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  1. It's unbelievable isn't it? But it happens every year
  2. Every single one of those would walk straight in the pigs side no problem
  3. The championship will be strong next season, but I can't see anyone running away with it like Newcastle and Brighton did this year. Villa, Boro, Derby, Fulham, Leeds and Norwich will be challenging but shouldn't be feared. I can see Sunderland and Hull struggling tbh Providing we get our recruitment right we've got a great chance of automatic
  4. The better players will keep their options open till just before pre season starts, then make a decision on a move Only clubs like Sheffield united etc are signing players at the minute
  5. New 2 year contract for Sougou job done
  6. Benidorm fc on 6th July
  7. Exactly Someone at work the other day was saying how much of a better job CC is doing compared to Stuart Gray. Pound for pound I think Gray did a better job. In fact the spine of the side which Gray left still remains, despite the fact we've spent a fortune since he departed
  8. It's a fix, those people don't exist
  9. Pace and strength is an absolute must this summer Get JJ back
  10. Not sure what to make of this this Massive pressure on him to deliver next season. If we don't start well things will probably turn ugly on the terraces
  11. Whichever manager loses the playoff final will do me
  12. Generally I hate it when people throw the whole "no plan B" argument around. But in the case of CC I think it's true. We only win games playing one way, if teams "park the bus" we struggle We need to be able to mix it up. If we can't beat a side with pretty football, we need to beat em with pace or power (which we don't have) or get a goal from s set piece, or even just be fitter than the opposition, which we clearly weren't on Wednesday night If Huddersfield don't go up then they will get picked apart in the summer and Wagner will have his pick of jobs, I'd like to see him or Jokanovic here
  13. We won't see this under CC, as he won't get past Hutchinson, Bannan or Lee
  14. I threw mine on the pitch after the penalties I was that disappointed
  15. Westwood lees loovens hutch lee That is our spine which coincidently weren't signed by CC For the 40 odd million he's spent he hasn't improved us in these key areas