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  1. Dont be daft Wanna - it's not unknown for supporters of Wedy to acknowledge the talents of some of the players from the other side - Currie ? - Walker ? for example . A degree of maturity [age ] often puts things into perspective .
  2. Although a Wednesdayite since '56 , I must admit Doc Pace was a real thorn in the side against us . Him and Alan Woodward were real good players .
  3. I agree , looks awful run down and spoils the rest of the place .Would love to see it just tarted up a bit .
  4. Actually , if anyone remembers , Man U changed their grey shirts at ht when being battered by S'hampton one time and when coaching kids , an ex-player , now ex- coach and manager , suggested we change the dark green training bibs we had for a brighter colour 'cos it helps peripheral vision and players can spot their team mates more easily . So there's probably something in it .
  5. programme shop still open on leppings lane .
  6. Top goalscorer in a ' troubled ' season for him . - Our 'untroubled ' strikers should stop being so happy and get scoring ! We need to keep him .
  7. I was also at the game when Knight's career in effect was ended .Hirsty - yes shocking , but I remember Maurice setters , Nobby Stiles ,bite your legs Hunter, Dave Mackay and our own Norman Curtis and Tony Kay. Times change and it's no point on bleating about what might have been . I might have played in the NZ National League , but I missed a play-off penalty . Fessi may have played in the Prem League but he missed a penalty - thats football - I'm sue Hirsty understands that .
  8. leeds - nowt upstairs and daft . Sunderland - nowt upstairs and daft .Villa - not that daft but have bruce . Foresst - forget it . us - just daft .
  9. People on here complaining DB shouldn't be telling CC how to do his job , but we all do that on here week in week out -- thats why we have the forum isn't it ?
  10. Think Fulham and Reading fans will also be thinking 'never get a better chance ' . We were all much of a muchness as we went into the play-offs . Hudders went there without the arrogance and expectation that we and probably Fulham had , so they played in quite a relaxed manner overall . Reading tried to do it like us , disciplined , tight and no flair . Good luck to Hudders , think they'll need it but we need to adopt some of their spirit , lose the inhibitions and go for it from game one . Oh and we need a CB , taller midfielder and a pacy winger , not to mention a bit of luck .
  11. He's a right to an opinion just like the rest of us on this site . As politicians I've seen all of them at away games just like you and I in the normal crowd .They're hardly flaunting their position away at Hartlepool , Reading , Grimsby etc . If you dont understand the sentiments , then I think it's not D B who has the problem .
  12. Just pointing out we had 3 this season .
  13. Bizarrely ,I think replacing Loovens is the key . This season he's been like a magnet - every time we had opportunity to move forward it went back to him . Time after time he just stood with the ball . Probably players followed instruction about this , but you only have to look at the games Sasso played , and although he may not be the worlds best defender , the pattern of play changed and he even carried the ball forward at times . Without Loovens , the gameplan will have to change next season ?
  14. Sasso?
  15. agree