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  1. Agreed. Another it's become fashionable to slate
  2. The very fastest? Did they all do a race. He's 32 so obviously won't be as fast as he was. His pace isn't really the issue though. Hunt is a better player
  3. I know hunt is fashionable to slag off on here but I'm going to go against the grain and go with what I've seen. Hunt is the right age and getting better. Hutton is overrated and getting worse , we don't need to slow our team down even further .
  4. All premier league centre halves will be gagging to play for us almost as much as their managers Will be gagging to sell them at an affordable price
  5. If I'm right I believe mulgrew is a centre half? If so yes deffo sign him up. Hutton no way, hunt is far better and palmer is a capable back up
  6. A considerable downgrade on sasso. It's a rediculous thing to do
  7. Get away with you talking sense. Wrong forum / fanbase !
  8. Loovens doesnt get 'bashing' its more to do with the fact we need somebody in there who can play 40+ games a season . Im fine for him staying as a squad member as he is a good player, but if we start the season with Pudil or dare I even say it Semedo at centre half we will be catching up from the word go
  9. Because he's a league one hoofer and we are supposed to be aiming for promotion again
  10. Unfortunately for Wednesday, regardless of moving ground etc , they will always be policed by the most incompetent bunch of clowns know to man. If they just give Rangers the full tickets and let them sell them as quickly as possible it would make much more sense.
  11. I haven't judged I'm merely pointing that he's finally been released 4 years too late, he doesn't need bringing back in any capacity. If we genuinely want to go for promotion players like this can't be played under any circumstances
  12. If we have let a perfectly good centre half in sasso go , fail to sign Any replacements and then go back to fcukin semedo we may as well all give up . There are freebies up and down the league better than him. Let the semedo obsession go
  13. So one of the (very valid) reasons is Loovens is often injured. Why then pick the only player more knackered in the entire team as your first choice ?
  14. When was that ever said or are you just flouncing yet again ?
  15. Nice touch to reward loyal fans. Wouldnt bother me personally, Id rather our home ticket prices be less disgusting