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  1. They don't look that comfortable.
  2. Chesterfield away circa 1976, fourth FA Cup replay v Arsenal at Leicester 1979. Let's just say the gates were given a helping hand to open!!
  3. I'd be amazed if we saw him again this season.
  4. No 53
  5. You know what they say..."see Scunthorpe and die"...or is it Naples?
  6. Good one
  7. I got one from Amazon
  8. It's great but wouldn't waste any money on that stand. Just knock it down and start again.
  9. Sheridan for me.
  10. I can remember when in the 70s dark days they used to play "We Are The Champions". Tongue in cheek possibly.
  11. Ridiculous prices....Sky for me
  12. We didn't batter Reading. We had a go in the final 20 minutes, once the players finally woke up and realised they might actually lose but this happens far too much ie playing catch up in matches, instead of actually starting matches on the front foot.
  13. Getting away from Hillsborough last night was a nightmare and to be honest it's the same every match. Why dont they put a few extra trams and buses on, just to get people back into the city centre. I'm sure this has been covered before on here but whatever happened to the football special buses they used to have? Other clubs seem much more organised ie Reading, Brighton even Colchester FFS.
  14. Horrible ground.