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  1. Poor first half, obviously not helped by idiot of a referee.We've battered them second half but just had no luck.We'll play worse and win.
  2. Brings Winnall on at h/t as a striker and he ends up in midfield!!
  3. No reaction from players re possible penalty.
  4. Shop is an embarrassment.
  5. All defenders make errors. I could highlight plenty by Lees and Loovens. He's a more than capable replacement. I suggest you get behind him instead of knocking him.
  6. Can't even get one from Villa, unless you've made a previous ticket purchase.
  7. Some would still moan if we were 10 points clear at the top.
  8. Tried to buy one from Forest but needed to have made a purchase previously, so no good.
  9. Brought up in Rotherham and dad took me to all the local grounds. Hillsborough was the only one that felt right to me, even though it was 1974 and we were struggling badly at that time, even that didn't matter, I was hooked.
  10. Good news. Means i don't have to sit amongst the knuckle dragging Toytowners in order to get in.
  11. They didn't really have chances you'd expect to score from. Hutch hit the post, the full back hit the post with a good effort and a long range shot that struck the bar.
  12. He's looked tidy when coming on in last couple of games.He'll find it hard to shift Bannan and Hutchinson though.
  13. He just looked frustrated. If he'd stormed down tunnel then that's another matter but he didn't so no probs.
  14. However sad each individual story is, I do feel it's all just gone a little bit OTT. The most bizarre being our match when the death of the King Of Thailand was respected. That has been covered before on Owlstalk, so don't really want to get into that too much.