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  1. Underperformed this season. To to say he a) gets so much of the ball and b) often in good areas with space and little pressure, he wastes the ball. With the amount of balls he sees he should have far more goals and assists.
  2. Ipswich are pants. Just go and win then its job done and everyone can enjoy the last game of the season
  3. We looks a far better side when we go 4-3-3. Carlos won't do it, but I'd love us to do it from the start.
  4. Good to see him back. Refreshing to see a centre midfielder who wants to go forward and make forward runs without the ball.
  5. He was pants for the most part today, but he does work hard. Said I'd it for a while, but he's a better central player than a wide man. As soon as he tucked inside and we went to 3 in the middle, he all of a sudden got way more involved and put the cross in for the goal.
  6. didn't like any of those Plus Net Diadora era shirts.
  7. Said this in another thread. He has all the attributes to be a very good central midfielder. Certainly don't see him as a long term solution out wide. As for Semedo, I'd rather see him play than Jones. He may be poor on the ball, but in the role Jones has been playing it doesn't matter. He's certainly more mobile and better at winning the ball back and would probably free up Bannan a bit. Jones legs seem to have gone to me, along with Bannan, he's been a big disappointment this season.
  8. Most improved player for me this season.
  9. Just watching the Barcelona match. The Real Sociedad kit would have been a good compromise. Blue and white stripe front, plain blue back and all white sleeves. Dunno how to do post an image of it from phone http://m.kitbag.com/stores/kitbag/mobile/en/product/Real-Sociedad-Home-Shirt-2016-17/175224
  10. Bang on Nuhiu is the classic football fan favourite. Shows passion and gives his all, which blinds many people's judgement. I like Nuhiu the guy, but barring a fleeting decent 15 minutes performance here and there, he's an utter dog turd of a footballer.
  11. Westwood Hunt Lees Sasso Pudil Wallace Bannan Reach Forestieri Rhodes Hooper
  12. This! credit where is due, he did well when he came on, but let's not overlook that on a couple of occasions he got into REALLY good positions and ballsed up instead of playing a simple cut back, which could of quite easily led to at least another goal
  13. Was reading that from next season you have to have 1 home grown player on the bench. If not, you get one less sub. He may well get more opportunities as a result as the only other is Palmer I'd guess only applies if we don't go up of course