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  1. Interesting situation going in to this last game, Fulham have finished 6th regardless so expect them to rest all their decent players, maybe even their entire side. We want home advantage second of course so want to finish above Huddersfield, but like others have said, I'd much rather play Huddersfield than Fulham in the semis. So, do we rest players and hope we can still get 3rd/4th? or do we risk it and play a strong side?
  2. Wonder if they'll offer them double or quits?
  3. I can't believe we could be going ahead of Huddersfield on level games, we were miles behind them very recently.
  4. They need to win, have a 14 goal worse goal difference than Fulham.
  5. @FlyingOwl WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!
  6. Meanwhile in the League 2 playoff race... http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/live-scores/league-two
  7. No way, not having that.
  8. Chris Wilder a bit worse for wear
  9. Dave Richards was stood next to me at the urinal at St Pancreas station a few years ago. Still annoyed with myself for not weeing on his shoe.
  10. The only reason Fulham are getting a lot of coverage is because they've moved into the playoffs late and the media love to talk about that side that has a late surge and gains promotion. We were there last season so aren't as interesting story, we got plenty of credit last year. If anyone has room to complain it's Reading, they've been top 4 more or less all season and barely get a mention. They've also been on tv much less than anyone near the top.