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  1. Not interested
  2. In that case, get ready for him to take over somewhere else.
  3. Bit surprised, if I'm being honest.
  4. Good god no
  5. This....far too much dead weight
  6. Both insignificant...Blades and Leeds only.
  7. Hope Winnall plays a big part next season. Really rate him, feel bit sorry for him this season.
  8. Yawn...not again
  9. Was looking forward to visiting Arsenal, Chelsea we've got to go to that hovel Millwall....just makes Wednesday night even more painful to bear.
  10. Not worthy of a response....
  11. No he's much better. Very classy player, even though he looks tad overweight.
  12. The Championship is a great league but ultimately you want to test yourselves at the highest level.
  13. Enjoyed the football much more last season.
  14. I totally understand a ST being out of the question for many, me included but in that case you pick your games and do what you can to support the team.