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  1. Really disgraceful and classless behavior. English is not his first language yet he goes out of his way to congratulate United on promotion. And he gets this in return...
  2. Thanks mate, yes i saw that on tripadvisor. where do you book to get that rate?
  3. Westwood or Wallace. Would have been Hutch but i think he's missed too many games out injured..
  4. woud you mind sharing hotel details i'm looking a room for the family..
  5. What's the crack with this? Says on their website you need booking history to buy a ticket for the game on saturday. Is is there any other way apart from hospitality to get a reasonably priced ticket?
  6. Please PM me if you have a ticket available. Thanks.
  7. good one, will appeal to some of us London Owls
  8. haha no plan on stalking just curious
  9. Great photo. Wonder where they usually stay in the big smoke before a London game?
  10. There was also a version showing our points from this year vs last in a horizontal spreadsheet. Anyone have the link to this or is it being updated?
  11. Many thanks for the responses, I'm all sorted now cheers.
  12. Hi, anyone with a spare ticket or id for QPR then please PM me. Just after the one adult ticket. Thanks.
  13. Go in the home end mate, away tickets are like gold dust.
  14. which stand you in bud?
  15. anyone with a spare please PM me...