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  1. My dad never liked football.His brother my uncle took me to my 1st game & I was hooked.Got 3 boys myself now & naturally they are owls.My nephews grand mother bought him a pig shirt a few years ago obviously I went mad brought him to the church baptised him with the shirt & now he's a season ticket holder.
  2. You just know Carlos is going to do a Mourinho 1 of these days & slide on his knees down the touchline
  3. Can you imagine this next season when we play against the victims in the premier league it will be carnage when they try to storm the turnstiles
  4. It's what's inside the shirts that count
  5. Called in shop today to sort lads ticket out & they said they tried ringing me so now £710 lighter.The lady on the desk said they had sold an extra 2000 season tickets & still had about 600 people to contact.
  6. There's loads that sneak a few out on the kop near us smelly gits
  7. Had a call my about my son getting his ST but not 1 for mine & he registered after me.Other 2 sons have renewed theirs along with my nephew. Going into shop in the morning to see what's happening
  8. Has anyone else been contacted by the club about season tickets yet.I registered on 21st February but not heard anything yet.
  9. Mike Dean likes a beer met him on holiday last July in Altinkum Turkey had a few beers & a laugh with him.Nice bloke actually supports Tranmere.
  10. I bet them that are successful won't get the early bird prices either.
  11. I have said all season Jack Hunt offers us so much more in a positive attacking team than negative Palmer does. He needs more cover when he drives forward & he got it last night from Wallace who had probably his best game defensively this season.
  12. 4 left footers in midfield. How many times did Bannan & Jones have to do 360s to try & find a pass? Totally unbalanced midfield. Every time Pudil made a run they had to play the ball to our opposite flank
  13. The amount of negative comments I have heard regarding Hooper "he's lazy he's fat not good enough not fit" amazes me. We have nobody that drops into the hole & links up play like him. He has a decent scoring record & we are missing him at the minute.
  14. Cowards challenge 2 footed red card every day of the week.
  15. Carlos is exactly 1 year older than me bet he wasn't as drunk as I was last night though