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  1. Bulldoze the West Stand
  2. Thought new kit was going to be sourced locally. Lacotoni doesn't sound very local to me.
  3. The Alexandra is a nice pub....not sure about The Pit though !!
  4. Cheers. Will have to suss out a pub with Sky when we're on.
  5. I'm soon to be moving to Harrogate and wondered if there were any Owls living in the area. Cheers WAWAW.
  6. Three barrel logo....happy days...don't see it now
  7. Bite the bullet, clipper number 2 all over. A lot cheaper.
  8. I hope you're right.
  9. I'm afraid we missed our chance last couple of seasons. This league just gets tougher and tougher. Top ten but not too six I'm afraid.
  10. Good God no. He's just an old version of Reach !!
  11. I wasn't being negative but simply making an observation.
  12. How many regular first team players will be injured when the season starts? It always amazes me how many are. For what it's worth, I reckon about 3 or 4.
  13. You can always register with Fulham FC and get tickets in the neutral section of the Putney end.
  14. Ninety quid for a Man City shirt?? Wow
  15. Don't take any notice of the Toytowners. They're opinions are irrelevant.