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  1. Right that's me done. 2 hour journey due to rush hour, should be in the pub for 6:30. Come on Wednesday!!
  2. Profffffiiiiitttttttt
  3. I'm on 2nd row at the bottom of Leppings Lane and the rain won't dampen my spirits. I'll be Singing in the Rain :)
  4. Westwood Hunt Lees Loovens Pudil Wallace Hutch Lee Reach Hooper if fit/ Winnall Rhodes Subs Wildsmith Sasso Bannan Jones FF Fletcher Winnall/Dave
  5. Exactly the same. Can't wait till half four when I can get outta here. UTO
  6. Like what you did there
  7. If it's raining and we are winning (obviously) We're singing in the rain Just singing in the rain What a glorious feeling It's Wembley again With Hooper & Rhodes To score all our goals We're singing & dancing In the rain doopy do do doopy doopy doop do do (repeat) Yes the game is taking over my day at work :)
  8. 1st leg 1-2 Westwood Pudil Lees Loovens Hunt Reach If 100% fit Hutch/ Bannan Lee Wallace Fletch Hooper (or FF/Winnall) Subs: Wildsmith Sasso Hutch/Bannan Palmer Nuhiu FF/Winnall Rhodes
  9. Only change to this for me is Hutchinson for Bannan.
  10. I know it's probably been done to death, but if I was Carlos I would definitely make wholesale changes for Sunday's game to keep everyone fresh. Even with this line up (and Fulham also making changes) we can still win and give some valuable playing time to some that maybe needed in the last three games. Wildsmith Palmer Semedo Sasso Fox Matias Jones Lee Mcmanaman Winall Rhodes Subs Westwood Buckley Hutch (if fit) Nuhiu Forestieri Reach Lees
  11. Not really one for us, but I always love this:
  12. Only game I've been to with my dad was the match against The Dingles with Twin as half time entertainment, he's never been since :) http://www.thestar.co.uk/whats-on/out-and-about/singing-twins-red-card-for-swearing-1-324308
  13. Bangs table, David Jones, never 'eard of him.
  14. He should know Kieran Lee as he was at Man U around the same time.
  15. So did Hirsty occasionally