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  1. Kaiserslautern, let's recreate that one again!
  2. Yeah not great..and over priced.
  3. This all sounds too good to be true, but if there is a way to do it then great stuff.
  4. Will be like a new signing. Play him in his best position and we'll be firing on all cylinders next season.
  5. Incredible achievement, well done Ian a true inspiration. Hopefully the the club will acknowledge this as well in some way..
  6. FF on the left midfield = successful season
  7. Couldn't agree more - he is so effective when doing this and it allows us to play a strong pairing up front between Hooper/Fletcher/Rhodes.
  8. Brilliant news..the right decision.
  9. This also solves the shoehorn dilemma of Hutch, Lees,Bannan...thumbs up for me.
  10. Give the man a chance. Full pre-season with the squad will give him bags of confidence for next season. We didn't lose the match because of Rhodes, we lost it as a team and we have to back everyone to come back stronger next season. Move forwards not backwards...
  11. Continuity is the key. Carlos is our king and he gets the wins...
  12. This can only mean one thing for me:
  13. He actually comes across as a really nice person but more importantly a very effective coach. If Carlos decide to walk in the summer then we would be crazy not to consider him.
  14. Regardless of whether or not we redevelop Hillsborough or move to a new stadium, I wonder what our ideal capacity should be? For the sought after games, we seem to have enough demand to sell around 40k tickets quite easily for home fans so I would say 45-50k if you include a decent away amount.
  15. how can we not have this playing full blast? different league...