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  1. Go in the home end mate, away tickets are like gold dust.
  2. which stand you in bud?
  3. anyone with a spare please PM me...
  4. no the site is legit i have used it a couple of times before, i am going to pick up a single ticket. don't think there is the demand there used to be from home fans so they sell them cheap. if only we had better allocation doesn't make sense so many empty seats.
  5. cheers pal. these ones however are considerably cheaper than face value, guess people can't make it trying to get rid cheap. worth checking out for anyone interested...
  6. Has anyone seen this? http://www.seatwave.com/aston-villa-fc-tickets/villa-park-tickets/11-march-2017/perf/1059786
  7. Anyone got some gold dust going spare?
  8. Still looking if anyone has one?
  9. Hi. Still looking for Villa ticket if anyone has a spare please PM me.
  10. Yes I am calling you out and the OP out for your negativity. To wish we don't get to playoffs so can sack the manager is just plain sad to read. Yes we were bad today, but Leeds were equally as rubbish. If we can hang on to a play off place then there is no team from 3rd - 6th that are a patch on Hull, or Brighton last year who we beat quite easily over two legs. None of them have been in premier league recently and our experience at Wembley last year will put us in good stead. Had we won today I dont think this post would have happened. Be positive, get behind Carlos and the team..we still have a chance of real success.
  11. So our performances away to Newcastle and Huddersfield were down to luck? Get a grip FFS. We won't finish top two but we will finish in the playoffs and will compete against teams who have not been in Premier league for some time, so our experience in the final will count for somerging. Now is not the time for negativity and to gun for Carlos, we should be totally behind him and the team.
  12. I think everyone needs to take a chill pill and take stock. The result wasn't the end of the world. We're not going to finish top two now. So long as Brighton and Newcastle go up automatically, Owls have nothing to fear in the playoffs. Would happily take Huddersfield in semi and a Leeds or Reading final. It was fine lines today, there's not much in the playoff teams at all, hopefully last season final experience will count this time round - it's big big pressure in the final - if we make it we will have a big advantage as none of those teams have been in Premier league for years. Let's be positive and let's back Carlos..
  13. Would really appreciate opportunity to get a Villa ticket. Willing pay extra if that helps. Please DM me if you can do it.
  14. This is amazing by the way.
  15. An updated version would be great ..