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  1. That's the spirit... FFS!
  2. In Japan too this is seen as normal behaviour!! Still absolutely appalled everytime someone does it!!
  3. You are not a Willy puller mate. However, you are completely wrong. Hutchinson was our best player last season. He is VITAL for the way we play. If we sign a hardman in midfield to play in his position then I'm fine with him going back to centre back or even right back as he's better than both Hunt and Palmer. I do honestly think that he could play in the Premier League. Without the injuries he'd already be there...probably still with Chelsea.
  4. Who knows. But if he gets even half the amount of goals for us that his dad did, he will still become a legend! ( Well a semi legend at least).
  5. Obviously said by a single guy! Family life is FAR more important than playing football. End of.
  6. No he's not worth going for but we have been linked with him.
  7. If we sell Westwood for 3 million, I'm canceling my iFollow account!!
  8. Interesting comments. Was our top scorer again. Personally I'd class that as something.
  9. Why is everyone assuming this? Carlos has never played 3 centre backs in his life. All his coaching manuels talk about 4-4-2, 4-3-3 or 4-4-1-1. Why is everyone assuming he will suddenly change after more than 15 years playing a back four?
  10. According to that fellow in SA we aren't even the team who has bid for him!
  11. Yep I was thinking the same!
  12. Getting stranger by the minute. My phone shows Sundays!! Off to the docs tomorrow!!!
  13. No. The games from January onwards all show Sunday's. Unless I'm going nuts!