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  1. so good we signed him twice........thrice........
  2. Lee and Hutchinson
  3. My point was most people in life would hold out for the best deal, if you can't see that then i'm not the only brainless one.
  4. Just to be clear, we've signed two players so far, one of them being our record signing. Okay Jordan Rhodes was with us on loan last season but we've forked out an estimated £8 million on him this summer. Yes we do need to strengthen and I'm sure that whoever is responsible for signing players is working hard to get the extra quality through the door but there's a lot of money in the Championship this season, fee's go up, wages go up and players will be holding out for the best deal, anyone in any occupation would do the same. Just got to be patient I'm afraid.
  5. I think finding two quality CB's on our budget is becoming a tall order, so as said before, get one for a little bit more than we wanted to pay and utilise our huge squad to make weight.
  6. 86 pages and we're still no wiser. Stripes or no stripes you have to say that the club are dragging their heels. I wonder what page this thread is on when the kit is released...........I'll go for 126.
  7. I'd rather keep the money in the back pocket to improve in areas we DO need to strengthen.
  8. You're right it did work for Owen and Rashford BUT Owen was exceptionally good and Rashford is physically beyond his years. Even though he's around 6'3" he still hasn't filled out yet, compare him to Rashford physically when Rashford made his Man Utd debut and you'd think that there was 2 or 3 years difference. To compare Hirst With Owen and Rashford is ridiculous, he'll start playing when he's ready and that's not at the moment. IMO a 6 month loan spell will bring him on leaps and bounds.
  9. WTF ? So playing well for 2 years does'nt warrent loyalty ?
  10. I've only got my reading glasses mate
  11. Its not a question that can really be aswered by us fans. We don't know what level of investment DC is going to be at, if he throws the kitchen sink at it then Wallace will be gone BUT I don't think that will happen I think he'd be a good squad player so I'd keep him. It's all "ifs" and "whats" at the minute. We don't even know how heavy we're going to go in this close season yet.
  12. I would, if we're promoted and he's not deemed good enough for the PL then at least he'd command a transfer fee (Something nominal would recoup his contract) then there's a thing called loyalty to a player who has performed well for the last 2 years. If we don't manage promotion he's still a good squad player IMO.
  13. He's been one of our most consistant players over the last 2 seasons and IMO has earned at least another year.
  14. It's a no to Melo, been here too long without doing a thing. IMO Matias and Joao should be given another season to make a mark, I can see a player in both of them.
  15. This would be most welcome but unfortuneately the srtipes are gone. So long as we don't start playing in red or pink I could'nt give a monkey's chuff what we play in.