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  1. FF in a Good Mood

    Big Dave would be in the away strip all the time if that was true with how defenders man handle him.
  2. Portugal roll call

    Can't be any worse than some of the dives I've stayed in while working away in this country.Plenty of super bock & I will be fine
  3. Portugal roll call

    Brilliant saves me having to hire a car to get there
  4. Portugal roll call

    Myself 2 sons & nephew going the 18th to 21st from East Midlands to the Albufereira Jardim apartments.
  5. I would have gone for something better but the missus is not coming & we are off to Gran Canaria 12 days after we get back
  6. 4 of us flying from East Midlands on the 18th for 3 nights with Ryanair through travel republic all in cost £568.
  7. Season ticket sales last year

    When I went into the club shop to pay for mine & my sons season ticket the lady at the till told me we had sold 21k last season & we had sold 3k from the new reserve list .She also told me they still had to contact 600 more people. So I reckon when the tickets go back on sale we may have over 25k season ticket holders
  8. Hillsborough

    It was said nobody could create an atmosphere at Wembley.45k Sheffield Wednesday fans proved it all wrong.
  9. Your Dad.

    My dad never liked football.His brother my uncle took me to my 1st game & I was hooked.Got 3 boys myself now & naturally they are owls.My nephews grand mother bought him a pig shirt a few years ago obviously I went mad brought him to the church baptised him with the shirt & now he's a season ticket holder.
  10. (More) Scenes

    You just know Carlos is going to do a Mourinho 1 of these days & slide on his knees down the touchline
  11. Armed police

    Can you imagine this next season when we play against the victims in the premier league it will be carnage when they try to storm the turnstiles
  12. It's what's inside the shirts that count
  13. Season ticket waiting list

    Called in shop today to sort lads ticket out & they said they tried ringing me so now £710 lighter.The lady on the desk said they had sold an extra 2000 season tickets & still had about 600 people to contact.
  14. Getting in without paying

    There's loads that sneak a few out on the kop near us smelly gits
  15. New season ticket

    Had a call my about my son getting his ST but not 1 for mine & he registered after me.Other 2 sons have renewed theirs along with my nephew. Going into shop in the morning to see what's happening