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  1. Cruel, but made me laugh
  2. This is very true I work on construction sites and racism is rife
  3. No contest Pudil every time
  4. I don't think I could even do full kit for charity or a bet. The looks from everyone would kill my self esteem forever
  5. Did anyone see that bloke in his 40's in full kit on the kop yesterday? socks pulled up and everything
  6. I'd be suprised if Leeds don't win their two remaining games Norwich are extremely poor away from home, and they'll crumble at a packed Elland Road. They also have Alan Irvine in charge which isn't going to help matters They go to Wigan on the last day, and everyone beats Wigan We still have work to do, but two draws at least shouldn't be beyond us
  7. The dancing section is opening at Wembley at the end of May
  8. We'll beat any of the f*****s in the playoffs We have the big game players, the experience from last year, and when our fans get up for the big games there is none better Its on mother f*****s
  9. Settling some old scores on our way to the promised land
  10. "Reyt goal Gary" Hooper - "cheers lads"
  11. This mistake is made all the time when sides get promoted to the prem. They get ahead of themselves and flog the players that they reckon aren't good enough, only to wish they still had them when they come back down Boro will find this out with Jordan Rhodes next season
  12. I like this idea Get Matias sent off after injuring Martin Get McGugan sent off for injuring aluko Get Buckley sent of for injuring Cairney
  13. It has to be Hooper and Rhodes tomorrow, both are due a goal