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  1. Yet it's fantastic news he's signed in n for another season? Don't get it all .
  2. You aren't bitter though ? It wasn't luck . We got exactly what we deserved and they held their nerve and saw the job through against us and reading
  3. Exactly it's really not rocket science is it
  4. Hunt lee (despite being Injured) none all just okay
  5. Bog standard midfielder who can't shoot , no major loss. Not a bad player but seriously overrated by many Wednesday fans . Hopefully this means a new attacking midfielder is coming in.
  6. The play offs make the league more interesting but as we are taking derby/the blunts crown as play off bottlers , I'm kind of hoping they get scrapped !
  7. How is it ? Pointless thread
  8. None are good enough it's that simple . Don't get why people find this so hard to understand . Im also guessing the same people asking for the kids they have never seen to play would be the same people to hammer them when we are 19th in the league
  9. Popped in yesterday for another matter. In prime holiday season you would expect their to be plenty to buy but nothing . Overly priced t shirts which if were remotely competitive wouldn't be still stuck on the shelf. There were also some training gear and the ludicrously priced home and away shirts. Had they been reduced I would have had one for my holiday as I'm sure many others would. As it stands there is dozens of replica shirts and clothing items that will never sell just sat as dead money. I'm no expert but my local club Mansfield has a better retail department
  10. Because Joao has been here two seasons and bar a couple of games in 2015 he's been utter tripe and that's being generous. I don't even know what people saw in him anyway , although Jeremy Helan proves Wednesday fans are fooled by pace when the player is actually useless
  11. Watch our youngsters and you will soon realise what a silly suggestion it is. Not a knock on them , they just aren't up to the task
  12. So is failing In the play offs twice on the trot. We are close but it certainly reds a bit more work
  13. None of the under 23s are anywhere near ready. Penny physically looks the closest but hes a mile of Pudil who is a mile of what id ideally like in there
  14. Typical Wednesday fans blaming the boo boy. So the reason we lost at Birmingham had nothing to do with Westwood coming out like and drunken idiot and giving away a penalty? Nuihu could be sat in the stands and some how it would be his fault
  15. I cant imagine parting with over £700 to sit watch 2nd division football. above anything else if you are over 5ft its bloody painful!