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  1. Applause to show appreciation for an individual football person is appropriate in my opinion. The minutes silence we observed at Cardiff for the Abervan disaster is more appropriate in such circumstances.
  2. I've never understood this obsession some fans seem to have about hating other teams. Proper local rivalries like us and the Blunts make obvious sense but some like Brighton/Palace and Norwich/Ipswich are just ridiculous. They're bloody miles apart ffs. I'm more concerned with Wednesday than other teams tbh.
  3. I actually think a lot of sensible people have a soft spot for us. They see us as a "proper" club, if that makes sense. One of the oldest with great support and a ground with character, a top nickname and a great kit.....before it was ruined.
  4. For me one of our "unsung" players.I always feel happier when he's in the team.
  5. Blunts and Toytowners...apart from them don't think we figure too much as other teams most hated.
  6. Jimmy Twelvefingers
  7. To be fair, I only heard first twenty minutes or so and there were a couple of calls from Barnsley fans who were quite rational.
  8. It's easy to be a keyboard warrior when you've got 13 fingers.
  9. We'll get gezumped
  10. I really fear for something horrendous like this due to the anniversary.
  11. Tanked up morons are always going to behave in this way. They'd still do it if we were winning 5-0.
  12. Suppose it tells any potential teams who might be interested during transfer window, not to bother. I'm surprised, I was convinced he'd be on his way.
  13. BBC Sport is a joke... end of.