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  1. Assuming no Lees again Westwood Palmer Hutchinson Loovens Fox McManaman Abdi Bannan Forestieri Rhodes Winnall GO FOR IT
  2. Agree with opening post. We looked our best last season when we had a Lee/Lopez or Lee/Bannan partnership. The insistence in playing him so deep reflects Carlos' negativity this season. he plays so deep he's almost a third CB at times which is fine if your full backs are going to push very high up the pitch, essentially playing most of the game as wide men but they don't. I know they are better players but that's how Tottenham play. We essentially have a back 5, two "wide men" who don't really play wide, nor narrow, which leaves the other CM very exposed and often overrun.
  3. HELL NO!
  4. Lack of tempo is killing us. Not blaming Loovens in isolation as he's far from he problem, but he literally plays at walking pace with the ball at his feet, which sets the tempo for everybody else.
  5. In isolation, that wasn't too bad of a performance, there was nothing in he game. Tuesday night was more scandalous and the two games back to back I think has caused people's frustrations and rightly so. Genuinely think we have a squad capable of being much closer to the top 2, but Carlos' negativity this season has been the issue.
  6. Thought Abdi was our best player first half but fizzled out in second. That said, how Reach and Wallace continue to get 90mins game time is rediculous.
  7. He was 100% spot on
  8. Convinced that one of 2 outcomes will happen A) if we finish in the playoffs we will go up B) finish in 8th behind Norwich and Fulham
  9. Weve been saying the same for weeks. Couldn't agree more.
  10. I've tried to back him, but he's consistently poor and over 90mins offers very little
  11. Great call. It should represent our whole 150 years of history.
  12. Properly moist about this. Needs the represent the full 150 years though, not just be full of players from the last 20-30 years because they are in living memory.
  13. Surreal moment coming out of the Wednesdayite car part last night. Audi wars. White Audi in front of us pulling out of the car park, not getting anywhere, so tried to push his way on to Penistone Road in front of a black Audi. Black Audi coming down Penistone Road proceeds to just drive into the side of him. No way he couldn't have seen it. No damage, as cars were literally moving at a snails pace, but i'm sure the Black Audi drove in to him on purpose to teach the other guy a lesson.
  14. Literally plays at walking pace at times. The number of times he receives the ball with 20-30 yards to move into and he does the most unnatural of things to come inside on his weaker foot and pass sideways or backwards.
  15. It's a load of nonsense. We can field a combination of different starting elevens and have a better side "on paper" than most other sides in this division.