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  1. I said last season that I'd like to see Reach in the middle, he can do it all
  2. I thought exactly the same thing
  3. Braga's lacatoni kit looks decent tbh As said above every bit of gear so far looks pretty good
  4. I wouldn't worry too much about QPR at home as they will be there for the taking and need to be attacked. The other two I'd have Reach and Pudil on the left with FF on the bench ready to do some damage after an hour or so. This is what CC should have started with against Huddersfield at home in the playoffs
  5. FF and Reach together on the left would be a disaster away from home against a good side, against poor opposition like Sheffield United and Millwall it'd work perfectly tho
  6. If your only going bald a little bit then they look great along with your natural hair If you've gone completely bald though like Rooney and Fletcher then you end up looking abit of a ***
  7. Sounds like CC is coming to his senses, he's more or less said that FF is going to be out wide this year and he's hinted at a more attacking approach This really does bode well
  8. He's just what we're missing What a signing that'd be for Derby
  9. Truly excellent pun work in this thread
  10. What ever happened to John blood axe anyway?
  11. He's be a reyt striker if he could actually score goals
  12. Oh dear