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  1. Hutton is dog turd.
  2. i see the Fulham love fest continues.
  3. Surely getting the Hillsborough store sorted out and a decent online shop (with stock) would negate any need for a town/meadowhall retail store in this day and age?
  4. He should go and play whilst he still can.
  5. Not for me. I like him, but for me, Hutchinson must be a center back next season and only be used in Midfield if really needed to.
  6. Do not get the Mooy love affair at all.
  7. Same as original post for me. Want to get our 2 year old a kit, but at £50, no chance.
  8. Palmer. He's exactly what we are missing.
  9. Putting the playoff aside, for me, the biggest underachievement this season for me given what we had at our disposal was not being closer to the top 2. We should have been. Silly points dropped. The one that really stands out for me and another of Carlos' errors was that Burton away game we lost. Didn't address the center half issue in the summer and went in to that game with Pudil and Semedo at the back, to then go and sign Sasso the next day.
  10. I'm certainly less of a football fan than i used to be. Looking back, 90's and early 00's football was the best. It was life. Used to going to the matches on a Saturday, playing footie Sunday morning and watching games in the afternoon, especially Football Italia on Channel 4. With all the money it has become so far detached from reality, but i'm part of the problem. I pay my sky each month and i bet in reality, not including when Wednesday are on, I've watched no more than 15 matches this season and i bet half of those we La Liga. Total double standards from me. As much as i want Wednesday to be in the Premier League and benefit from all that money, the Premier League and football doesn't really interest me as much as it did. Maybe that is because i'm older, i don't know. That said, come July, i'll be itching for Wednesday's season to get going again.
  11. Spot on. We lost because we were generally negative and shyte for 210 mins, not because 1 player with a complete lack of confidence didn't want to take a penalty.
  12. Depends if it's the Carlos of this season or last who wants to turn up.
  13. This
  14. The crowd did their part last night, but its a 2 way thing, the players have to do theirs too. Not having a pop at the players as it's the tactics that have been our downfall this season. Last nights performance was no different to 85% of this season. The sideways and backwards passing with no little or tempo saps energy for the crowd and game in general. The number of times I've switched off this season during games, being bored if i'm honest has been all to often. Last night, occasion aside, it was no different.
  15. The guy is shot of confidence and to be honest you can see why. Signed for us and essentially given a job of coming on for half an hour to chasing lost causes, whilst we dig in and defend against poor teams. Really want him to succeed, but playing the style we've played this season just doesn't suit. No width and little creativity renders Rhodes useless and that's not his fault We have to play to players strenghts which is what we haven't done all season.