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  1. Read this earlier
  2. This for me too.
  3. Your balls will be like prunes
  4. I've been saying to my Leeds m8's (seems to be a lot more this season for some reason??) that BHA are the best team I've seen at Hillsborough, despite the stats looking like we had most of the game I never thought we looked liked winning. I hope they win the league tbh, rather a Championship team than a parachute payment team who think it's below them to be here. BTW Do you want to pass Palace on the way up or play them in the PL?
  5. Totally agree
  6. No
  7. Me & the lad going, driving up after his U13 game. Relegation 6 pointer against Hebden Bridge
  8. Be interesting what they do when Newcastle are in town, especially as they would sell out the whole Lepp anyway
  9. It's easier to moan nowadays. Pre-internet you'd go to a game, moan to your mates or the bloke next to you, go to the pub after the game and moan to your mates or the bloke next to you and that would near enough be it until the next game. Fast forward to today you can be moaning during the game to your mates and the bloke next to you and thousands of people on football forums, where the debate can last days/weeks. I agree with other comments about if we get promoted to the PL too. When we played City in the FA Cup couple of years ago I sat in their end and there was loads of people around me slagging off Jesus Navas for being dogger, and I'm thinking bloody hell we've got Jaques Maghoma!
  10. The big question is how often has he played for PNE like he did today, and how often has he played like he did on the 3rd December?
  11. Obviously living where I do I get told about how good they are constantly, strange a lot of the same people couldn't be bothered until recently. Anyway I fancy a Leeds win here 1-2
  12. At least reading this it looks like he'll be a 1st team player rather than joining others in the Ghost Squad
  13. This So it's bound to be Ipswich/Norwich away
  14. I told my lad he wasn't playing, I didn't realise he was until about 35 minutes
  15. Brighton seem to have loads of games on a Friday night, reyt laugh as a ST holder there