the design.
  4. Congratulations @Karl I said I'd buy it if that won back on page 10. I think it's great.
  5. I was sat really close to the guy filming this, was quite funny really. It was just before half-time, I think he reappeared after half time if memory serves me right. Was also Atdhe's debut when he scored that wonder goal.
  6. I can't say I went through it that thoroughly to be honest. I'm an In guy anyway.
  7. I took out results that didn't include an age (or lied about their age..cough Grandad) that's probably the difference.
  8. Right, seen as Asteener is too lazy I've crunched the results and here they are: Data used up until 7PM (which means I've only wasted 13 minutes of my life doing this) Total voters 47 8 Out (17%) 39 in (83%) Average age of voter 41.7 Median age is 40 so... Over 40's Out 23% In 77% 40 and under Out 12.5% In 87.5% I've learned nothing from this.
  9. I expect to see a couple of pie charts after you've crunched this data Asteener.
  10. Every time we reveal ages on here I am always really surprised when I find out certain posters are younger than me. Was stunned to learn this about Sij yesterday. Anyway - Yes 31
  11. Still magic.
  12. Chris Waddle - loved by us, Geordies, Spurs and Marseille fans. How many other players can say that about 4 different clubs?
  13. Well, we had to go all out for the equaliser. Disastrous result this though.