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  1. I love this kit but I also liked the one that won. Our home shirt from this season is also a massive hit over here in Japan. The football team head coach even wanted it as the new uniform for the school. Some right moaning fannies on here!
  2. More goals for Kosovo this season than for Wednesday. Says it all!! He he will have been very proud tonight though.
  3. You haven't mentioned our Kosovo International who may make his debut tonight. Step forward Adthe Nuhiu!!
  4. Keane is faster, better with the ball and better in the air so erm YES!
  5. Who? Ray?
  6. Knowing Carlos he'll probably bench Winnall for the game. To be fair that's possibly where Sam should be anyway. Hopefully he plays and scores the winner!
  7. He should be in but I agree why is the team named with 8 games still to play? Ridiculous!
  8. Jones did the job that Megson was starting to fail to do. Says it all...stay far away!!! ps: Gary you will always be welcome as a fan!
  9. If we get in the playoffs, Lee might be back. Will make a huge difference!!
  10. Carlos should stay until the end of the season. Then address the situation if need be.
  11. Does anyone actually understand this?
  12. All over....and I'm not talking about just the game...
  13. How is this ball not going in??